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Sunday, June 21, 2015


Honey, I'm home. I know -- You didn't know I'd been gone. I have had a lot going on, and I kind of lost my motivation and my get-up-and-go. I thought I might not return to blogging, but I started missing all of you, so I'm baaack.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Mantel Decor

I’ve changed my mantel décor again.  I know, you’re not surprised.  You may be surprised that I am calling this blue and yellow mantel “President’s Day” décor though.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Yes, around our house, we are having School Daze.  With our youngest beginning pre-K this year, all four of our grands are now in school, so we celebrated being in the daze of going back-to-school and starting school.

midl w scrbl
frplc w scrbl

When our youngest grand came by my office after her first day of Pre-K, I asked how her first day went.  She said, “It was good, but I thought the teacher might talk about Ronald, and she didn’t.”  Puzzled, I looked at her mother for a clue, and her mother said, “Her teacher’s name is Mrs. McDonald!”
I’m so glad you came by to see what kind of daze I am in now!  I apologize
for being such an intermittent blog poster.  I just don’t have  anything interesting
going on in my life right now.  Once a week, I  post on my writing blog,
Battling  My  Inner Critic, Please stop by there for a visit.  Thanks! 

Monday, February 21, 2011


Apparently, my fireplace mantel is prime real estate!  Last month, there were those lovey-dovey Valentine people living on my mantel.
full mntl
This week, the French villagers have taken over my mantel (as you may have already noticed in my header).
full fplc
Some of you may remember when my husband bought me the fisherman and old woman Santons at an estate sale.
Santons were originally used in nativity scenes in Italy and in France.  Village people, depicting various occupations, surrounded baby Jesus.
This is the fisherman my husband bought me for our wedding anniversary.
His mate is my idol.  Since she doesn’t depict any occupation, I assume she is a “stay-at-home” grandmother, and that is what I aspire to be! 
Santons are probably primarily sold to tourists these days.  Since I can’t take a trip to France, I buy other people’s souvenirs when I go to estate sales!  This past weekend, I was so excited to find three more Santons at an estate sale. They are just a little smaller than the two I already had, and I have no idea about the quality or the maker, but these were not nearly as expensive as the two my husband bought me.  I assume this next Santon makes jugs for a living.
jug maker
His wife, is carrying a rouet, which was used for spinning.
Apparently, this next Santon is a single man.  So, if you are in the market for a basket maker, I’ve got just the man for you.  These Santons were marked $15.00 each, but when I asked, the sales person said she’d take $30.00 for all three of them.  I’m not sure if that is a bargain or not, but it sure is less than my first two.   If you think you are seeing dust on these Santons, you better clean your computer screen!  (They did not charge me any extra for the dust that came with them!)
bskt mkr
To balance the mantel, since the basket weaver had no wife, a shepherdess (purchased at an estate sale years ago for $10) along with her dogs (purchased at a flea market years ago for $2.00) moved in under a cloche.
Y’all know how I love for all nations to live happily together in my home.  The decorative plate in the center of the mantel was also a purchase from an estate sale this weekend.  I suspect that the children on this plate are American.  Other than numbers, the only thing on the back of the plate is the word “Wedgwood”.  In researching, I did find that Wedgwood made some souvenir type plates of American life, but I couldn’t find an example like this one.  This plate  may not even be very old, but it loudly yelled my name more than one time, and it was almost as loud as my box of Valentine candy.  When I first picked it up, I KNEW that, no matter how loudly it called my name, I was NOT paying their asking price.  After going back to pick it up a third time, the sales person asked me if I wanted to make an offer on it.  I told her that my offer might be insulting, because I’ve never bought a single plate that cost even half of what they had this plate marked!  She said, if you are willing to pay half of what it is marked, you can have it!  I paid $40.00 for this plate, which was probably waaaay too much (I know it was too much for my budget), but it just wouldn’t quit calling my name, and I do Red heart it.
plate midl
A doll-sized French Quimper plate rests in the middle of each of my ivy wreaths on each end of the mantel.
doll plates Some of my Mother’s old books are stacked among the villagers on my mantel.
So, here they are – the French villagers all settled in.  I think they look pretty comfortable in their new surroundings.  I may let them stay for awhile.
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