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Holiday Decor Storage

I am frequently asked where I store all of that holiday "stuff" between holidays. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I have a LOT of holiday decor for a LOT of holidays. I've had a number of requests from visitors to show my holiday closet, but I have always declined.

When we remodeled this house, I was so fortunate to be able to add a large holiday closet (my husband was tired of helping me get boxes from the attic). Sadly, this large closet is now overflowing and not suitable for public view, BUT to show my love for all of my blogging buddies, I'm going to show it to you! People who visit my home in person have never entered the holiday closet. (I think most people would open the door, scream, and run from the horror!) Most of my family will not step into this closet for fear of being trapped forever! So, this picture is not for the faint of heart. If you are appalled by a mess, don't look. If you've been to my blog before and you are back for another visit, apparently clutter does not bother you too much, since all of my home is cluttered. However, THIS clutter is different. It stays behind a closed door (never to be opened by anyone but me), so it's even worse than the rest of my house!! Okay, enough said ..... here it is!

YIKES! I didn't enlarge this photo, because I was afraid the enlarged horror would be too much for some.

You have now gone where nobody has gone before. You are very brave, and I'm glad you survived the horrors of the dungeon of decor. (Nobody can say that I don't keep it real on my blog!)


Sarah said...

My holiday things are in plastic bins in the attic. It's all organized and labeled, but a closet with things on the shelves readily in sight would be so perfect. This is a great idea. Looks pretty organized to me! ;-)

Sandra said...

My holiday things are in plastic bins in the garage and the closet under the stairs--most of them are not labeled, so it's a surprise each Christmas what's where. :). I would love to have a closet like this!!

Barbara said...

Everything looks all in order to me, I think it's what ever works for you.if anybody has a problem with it, then find their own.

Tamryn said...

Bountiful storage area.

BeckyE said...

This is LOVELY!