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Sunday, July 10, 2016


Beach decor

It's vacation time, so our fireplace mantel has gone to the beach.
Sailboat and seashell decor

Seashells line the beach. In the distance we can see a boat sailing in the ocean. The seashell plates were a sale purchase at Kohl years ago. (Home Studio Shoreline Collection)
Seashell decor

This is the only shell that didn't come from a beach. It was my mother's. The Lord's Prayer is printed on the shell
Stained glass sailboat

I found this stained glass sailboat at a flea market about 20 years ago. 
Seashells and beach chair decor

Sand and seashells in a glass vase support a few stems of faux Forsythia.
Beach table and chair on the mantrl

A beach table and chair are ready for you to enjoy a cold drink. 
Faux sand castle

A sand castle resides among the seashells.
Sand castle candle holder
With a candle inside, the castle has light in the windows.
Cobalt blue bottle with message

There is even a note in a bottle on our mantel beach
Mantel decor with beach chars and seashells

The beach chair plate is made by I. Godinger & Co.
Picnic basket on beach themed mantel

Someone brought an elegant picnic basket to the beach.
Beach decor on mantel

 Could you hear the waves crashing on the shore? Could you smell the salt in the air? Could you feel the sand between your toes? Thank you for walking along the beach with me.


Anonymous said...

Your beach mantel is adorable!

The French Hutch said...

Laurie, your mantle is a great way to celebrate the love of the seashore. Perfect with all the elements, beach chairs, picnics, sandcastles and shells. Love the pretty plates and the special shell the was your mom's. Leaves me wanting to go on a beach vacation!
Thinking of you and hope you have a lovely week………….

Ginger said...

Beach decor is my favorite the last few years. I have a few things in my bedroom now. Your mantle looks so cute. I love your shells, and your message in a bottle.
I've been thinking of you and hope you are feeling okay.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

What a fun mantel, Laurie! Your castle is adorable!

Sarah said...

Your beach mantel has me eager for a walk on the beach. I'm headed to Cape Cod end of the month to do just that. Hope you are doing better. Think of you often.

Darlene Gardner said...

As I have told you previously, your mantle changes each month inspired me. I am getting ready to do my own beach mantle. It is fun to have an ever-changing mantle in the den. Since you are posting today, I am assuming your surgery went well. Hope that is the case. You have been in my prayers.

xinex said...

Now, I really have to get to the beach. And to think that it is only a half hr. away but I get so lazy, lol. This is so pretty and so summery, Laurie.....Christine

Candy S said...

Laurie, Your mantle looks so summery. It evokes memories of sunny days walking along the beach. We went to the beach almost every week when we were kids. We weren't able to collect any shells along the beaches of Lake Erie but we had a fine collection of glacier rocks that we picked up along the shoreline. I haven't been out visiting for a while, it's good to see everything looking so nice at your house.

Summer said...

Your mantle is looking so gorgeous ♥

Lana said...

Maybe I should try a change of theme as well. Looks very nice.