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Sunday, May 17, 2015



I was creating a little Springtime vignette on a table in the sun room when I realized that I never grew up. I still like to play with miniatures. This picture made me think of gardening.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015



On Mother’s Day, my table was blooming. This could also be a table for a Spring or Summer celebration.  Since this tablecloth is a little over powering, I tried to neutralize it with white place mats and napkins.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Tablescape, Bargain Decorating with Laurie
Spring has sprung, and right now, I'm enjoying it too much to set a table.  So, I'm sharing some of my past Spring tablescapes.

Monday, May 4, 2015



Eight years ago, I planted two tiny climbing miniature rose bushes.  I asked my husband to build a trellis for them to climb.  I told him the trellis needed to be higher than the fence.

Monday, April 27, 2015



Springtime makes me think of children outside, playing with their dogs.  Using faux Lavender and faux dogs, I created a Spring vignette on the buffet in our family room.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015



Y'all know I love a theme.  Once I start with a theme, I can't seem to stop myself.  That's why I have another humorous napkin presentation on this table.  (It may also be humorous to some that I just noticed when posting these pictures that I reversed the placement of the salad and dinner forks.)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015



As you can see, I have birds on the brain lately.  Does that make me a bird brain?  I hope not.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Sunshine Tablescape

 Was it really only two weeks ago that I celebrated the snow with a tablescape?  This weekend, the weather was so nice that we cooked burgers on the grill, so I set a table to celebrate the warm sunshine.  

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Spring Vignette

I think there is a Bird Convention on the buffet in our sunroom.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


tbl w chairs
For those who aren't regular readers, my husband is running for public office.  Early voting has begun, and the election is May 20th, so we are in the home stretch.  We're still seldom sitting down to eat, and I can't remember the last time I actually set a table.  So, it was back to the archives for a "breakfast on the farm" table, which I originally posted on May 1, 2013.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We are still campaigning.  The election is May 20th.  Since we have less than a month, our lives are absolutely campaign craziness right now!   We are seldom even home to eat, and if we are home, we don't have time to sit down and eat a meal, because we are getting ready to leave to go somewhere else, and I certainly don't have time to set a table.  Sooo.  I'm re-posting a tablescape from last year. 

When Zulily Bargains offered some April Cornell tablecloths, I ordered three of them. The one I used on the table this weekend looks  like two different cloths have been combined.  The top of the cloth is green and navy stripes.
cloth top

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Outdoor dining 2
Right now, the weather in Arkansas is perfect for outdoor dining.  It’s pleasantly warm, but it isn’t too hot yet.  So, we carried our wicker trays, covered in yellow print napkins, to the back porch to eat. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Spring Table

Did you hear the birds chirping when you opened my bog?  I’ve set a table for a Spring luncheon.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


table top btr


Even though many of us are still having cold temps, and some still have snow, I think ALL of us are so over and done with winter this year!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I’m just posting a few cloches, so I can join Marty’s Cloche Party.

Bargain Hunting with Laurie

I captured a hen and a rooster in my bird cage!

Bargain Hunting with Laurie

They don’t look too unhappy about being in there.Bargain Hunting with Laurie

I call this one Returning to the Summer Cottage and Finding that the Caretaker Hasn’t Mowed!

Bargain Hunting with Laurie

Bargain Hunting with Laurie

The Anniversary Toast.

Bargain Hunting with Laurie

I had to remove the cloche, so I could show you these gorgeous wine stems I recently ordered from Vanna’s Armoire Etsy.  They are even prettier than they look in this picture.

Bargain Hunting with Laurie

The leader of the Memorial Day Parade.

Bargain Hunting with Laurie

Next in the parade line is the Fife and Drum Corps.

I always have fun trying to come up with some cloches for Marty’s cloche parties.   Thank you for checking out my cloches.  Go check out the rest of them at A Stroll Thru Lifelaurie

Monday, May 13, 2013


For years, I’ve had the same “breakfast set” of dishes on the shelf above my stove alcove.  I can never leave anything in the same spot for very long, so I’m a little shocked that, with the exception of taking these dishes down to decorate for a holiday, I have left them there for more than ten years!

coach plates
One reason is probably that I love this set.  The second reason is that I have no place else to display it, and I just hate to hide it away.
Well, Spring fever hit me hard this past weekend, and I decided I needed to replace it with something a little lighter looking.
I already had a couple of French Quimper tiles and a Quimper serving piece on the lower shelf over the stoves.  So, since I’m also running out of space to display my Quimper, I decided I’d brighten the upper shelf with more Quimper for the Spring and Summer season.

Quimp cntr
Up until this weekend, I had the reproduction male plate that matched the reproduction female plate on the right in this photo.  It broke when I fell off the step ladder while I was putting these on the shelf.  (Yes, I have the “old lady” bruises to prove it – all over my body!)

No, I didn’t name my children French names.  I just love these little lug bowls that were used by a French family.

Tour of  our kitchen here.

For now, since I haven’t found a place to store it, my “breakfast set” is decorating our dining table in the family room.

Yep!  I definitely have a “thing” for china – especially if it is charming.  (Unfortunately, I’m charmed by a lot of china.)


Isn’t this little serving bowl absolutely charming?
This pattern is Hampton Ivory, Swinnertons England.
It was so nice of you to stop by to see my little changeup.  I’m linking to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch and  Inspire Me Tuesdays at A Stroll Thru Life.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


This is a repeat of a past Mother's Day post.  Some of you have already read it. I do not expect you to re-read it. It is just what was on my heart today, and I wanted to re-publish it.

In my previously published post, I served tea with this story. Therefore, the post is accompanied by photos of my tea.


Two little girls, ages two and three, huddled together on the steps in front of the brick building. They sat very still, being careful to not wrinkle their new dresses. The older girl held the younger girl’s hand in her lap and watched intently as each vehicle approached. She put on her best smile as a lady climbed from the car and walked briskly past them, without even a glance in their direction. The girl’s smile drooped, and a worried look crossed her face. Through the open window, she could smell the breakfast sausage and hear the clatter of dish clean up in the kitchen. She began to wonder if they would eat good meals at “the new place” (as she had begun to call it in her mind). She glanced at her little sister, and for the umpteenth time that morning, wished that she, like her sister, was young enough to not understand what was happening.

The orphanage lady (in her head, “orphanage lady” was what the child called the director) had explained to her that new parents would come take them away today. New parents! A man and a woman whom they had never met! Although the sun was shining brightly and they were wearing their new sweaters – one pink and one blue – a shiver ran down her spine. Of course she was worried about “the new place” and the new parents, but she was even more worried that they would pull up in a big car; get out and take a look at the girls, and decide they didn’t want to take them after all. The orphanage wasn’t a bad place, and she didn’t mind staying there. The fear she was fighting was that of not being wanted. Most of the nice looking couples who came to the orphanage wanted one of those little babies that was always crying in the nursery room.


Her mind drifted to the old lady’s house. She had no idea how long they had been staying in the tiny white house with the fragile looking old lady who told them to call her “Gram”. There were no toys in the house, but the kind old lady took out a jar of buttons and let the girls sit at the kitchen table, gluing the buttons to paper. On the kitchen wall, there was a calendar with a picture of Jesus. It seemed to be the only ornamentation on the walls of the little house. There was one child-sized rocker in the living room, and the two girls had fought over the right to sit in it. Gram cooked everything they ate in one pot on the stove. It was poured into bowls and eaten with crackers. Gram called them Saltines, and she put two on each of the girl’s plates.


At night, Gram put the two girls in a big bathtub and told them to bathe. The older girl helped her sister bathe, and Gram usually called from the other room, “make sure you wash behind your ears”. When they had dried themselves, Gram pulled a long white nightgown over the head of each girl, and sent them to sleep in a room across from her bedroom.

Through the open door, the older girl watched as Gram took down her bun and brushed hair that looked just like the old lady – very thin and very brittle – as if it might break at any moment.


The last night at the home of the woman, they were shocked out of sleep by a loud banging on the door. The two girls sat up in bed and watched as the old lady shuffled to the door. They could hear someone shouting, “Police Officers”. The girls crept from their bed, and hid behind the partially opened door as they watched the two policemen talking quietly to the old woman. To their shock, the old woman suddenly sat down in the floor and began sobbing. They ran from their room to console her – or maybe to console themselves in their fear. One of the men’s eyes widened when he saw the two little girls. The men helped Gram into a chair and one of the officers tried to distract the children with his car keys and a flashlight. The other officer spoke in soft tones to Gram, as she nodded her head in agreement.


The old woman tried to speak to the two little girls, but the words wouldn’t come out through her sobs. The policeman told the older girl that the old woman wanted them to go with them in the police car. The girl wasn’t frightened about going with the police, but she did feel that she needed to stay and help this fragile woman, who was still sobbing loudly. Knowing that she couldn’t abandon her little sister, she walked out onto the porch, still hearing Gram’s sobs. It was hard to think of the old lady, crying all alone in that empty little house.

Seated in the back seat of the police car, the girls didn’t respond when the police officers tried to talk to them, and except for chatter on the police radio, the car became quiet. The younger girl quickly fell asleep as they rode, but the older child stayed awake, looking out the car window as they passed farm houses with no lights in the windows and then approached some larger buildings, much closer together than the farm houses she was accustomed to seeing. Some of the buildings had lights on inside, and the girl noticed more cars on the streets. She heard cars honk their horns, and she wondered to herself why they were honking.


When the car stopped, one policeman picked up the sleeping little girl and carried her up the steps of a big brick building. The older girl followed closely behind her sister. She heard the policeman say to the woman at the door “parents killed in a truck wreck”.

That is how the two little girls eventually ended up sitting on the steps of the orphanage in their blue and pink sweaters, waiting for new parents to arrive.


Yes, the older little girl was me (Obviously, I didn’t miss any meals at the orphanage!). That day, my little sister, Julie, and I went home with wonderful, loving parents. I don’t know how much of this I remember and how much of it I dreamed, but all of it feels very real to me.

I thought that Mother's Day weekend was a good time to re-post this, since my sister and I were so blessed to go home with such a wonderful Mother that day. 

I miss you every day, Mother. 

Thank you for indulging me in a re-post to celebrate Mother's Day.  I wish all of you Mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day.  If your Mother is still with you, give her a hug for me.  laurie 

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013



tbl w chairs

plate 1

plate 2

bread plate




s pepr

Wisdom to start your day, found on salt and pepper shakers:  “Make with a smile for once; some folks are wonderful nice”  and We grow too old, and too late schmardt”.


sug cream



Dinner Plates:  Luneville Studio, France, purchased at an estate sale; Bread Plates: Sweet Olive Deisgns, Embossed Rooster Collection purchased through Joss & Main Bargains; Cups and Saucers:  Royal Warwick, Loche of Scotland; Juice stems: gift from my friend, Charlie Ann; Blue and white Flatware: purchased years ago at Kohl’s Department Store;  Pitcher with pig handle in centerpiece: Purchased through One King’s Lane Bargains;  Chalk Board Animals:  Purchased through Décor Steals Daily Deals; Everything else: Estate and garage sales.

So glad you visited my blog.  laurie

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