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Friday, May 1, 2009


Across Blogville today, there have been posts entitled "Why Do You Blog". By reading these posts, I learned that this event is being sponsored by Cupids Charm. I haven't been to her beautiful blog before, but I just stopped by, and I am definitely going back to look some more! I didn't get there in time to post for the party, but I thought maybe if I attempted a post about this subject, I might discover the answer to the question. If you want to read other posts on this subject, go to Cupids Charm.
So, why DO I blog? That is a question I ask myself every day, and I still don't know the answer. I do know that I'd like to have a psychiatrist join our little corner of Blogville. As I've said before, they could have a field day with me!

A year ago, if someone had described to me a person who works 8 hours a day, and comes home and sits in front of their computer to post to a blog and/or visit other blogs, I would probably have said something like: "I think they are having an online affair", or..... "They need to get a life!" I KNOW I'm not having an online affair (unless my attraction to other bloggers' great ideas could be considered an affair). So, that would just leave option number 2... I need to get a life!

I had been visiting a few blogs on a regular basis, when I decided one day that I would just play around with the computer and see if I could set up a blog. (Growing up, I thought that I would be a famous writer some day, so this blog could be an outlet for the frustrated writer in me!) It was kind of a thrill when I saw those words "Your Blog Post Published Successfully" I know, my story isn't much different from any other blogger's story. I had NO intention of becoming a REAL BLOGGER! After all, I don't know enough about anything to blog on a regular basis!

I let it slip in an email to one of my RMS cyber friends that setting up a blog wasn't as easy for me as I had thought it was going to be. (Psychiatrist Lucy, is that a Freudian slip?) That is how I got my first blog visitors. My cyber friends were so kind in their comments on my blog (I only have very polite cyber friends), and that made my little blog kind of fun.

I should be embarrassed to tell ya'll this, but I think you've already figured out how computer challenged I am. I didn't know that when I used my Blogger I.D. to leave a comment on another blog, people could click on my name and go to my blog!! I know, you've never known anybody with a blog who is as much of a computer dummy as me! All of a sudden, these polite bloggers, who had received comments from me on their blogs, started showing up at my blog! The first few times it happened, I almost got lock jaw! My mouth flew open, and I sat in front of my computer, talking loudly to my computer..."how did they find me?"; and "how did they know I had a blog?" Since my computer didn't answer me, I emailed a cyber friend, and that's how I learned that I was clickable in the comment section of other blogs!

Okay, now my blog had been visited by my RMS friends and a few bloggers, and they had read my one and only post. Everyone was so kind, and left such nice comments, I decided I'd do another post -- just to prove that if they thought the first post was interesting, it was a fluke, and I'd never do another interesting post (as I said, I really have nothing interesting to share-as is evidenced by this post!) This time, when I saw those words, "Your Blog Post Published Successfully", my heart was pounding, because I knew others were going to read it! (My heart still pounds each time I see those words!) By the time I got to my third post and joined Tablescape Tuesday (yep! it was on Tuesday back then), I was hooked.I had "met" so many wonderful people, and I was enjoying being a part of Blogville so much, that I just kept on posting (always with the thought in the back of mind that blogging was a temporary part of my life). I'm like an alcoholic or a smoker--every post I do, I say..."okay Laurie, this is the last post". I always think that this post will be the one that gets kind comments from my really good cyber friends (simply because they are too polite to not do that), and if anyone else visits my blog, they'll either exit quickly, or they'll leave a comment telling me that I have serious issues, and they will not be back. That might convince me to leave Blogville! (Do you think this long, wordy post is my attempt to make that happen?)

I know you're hungry. Why do you think I'm spending all of this time looking at Foodie Friday posts? You're just going to have to be patient, and be grateful that I am willing to stay on this computer looking!

I, like all of you, am just amazed at our kind and loving corner of Blogville. If I quit blogging, I know I would feel a great loss.

I've even started seeing you out in public! I see photos of most of you almost every day, and I feel like you've become such good friends. When I have seen someone in the grocery store who reminds me of one of you, I have come very close to walking up to a complete stranger and giving them a hug!!

Now that I'm seeing you in the grocery store, I'm convinced I need to get a real life! But right now, I'm just having way too much fun in Blogville to get a real life. So the conclusion I have reached is that it is all YOUR fault!

Whew! That's a relief! It's not my fault, it's your fault!
Thanks for putting up with this wordy post! I promise, I've used up all of my words (at least for awhile!), so it may be safe to come back and visit my blog again some time! laurie