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Friday, May 1, 2009


Across Blogville today, there have been posts entitled "Why Do You Blog". By reading these posts, I learned that this event is being sponsored by Cupids Charm. I haven't been to her beautiful blog before, but I just stopped by, and I am definitely going back to look some more! I didn't get there in time to post for the party, but I thought maybe if I attempted a post about this subject, I might discover the answer to the question. If you want to read other posts on this subject, go to Cupids Charm.
So, why DO I blog? That is a question I ask myself every day, and I still don't know the answer. I do know that I'd like to have a psychiatrist join our little corner of Blogville. As I've said before, they could have a field day with me!

A year ago, if someone had described to me a person who works 8 hours a day, and comes home and sits in front of their computer to post to a blog and/or visit other blogs, I would probably have said something like: "I think they are having an online affair", or..... "They need to get a life!" I KNOW I'm not having an online affair (unless my attraction to other bloggers' great ideas could be considered an affair). So, that would just leave option number 2... I need to get a life!

I had been visiting a few blogs on a regular basis, when I decided one day that I would just play around with the computer and see if I could set up a blog. (Growing up, I thought that I would be a famous writer some day, so this blog could be an outlet for the frustrated writer in me!) It was kind of a thrill when I saw those words "Your Blog Post Published Successfully" I know, my story isn't much different from any other blogger's story. I had NO intention of becoming a REAL BLOGGER! After all, I don't know enough about anything to blog on a regular basis!

I let it slip in an email to one of my RMS cyber friends that setting up a blog wasn't as easy for me as I had thought it was going to be. (Psychiatrist Lucy, is that a Freudian slip?) That is how I got my first blog visitors. My cyber friends were so kind in their comments on my blog (I only have very polite cyber friends), and that made my little blog kind of fun.

I should be embarrassed to tell ya'll this, but I think you've already figured out how computer challenged I am. I didn't know that when I used my Blogger I.D. to leave a comment on another blog, people could click on my name and go to my blog!! I know, you've never known anybody with a blog who is as much of a computer dummy as me! All of a sudden, these polite bloggers, who had received comments from me on their blogs, started showing up at my blog! The first few times it happened, I almost got lock jaw! My mouth flew open, and I sat in front of my computer, talking loudly to my computer..."how did they find me?"; and "how did they know I had a blog?" Since my computer didn't answer me, I emailed a cyber friend, and that's how I learned that I was clickable in the comment section of other blogs!

Okay, now my blog had been visited by my RMS friends and a few bloggers, and they had read my one and only post. Everyone was so kind, and left such nice comments, I decided I'd do another post -- just to prove that if they thought the first post was interesting, it was a fluke, and I'd never do another interesting post (as I said, I really have nothing interesting to share-as is evidenced by this post!) This time, when I saw those words, "Your Blog Post Published Successfully", my heart was pounding, because I knew others were going to read it! (My heart still pounds each time I see those words!) By the time I got to my third post and joined Tablescape Tuesday (yep! it was on Tuesday back then), I was hooked.I had "met" so many wonderful people, and I was enjoying being a part of Blogville so much, that I just kept on posting (always with the thought in the back of mind that blogging was a temporary part of my life). I'm like an alcoholic or a smoker--every post I do, I say..."okay Laurie, this is the last post". I always think that this post will be the one that gets kind comments from my really good cyber friends (simply because they are too polite to not do that), and if anyone else visits my blog, they'll either exit quickly, or they'll leave a comment telling me that I have serious issues, and they will not be back. That might convince me to leave Blogville! (Do you think this long, wordy post is my attempt to make that happen?)

I know you're hungry. Why do you think I'm spending all of this time looking at Foodie Friday posts? You're just going to have to be patient, and be grateful that I am willing to stay on this computer looking!

I, like all of you, am just amazed at our kind and loving corner of Blogville. If I quit blogging, I know I would feel a great loss.

I've even started seeing you out in public! I see photos of most of you almost every day, and I feel like you've become such good friends. When I have seen someone in the grocery store who reminds me of one of you, I have come very close to walking up to a complete stranger and giving them a hug!!

Now that I'm seeing you in the grocery store, I'm convinced I need to get a real life! But right now, I'm just having way too much fun in Blogville to get a real life. So the conclusion I have reached is that it is all YOUR fault!

Whew! That's a relief! It's not my fault, it's your fault!
Thanks for putting up with this wordy post! I promise, I've used up all of my words (at least for awhile!), so it may be safe to come back and visit my blog again some time! laurie


KBeau said...

Laurie, you have the most clever posts. I just wish Susie would start a blog. I told her that the gas station fiasco should be her first post.

Kat said...

Laurie, I certainly hope you never use up all of your words! This was fun to read, it sounds alot like my journey into blogland. I really never expected it to be so much fun or (let's face it) so addictive! I've "met" so many wonderful people here. Wouldn't it be great to have a "blogger" convention where we could all meet in person, oh to dream. Hugs, Kat

xinex said...

Hi Laurie! I sure hope you did not run out of words because I'll keep coming back here since I am addicted to your blog, and I sure would like to read something more.....Christine

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

My daughter and I were just having this converstion at lunch today. I was trying to explain to her the attraction of blogging...I think she understands...and still thinks I'm crazy. I never... and I mean NEVER used the computer bfore I started blogging and now I am completely addicted. I love the friendships I am developing and the encouragement I recieve from all you sweet bloggers out there. There are so many inspirational women out in amazes me!!!

I love that you put words to my thoughts and did it so brilliantly!!! By the way... I must are one of those amazing women and it means the world to me that we are becoming blog buddies!!! You are an inspiration!!!

I hope you have an amazing weekend!!!

Four Paws and Co said...

Oh no! Laurie, please don't run out of words! Oh my, what would we do?!? Great post, my friend! Love ya bunches!!! ♥

Melissa Miller said...

Love your blog Laurie!

I still have no idea to this day why I blog...LOL!
But now I'm addicted and it's too late.

Come by and enter my RED giveaway! You were my very first follower. Thank you for all of your support.
~Melissa :)

imjacobsmom said...

Laurie, I too wonder why I blog. Last year at this time I had no clue to what the heck a blog even was. I wrote my first blog entry and told no one. I was too embarrassed to even have someone read it. I lurked around a lot too afraid to comment. Now I am addicted to reading everyone's blogs and addicted to the comments. Everyone is so understanding and kind. Everyone has such good ideas and good recipes. I wouldn't miss it for the world. ~ Robyn

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Laurie...I blog so I can come by here and bug you girl ha ha!! You are too funny and I am so glad you started your blog and I so remember the day you annouced it to the Chatty's girls..And we all came running right over to Blogerville to see what the Heck has she done now... Girl I have to laugh that some of these peeps think you'll run out of words...not the Laurie I know and love...Thanks for coming by my friend and seeing my little Kyra...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria ps Yes I did change my mug shot too many dart hole's in the other one ha ha!!

Kathleen said...

I don't know why I do, but I am glad YOU do!
Isn't it funny how you are drawn to certain people's personalities? Some make me laugh, some inspire, some do both!
I love the Tablesettings...I always did them, now I can share them..
My son refers to me as Bloggin' Betty..he can't believe I do it...
I love enjoy the new people I have you!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Why do I blog? Sometimes I think it's to amuse my daughters, who think it is quite hilarious.

And don't worry -- you will never run out of words; they'll always be there, somewhere!

I'm grateful to you, and the rest of the blogging world. I think, mostly, we blog because ... it's fun!

PS I wondered how people found me, too...and was completely bewildered that they even wanted to!

Sue said...

I might have posted on why I blog, but like you I was late. Now all I have to do is copy your words just change the name. LOl. You just wrote about me, are you peeking? lol I think if you will look a little closer you might find someone more inept at computer skills! ME.Thanks for sharing. I had fun coming by tonight when I should be in bed.

Anonymous said...

Your wonderful words of wisdom are fantastic. Thank you for sharing with all of us.


The Muse said...

You have brought a very LARGE smile to this Muse! LOL

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love this, you are a very clever woman in spite of what you say. Your's is one of the first blogs I found and I thought it was and is so terrific. I blog because of all the wonderful friends I've made and the supporting nature of this group of women. The pics Christine posted of you two are just the cutest, I'm jealous I want to meet some bloggy friends! Have a great week-end, Cindy

Bo said...

Hi Laurie...I love the way you think & the way you write! Blogland wouldn't be the same without you in please never, never run out of words!
;-) Bo

Gypsy aka Tam said...

very well said and I believe many of you discovered blogging the way you did and have been 'hooked' ever since. I loved reading this post.
Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.

P.S. No guilt *grin*

SmilingSally said...

I'm glad you jumped in and joined the blog party.

Bridget said...

Laurie, that was a cute post. I got several grins from that. I share many of your same sentiments as well. It amazes me how many of us have ended up in blogland when not much more than a year ago I didn't even know what a blog was!
I thought I was really done with blogging but doing the Tablescape Thursday with Sophie seems to have ignited that fire in me again. It's better for your lungs than smoking and the love and support of all of these great women not to mention the laughs and inspiration is invaluable.
Hugs, Bridget
p.s. It was tempting to tease you about leaving but I'm not willing to take that risk.

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Okay Laurie...what I know and most love about you is that you will never run out of words!!! Just tell me what grocery store you shop at and I'll be there! I need a hug right now!'s nothing serious...just seems that my little birthday trip and leaving the boys at home seemed to bring out their inner demons! My 17 yr. skipped school one day because of a myriad of really lame excuses and my 21 yr. old went berserk on me when I questioned him about using the emergency money to buy his friends Chili's! Didn't know our house was such a h---hole to live in!!!!! Sorry I just dumped all that on your blogstep! Just came to blogger land to visit friendly faces! The rainy day isn't helping!!!! God Bless you today girlfriend! Lauralu :) see I'm still smiling!!

Domestic Designer said...

I loved your post. I don't think any of us expected this adventure to be so much fun or so "addictive". LOL I am glad that I met you and hope you have many more posts to come! Have a great day!

Helen said...

Dear Laurie, I think you wrote the words that so many of us 'think.' I know I do. It's that "every time I post I think it will be my last one" statement that got me. I feel that way too. And then, something will pop up in my life or in my city or in the world and I'm off and writing again.

I have to share something that really happened to me. I follow Sarah Lulu in New South Wales, Australia. She is wise beyond wise, funny, spiritual and wonderful. I see her photo, of course, every time I read her blog. I was walking through a large store something like
Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and a woman was walking toward me (we were the only two people in that aisle) and she looked remarkably like Sarah Lulu. I must have had a smile on my face thinking that .. and as she passed me she simply said "your smile makes me happy to look at you" .... it was a moment I won't soon forget.

Bloggers Unite!

Stacey said...

Laurie, I know must how you feel. I feel like my blog friends are my every day friends. Even though I do have lots of every day friends. The bad things is that I constantly catch myself saying, "One of my blog friends...." and then my real life friend looks at me like I'm a nut. I've just been amazed at the bond that forms...and I love it!!

Anonymous said...

well honey,this was a all of your post are.and honey,this is our's the new cyber-world.we're just with the times.ha
and we all do have other lives too.but this is our safe world.away from all the bs of the world .where everybody loves and helps each other.nobody hurts anybody or tries to kill rhem or steal from them.this world,we get to make ourselves.and i love it...ann

Sharing with Sherri said...

What a great post Laurie, I SO related to what you wrote!!
Since I've started blogging it's pretty much taken over my life.
It's even getting to where I feel GUILTY about getting on the computer, and my hubby has been getting kinda grumpy about me staying up sometimes(okay most of the time!) till 2:00 am in the morning blogging. But I'm totally hooked!
There's just so many interesting people to interact with in blogland, and you are at the top of the list!!


Margo said...

Hi Laurie, you say so well here many things here, that I think so many writers/bloggers feel. (me included, especially all that insecurity stuff - I think it is an occupational hazzard) You obviously have lots to say and people want to hear it. Thanks for visiting my blog last week!

Ginger said...

A year ago I didn't know what blogging was either. I was reading Romantic Home magazine and saw an article on bloggers and decided to check it out. I started reading a couple of blogs and wanted to comment and dummy that I am, thought I had to have a blog to make a comment. So I started my own blog. I felt like I was talking to myself when I was typing the first post.
I love your blog and all your posts and feel like we would be great friends if we ever met in public. Blogging is like having a ton of girlfriends to check in on every day.

9405018--Pat said...

great post today....Pat H

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Laurie, I'm really sorry for leaving you with that all that baggage today! Yes, We're having some major teenage issues around here! My heart's been broken the last 2 days. But I've given it all to the Lord and He'll see us thru! 21 and 17 are hard ages to deal with as a parent! Thank you for thinking of me! God Bless! Lauralu :) I've still got some smile left!

Judi said...

What a lovely post...I know what you are talking about. I feel the same way though I did realize that people could click on my name. It makes me feel so special to have my blogging friends visit me each day and leave me comments. Isn't this a special place? ... this blogland...we do get used to seeing and reading and knowing how our friends are doing.
What I do also is if I'm in a store and I tend to notice people differently, especially if they smile or say hi and I don't know them..I think they are so nice and wonder whether they are bloggers too...and maybe...they'd like to blog with me too..*s*...though I only think it...
I'm glad you are enjoying all this new found friendships...
have a lovely day

HiHo said...

who says blogging isn't the real world??? the best kind of real world, you can turn it off when you want,HA! I enjoyed my visit and I expect in due time you will check my profile and find my blog now that you are a pro at the post. Heidi

Connie said...

Laurie, I think we are the real world, too.
You can move, but you will always be connected here with all of your friends. It's neat having the same address. Familiar !

I have been busy with family things this week, plus the weather has been super, but I stopped in one night and saw some super pictures of you- I think it was on Christine's blog. You look like you are having a very good time. Truly, you looked very sharp!
Oh, and you will never run out of words as we depend on you for your words of wisdom !!!

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I loved reading your post because it reminded me of how thrilled ( and nervous) I was the first time someone left a comment on my blog. And the day I had four comments, I thought I was one interesting and powerful writer. Ha! LOL....Blogging is a blast! And Ms. Bargain Hunter I can't wait to show you the bargain I got today. I probably won't post about it for awhile but stay tuned...because eventually I will. You will love it. xo Lynn

Anonymous said...

:-)Amusing story. Cute one too (during you first attempts :-) ) Well now, I can see you're glad and satisfied with yourself. It is nice and sometimes overwhelming to have such people even if only through blogs. I'm glad too I "met" lovely people eventhough I live very very far away lol

Ginny said...

Laurie, I enjoyed your journey to blogland. I must tell you though, that I am the most computer challenged of all bloggers! Don't stop blogging. I enjoy visiting and reading what is happening in your life. I feel as if we are truly friends from the heart sharing our life stories.
Thanks so much,

lvroftiques said...

Laurie you have been the BOMB from the beginning! I hope you realize by now just how talented and wonderful you are! And what are you drinking? Because girlfriend you have more energy than 10 of me!! I don't know how you do it....But I'm so glad you do! Love Vanna

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Laurie, I loved reading this post! I well remember the thrill of posting the first few times as well as getting my first comments! I'm actually always amazed that anyone would want to read my blog as their must be about a kajillion blogs out there that people can spend their time on! You have a wonderful way with words so I don't think you'll run out!


Linda said...

I just started my blog, I am very insecure about it but like you I was just experimenting. Your blog is great and your house is beautiful and full of ideas.