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Sunday, March 26, 2017


Easter Bunny on the Mantel

Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny decided the twins were old enough to hide eggs this year.

Easter eggs on the Mantel

The two girls excitedly hopped on our mantel with the eggs.

Easter Bunnies hiding eggs on the manel

I guess they haven't started hiding them yet, because...
Mantel decorated with Easter eggs

I see eggs everywhere.
Easter decor

There are even Easter eggs hanging on the lamps.
Easter Mantel Decor

Uh oh! Mrs. Bunny has come to check on them. "Do you call these eggs hidden? They're standing up in the grass and hanging from lamps. Anybody could find these eggs."

Easter Mantel

I'm afraid the twins weren't ready to hide eggs after all, but they did decorate our mantel for Easter.
Thank you for stopping by to see "Trouble with the Twins" on our mantel.


Mary Ann said...

Your house always inspires me!

Blogger said...
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