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Monday, December 12, 2016


Snowmen in the Sunroom

Snow men, women, and children are smiling in our sunroom.

Snowman Collection

I have a snowman ornament that, when you push a button, says, "Snowmen are jolly, by gosh, by golly", and I agree.

Snowmen Display in Wood Carrier

In Arkansas, we seldom get enough snow to build a snowman, so I have to compensate with a snowman collection.

Vintage and Not-so-Vintage Snow People

The china snowman holds a votive candle and was given to me by my friend, Charlie Ann. I bought the styrofoam one at a flea market years ago.

The snowman hanging from the right side of the shelf is Mr. Bingle. If you grew up where I did, he had his own television show every Saturday during the Christmas season, sponsored by a nearby department store.

Mr. Bingle Coloring Book

You could see the "real, live" Mr. Bingle if you visited the department store, and he gave each visitor a Mr. Bingle coloring book to take home.

Snow People on Mirrored Tray

The vintage snowman with the red collar was a gift from my friend, Susie.

Snow People Tree

Snow People with Lit Snowflakes and Trees

Winter Bunnies

You know you're a collecting maniac if you have a winter bunny collection. My friend, Susie gave me this beautiful vintage-looking bunny. I turned him into winter d├ęcor with a plaid scarf.

Ice Skating Bunnies

 The ice-skating bunny figure belonged to my mother. The bunnies on the mugs are also ice skating. Who knew bunnies could ice skate?

 Thank you for dropping by.

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Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Absolutely adorable. You know I love my snowmen. fondly ~ lynne ~

Sarah said...

Laurie, the snow people are out here too. This year they settled in on the sun porch table, a shelf in the kitchen, and both guest rooms. Love seeing your guys! It's fun to see the different personalities in each. I'll leave the snow people out through January. What about you?
Yes, many of the critters around here also have red tartan bows too Tis the season!

Ginger said...

I love all your snow people, especially the vintage ones with the red scarves, that your friend gave you. You always set everything up so cute.

Darlene Gardner said...

Love all your snowmen Laurie. I save mine to go up in January after I take down Christmas. I used to get so depressed when I took down all my neat Christmas stuff, so I began collecting and putting up snowmen for January. Most of them are not Christmas snowmen, just winter ones. It makes the transition from Christmas to the new year more fun!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

On Laurie, I love all your snowmen. I am having a love affair with them. I was very bad this year I purchased two new ones. Check out my new post and you will see them. Of course I don't have as many as you do. Everything looks terrific.

Merry Christmas


rhoyost said...

Lovely collection of snowmen and bunnies. I have a small collection of snowmen, and like using them as winter decorations.