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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Boy's Birthday Dinner at Christmastime

Our grandson recently turned four. He loves anything with wheels, and he's excited about Christmas, so I combined Christmas trees and wheels for his birthday dinner.

Better Homes and Gardens Heritage Salad Plate

I love these Better Homes and Gardens Heritage Collection salad plates. Our Walmart only had three of them in stock, so I called my sister-in-law (who is also my personal shopper), and she found the other five at her Walmart.

Fitz and Floyd Country Plaid Dinner Plate

I used Fitz and Floyd Country Plaid dinner plates.

Plaid chargers from Michaels

I bought the plaid chargers at Michael's last year.

Green Ball Jar used as drink glass

We drank from green striped straws in green Ball jars.

Christmas Trees and Wheels for Boys Christmastime Birthday Dinner

You may remember that this big rusty truck hauled pumpkins in the Fall. After the pumpkins are harvested, the owner of this truck becomes a Christmas tree farmer. With all of this farming, you'd think he could buy a new truck.

Christmas tree delivery truck for birthday centerpiece
 He tried to make the truck look better with Christmas d├ęcor, and he wished our grandson a happy birthday with signs on the sides of the truck.

Volkswagen and pickup truck bringing home Christmas trees on dinner table

The owners of a Volkswagen and a red pickup have already bought their trees.

Bridge for Christmastime Birthday for 4 year old

I see a Christmas tree moving across the bridge. We'd better check this out.

Convertible with Christmas tree for 4 year old Christmastime birthday

Oh my! That little red convertible is carrying a huge tree!

4 year old birthday dinner at Christmastime

Tractor Birthday Cake for Cooper

 Even his cake had wheels on top. Some of you prayed for Cooper when he was born, weighing one pound fourteen ounces. I wanted to share this picture of him as proof of the miracle of prayers. We are so blessed to have a thriving, fun, and intelligent miracle grandson.
I'm glad you joined us for his birthday celebration.


Tricia said...

What a darling birthday table! I know Cooper was thrilled, as that last photo attests! Remember, I have a granddaughter born the same day, and we attended her 4th birthday party last weekend -- at a bowling alley! The kids had a blast, using little ramps to propel the balls down the lanes. Four is such a fun age!

Ginger said...

He is 4 already? How did that happen? Lol. He is adorable and I love his birthday table. Happy Birthday to Cooper!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Aww, Laurie, he is adorable and your little miracle boy!!! This table is fabulous! I love it all!!! I bought the Walmart woody cars this year too, I have bought all of them each year so have a big collection now:) Great details on this table, I am sure he loved it!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet photo of your cute grandson! My only child was a preemie, too. 2 lbs. 5 ozs. He is now nearly 6 feet tall and is graduating college this coming weekend. Merry Christmas to you

Lulu said...

I'd say a kid of any age would like to be at this table even one as old as me!