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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well, at my house, love is growing on trees.  I’ll admit, I’m using a very broad interpretation of  the word,“tree”, in this post.
mantel closup
The trees of love on my mantel have been planted in champagne buckets.
Trees of love are growing out of table tops.
One even sprouts from the fireplace hearth.
They are growing out of cones on my doors.
To prove how broad my definition of “tree” is, I’m even counting this wreath on a chalkboard stand as a tree!CHLBRD WREATH
And the queen and king of love are growing out of cherub vases on the buffet behind our sofa!
Even I, with my broad use of the word, cannot tell you that there is a tree of love on this table top.
table top w wdg pic
But if you look closely, you’ll see a photo of the day these seeds of love were planted, 42 years ago last August!
wdg pic
I received an invitation to a Valentine party . The invitation stated that we should bring some of our favorite candy in bags to give to the other guests.  I’ve been seeing all of these witty ideas on Pinterest for tags for candy, but I couldn’t find anyone who had a tag for my favorite candy.  I came close to switching my favorite to something that some of you clever people had crafted witty tags for.  The ramifications of that just seemed too great.  (i.e., If I had candy left over, I’d be forced to eat it.  Why take in all of those calories for a candy that isn’t my favorite?  If someone wanted to give me a gift of candy in the future, they might remember what I had said was my favorite at the party, and they’d bring me the wrong kind!)  You can see my predicament.  So, I was determined to come up with a tag for my favorite candy.
candy pkg
There is a tree on this tag, so it ties into my Trees of Love post.  (Boy, I am really stretching things with this post!)  Do you “get” it?  Maybe it’s too small.  Let me give you a close up.
Now, did you “get” it?  I’m afraid the other guests are going to wonder what in the world Peppermint Patty is saying to Charlie Brown.  I know…I really had to stretch the language to get this, and I know, I’m as lame as Charlie Brown says I am, but since I spent so much time trying to come up with something for my tags, I had to share it.
street painter
Not a tree in sight in this picture, but you knew you wouldn’t get away without me reminding you of the Valentine party on February 10th.  Thanks so much for putting up with my manipulation of the English language.  Laurie

Friday, January 21, 2011


Some of you, who are very observant (if you didn’t notice, somebody would have to hit you over the head with a Christmas tree to make you notice), may have noticed that one of my favorite things last month was Christmas trees. (Just when you thought Laurie was through posting photos of Christmas trees, she’s got more of them on her blog!)
study tbl
study tree
So, to keep from having withdrawal when I took down the Christmas décor, I kept some of the trees out.  (Or…I may have left them out, because I’m still looking for room to store them in the holiday closet!)
little trees cmbnd
Leaving some trees out helps me to adjust to the dullness that seems to invade our home when I put away the Christmas decorations (AND it gives me some extra time to move things around in the holiday closet to make room for them).
snrm tbl
sunrm mos

buft btr
chld w snmn
white tree
hutch btr
vtine crd

Another of my favorite things right now is Arkansas snow with bling!  Okay, not everybody in Arkansas has bling in their snow.  (We only have it in our back yard, where the twinkle lights around our pool reflect on the snow and make it sparkle at night.) snow
Brad Pitt is another of my favs!  I hope you plan to join me and Brad at the Valentine Party on February 11th.
B PITT I’m linking this  post to The Valentine Party at Holiday Haven.
Thank you for coming to see me.  Please go visit the Favorite Things links below.  laurie