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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Oh, the things I could accomplish if I’d get off of Pinterest.  I just see SO many good ideas on there.  I have to check in often, so I won’t miss anything.  Howevah, I’ve been pinning all of these ideas to my boards – you know, things I thought I might do in my house, but  I just couldn’t pull myself away from Pinterest long enough to try any of the ideas I was pinning!  The other day, I said, “That’s it Laurie! You are going to take action!  You are going to actually DO some of these things you’ve been pinning, and you’re going to do them NOW!”  Yep! That’s the way I have to talk to myself when myself gets engrossed in a new addiction. 


One of the things I had pinned was this piano from Make and Takes blog.  It was like a V8 moment.  Slap my head and, still talking to myself, “I have a piano. Why haven’t I ever thought to decorate it with a banner for a holiday?”  (I didn’t answer myself.  I’ve always heard that’s a sign you’re going crazy, and I can’t afford to get any crazier than I already am.)  So, I got out my supplies and made myself a little banner for my piano.


I didn’t stop there!  Someone had pinned this next photo from The Savvy Shanty blog.  I’m working into this crafting phase very slowly, and this looked easy enough.  She bought the blocks at Target for $2.50.  I may not be much of a crafter, but I’m a great shopper, so I went to Target and bought some of those blocks.

I already had the clothes pins, so after gluing them onto the backs of the blocks (I covered my clothes pins with polka dot paper), I found a postcard graphic from The Graphics Fairy.  I added a little heart in the corner with Photoscape, and I clipped it to the clothes pins.  How easy was that?


Okay, now I was on a roll with this crafting business.  I think I had become a little too confident when I decided to tackle something similar to this cute sheet music ornament someone pinned from Katie Rose Cottage Designs Blog

Isn’t that pretty?  But I needed something bigger, and mine was for temporary use, so I only borrowed her idea of glitter on the sheet music (and I was in too big a hurry to even do a very good job with that. I needed to get this crafting bug out of my system, ‘cause I was probably missing some great ideas on Pinterest.)  So, I went to my trusty Photoscape, where I printed a shadow of a heart over a music sheet I found on line.  Then, I glued glitter around the edges. (“At Last” is a favorite of mine.  You may have noticed, in the picture of my blocks “craft”, that there is a photo behind the blocks of me and my sweetheart dancing at our daughter’s wedding reception.)

at last

Okay, after cleaning up red glitter EVERYWHERE, I knew I needed to move on to a less messy project.  I must be the only person in Blogville who had not discovered Mamie Jane’s blog.  I don’t recall what photo on Pinterest took me to this amazing blog, but I stayed there for days! What fabulous ideas!  She embellishes old keys, then puts them on a magnet to use for photo holders.

After my “embellishment” of the sheet music, I decided embellishing might not be my “thing”, so my magnet keys aren’t nearly as pretty as hers.  Prior to this “piano crafting spree”, the  top of our piano held a collection of framed photos (of grands, of course).  I stuck a Valentine image to one of the frames with an old key on a magnet.  Mamie Jane glues buttons to some of her keys, but not wanting to tackle the bottle of glue again, I found a metal button that could adhere to the magnet through the hole in the key.

key w button

I did break down and get out a little sticky dot to stick a paper heart onto a magnet, so this little Valentine girl could be supported by the lid on my covered (tarnished) butter server.  (I should be polishing silver instead of trying my hand at “crafting”.)

magnet w heart

Mamie Jane finds old padlocks to stand on tables with photos attached to them with decorated magnets.  I know my sweetheart misplaces keys to his padlocks frequently, so I was so excited to find a use for those old keyless padlocks.  Guess what I discovered (to my horror) --   That silly guy throws them away when he can’t find the keys!  I did find some hitch balls in his garage (at least I think that’s what they are), so they became my substitute for padlocks.

hitch ball

The next pin I had found on Pinterest was a copy of a Joan Walsh Anglund paper doll sheet from an old issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  That pin took me to This is Ann of Paper Doll Land.  I simply printed some of the Valentine paper doll sheets from the site to add to the top of the piano – I didn’t even have to pretend I was crafting.  I intended to distress the edges a little to make them look old, but by the time I got around to that, the crafting bug had flown my coop.


Oh look!  I didn’t embellish that key at all – just plopped it on top of the magnet!  I’m such a lazy “crafter”.

When I was a newlywed, I bought these two little pictures of houses at a yard sale for twenty-five cents each.  I love that the prints are recessed, and I often use them kind of like shadow boxes (you may have seen them in one of my Christmas posts with Christmas figures in front of the houses).  For years, I have had some sheets of paper with cute little children printed on them.  (I must have had a crafting bug when I  bought these sheets, but by the time I got home, the crafting bug had disappeared).  I dug out those sheets (can you believe I knew where they were?) and cut out some of the children to stand inside the frames, so my house pictures could be part of the Valentine décor.  Doesn’t take much to make me feel crafty!


At this point, I had reached my limit.  The crafting bug had finally crawled out of my system, and Pinterest was calling my name, so I put a few other, non-crafty, items on top of the piano, and took some pictures to prove that I did attempt “crafting” for a little while one day.  I stuck a sheet of crafting paper with a collage of old Valentine cards over the glass on a framed piece of sheet music that was already on my piano.


Oh wait!  That was crafting.  My definition of crafting includes making a Wordels sheet on line!  You know, that site where you just type in words, and it randomly places the words on a sheet!  (I told you, it doesn’t take much to make me feel like I’m crafting!)

snowman cmbnd


Just think what I could accomplish if Pinterest broke down for a week.  Heck, I might even get bored enough to clean up my house!

If I borrowed a photo from your blog, please feel free to take my “borrowed” button to display on your blog.  Thanks for the inspiration!

boy-tile 2 girl w heart-horz

Thanks for indulging me while I pretend to “craft”.  Is that “faux crafting”? Now I’ve gotta go see what I’ve missed on Pinterest.  laurie

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well, at my house, love is growing on trees.  I’ll admit, I’m using a very broad interpretation of  the word,“tree”, in this post.
mantel closup
The trees of love on my mantel have been planted in champagne buckets.
Trees of love are growing out of table tops.
One even sprouts from the fireplace hearth.
They are growing out of cones on my doors.
To prove how broad my definition of “tree” is, I’m even counting this wreath on a chalkboard stand as a tree!CHLBRD WREATH
And the queen and king of love are growing out of cherub vases on the buffet behind our sofa!
Even I, with my broad use of the word, cannot tell you that there is a tree of love on this table top.
table top w wdg pic
But if you look closely, you’ll see a photo of the day these seeds of love were planted, 42 years ago last August!
wdg pic
I received an invitation to a Valentine party . The invitation stated that we should bring some of our favorite candy in bags to give to the other guests.  I’ve been seeing all of these witty ideas on Pinterest for tags for candy, but I couldn’t find anyone who had a tag for my favorite candy.  I came close to switching my favorite to something that some of you clever people had crafted witty tags for.  The ramifications of that just seemed too great.  (i.e., If I had candy left over, I’d be forced to eat it.  Why take in all of those calories for a candy that isn’t my favorite?  If someone wanted to give me a gift of candy in the future, they might remember what I had said was my favorite at the party, and they’d bring me the wrong kind!)  You can see my predicament.  So, I was determined to come up with a tag for my favorite candy.
candy pkg
There is a tree on this tag, so it ties into my Trees of Love post.  (Boy, I am really stretching things with this post!)  Do you “get” it?  Maybe it’s too small.  Let me give you a close up.
Now, did you “get” it?  I’m afraid the other guests are going to wonder what in the world Peppermint Patty is saying to Charlie Brown.  I know…I really had to stretch the language to get this, and I know, I’m as lame as Charlie Brown says I am, but since I spent so much time trying to come up with something for my tags, I had to share it.
street painter
Not a tree in sight in this picture, but you knew you wouldn’t get away without me reminding you of the Valentine party on February 10th.  Thanks so much for putting up with my manipulation of the English language.  Laurie

Thursday, February 11, 2010


four rides combnd
sailor w boat

stilts and wedding

wagon (final-horz

finally made it-horz

photographer cmbnd w sketch

clown and band combnd

want to dance


just arrived and shy




president let's party

centerpiece final-vert

TASSEL MOS don't eat those

don't eat those mos chngd

minglg is exhastng


daily bread mos w cptn

relax and read

guestbook final

YIPPEE!!! ANOTHER PARTY!CLOCHE PARTY Marty at A Stroll Through Life is having a Cloche Party On February 19th!! Blogville is just full of party animals!

If you are linking to the Valentine party, please right-click on the title to your party post, and copy it into MckLinky below. Thank you so much for participating in the party. Be sure you click on the links below to find fabulous Valentine posts. laurie