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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


If you've been visiting my blog since it began, you know that my sweet husband thinks he "shoulda" been a cowboy, so for his birthday celebrations, I usually create a cowboy theme for his dinner table. I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday, and I'm joining Michael Lee at Designs by Gollum for Foodie Friday.

So, go ahead on - git yer cowboy (or girl) hat, git on yer boots, and join us for his rootin' tootin' bash.

Did you see that cute reproduction vintage cowboy tablecloth that my friend, Susie, gave me? I know, I'm always showing you something Susie gave me, but if Susie wasn't such a great gift-giver, I wouldn't have anything worth showing you!
(I purchased the cowboy dinner plates from Tuesday Morning a few years ago --- 222 Fifth "Slice of Life")

John held salad dressing for our dinner. My sister, Julie, gave my cowboy those vintage whiskey decanters several years ago. (Looks like some feathers from Indian head dressings have been left in the shrubs too!)

The guest of honor had a magnetic "shoulda been a cowboy" sheriff badge attached to his napkin ring. Oh, and there's a gift from my friend, Melinda - "35 Things to do with a Cowboy's Bandana". We had fun laughing over some of those suggestions before we ate dinner. See my Davy Crockett mug that I drank from when I was a child (another salad dressing server for our dinner)? (Yep, back then, I thought I shoulda been a cowgirl! I outgrew it though-he didn't!)

Yep! I even have Roy Rogers' lunch box and thermos salt and pepper shakers (a gift from my friend Charlie Ann). I sure have some generous and kind family and friends, don't I?

I served salad on the blue spatter ware "camp fire" plates.

I used two recipes from fellow bloggers for our chuck wagon dinner, and let me tell y'all, we have some fabulous chefs in Blogville! For my contribution to Foodie Friday at Designs by Gollum, I'm showing you Individual Beef Wellington and Faux Bananas Foster.

Dinner included two recipes that came from some of our fellow bloggers, and I just want to say that we have some excellent chefs in our corner of Blogville! When I get a recipe from a blogger, I ALWAYS record the name of the blog ... well, ALMOST always! Remember, I recently told you that senility is taking over. When I looked at this Beef Wellington recipe in my file, I could not believe that I had forgotten to record where I got the recipe. Just more of my senility! So, if this is your recipe, please let me know so I can give you credit for it. Since I can't send you to the blog that originally posted the recipe, I am posting the recipe for you, and I'm tellin' ya, this recipe got rave reviews at my house. (Yes, Filet Mignon is expensive, but this was worth it!)
Edited to Add: Yea! Rett at The Gazebo House stopped by and told me she was glad I enjoyed the recipe she posted last week! Can you believe that? She just posted this last week, and I could not remember where I found it! Thanks so much Rett.

Beef Wellington Singles


1 egg, lightly beaten
1 Tablespoon fresh thyme, chopped
2 sheets puffed pastry, thawed
1/2 Cup Boursin Garlic & Herb Cheese (I used a different kind of cheese, because my cowboy can't handle garlic)
1/2 Cup mushrooms, chopped
2 Tablespoon butter
2 Tablespoon olive oil
2-3 shallots, finely chopped
4-6 filet mignon steaks, 2" thick
Salt & freshly ground pepper, to taste
Parchment paper

Recipe Description:

Traditionally a large roast entrée, Beef Wellington Singles are essentially individual "roasts" that provide the flexibility to serve fewer people. They may be prepared a day in advance.Recipe Directions:Heat olive oil in a heavy skillet over high heat. Season steaks with salt and pepper, and sear. Sear steaks for 3 minutes on each side. For rare steaks, sear 1 to 2 minutes; for well done, 5 to 6 minutes. Remove beef from skillet and allow to cool.In the same skillet, melt butter. Add mushrooms, shallots and thyme, and sauté for 5 minutes or until soft. Remove from heat and cool. Preheat oven to 425F. On a lightly floured surface, prepare pastry.Roll out each puff pastry into a 13 to 15" square. Cut into 4 equal squares, for a total of 8. Blot steaks dry and place in the center of each square. Spread 2 tbsp. Boursin cheese on each and top with mushroom mixture.Brush the corners and sides of each square with lightly beaten egg, fold each corner up to the center, tuck in the sides, and press lightly to seal. Transfer to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.To decorate, use a paring knife to cut out pastry leaves from remaining puff pastry. Brush with egg to help leaves adhere. Cover and chill 1 hour or overnight.Remove singles from refrigerator and brush again with lightly beaten egg. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes for medium doneness, or until golden brown. Serve warm.

Since my "cowboy" doesn't really love birthday cake, I prepared the Bananas Foster that had been posted by Susan at Thoughts from Over the Rainbow. (Okay, I must have been having a good brain day when I saved this recipe!) Click here to get this easy, but delicious recipe from Susan's blog. This one also got rave reviews at my house, and let me tell ya, rave reviews are not the norm when I cook dinner!

Now pardner, git yersef over thar to Between Naps On the Porch and Designs by Gollum fer all the links to great tables and great grub. You might wanna git that cowboy hat offen yer head fore ya git to those more refined blogs though. Thanks fer visiting me, and y'all come back soon, ya hear. laurie

Friday, April 24, 2009


Blogville is just a new world for me every day! I had a new visitor to my blog, and I returned her visit and found that her blog is about post card collecting. I have a little postcard collection too! (I know, you are all saying "what does this woman NOT collect?") I'll answer your question by saying, if it's expensive, I don't collect it! (Always the bargain hunter) Postcards are one of those inexpensive, easy to find items, and they intrigue me. Part of the intrigue is the graphics on older post cards, and part of the intrigue is what is written on the post card, or even how it is addressed! (Doesn't take much to pique my interest, does it?) I love to find a post card that is addressed with a name, a city, and a state. No street address or post office box. It makes me think of how small our world used to be (now, the street address or P.O. box number is required in addition to a zip code, and we are even supposed to use a zip code plus four)! Okay, I'm trying to get to the topic at hand. Marie at Cpaphil Vintage Postcards sponsors Postcard Friendship Friday in Blogville, and if you want to start your own postcard collection, she even has a wonderful variety of postcards for sale. I'm so excited to be joining this event by sharing a few of my friendship postcards.
Since I don't have a scanner at home, I had to take photographs of my postcards, so I apologize for the quality of these pictures. This one says "Why! Hello Kid", and the sender has written his initials or name, "ED" on the picture of the man.

"To Seal Our Friendship...May the seal of True Friendship Between us be found, As long as we live, And the world goes round."


This is apparently a song, and the chorus is printed on the card. I love this one, because I love the sentiment that is conveyed by it.
"Life is a See Saw of ups and downs,
Life is a mixture of smiles and frowns;
But no need of worry, no need of friends,
If love has the middle and we have the ends."

To see more wonderful postcards, please go get the links from Mari at Cpaphil Vintage Postcards. It is so much fun to scroll through her and other's blogs and see all of the vintage postcards they have. Mari, thank you so much for sponsoring this fun event!

Although I don't have any pictures of it to share with you, I wanted to give you a recipe for Foodie Friday, sponsored by Gollum at Designs by Gollum. This recipe is from a cookbook entitled "Thirty Years at the Mansion", which are recipes from a woman who was the cook at the Arkansas Governer's Mansion for 30 years! Her name is Liza Ashley, and she did not have a formal education, so the recipes were not written down. The cookbook was written by Carolyn Huber, who recorded the recipes as Liza told them to her.

Mrs. Ashley greeting First Ladies Carter and Reagan. She has also met me, and I don't know why, but they didn't publish a picture of it in her cookbook!


1 loaf thinly sliced white bread
8 ounces cream cheese
1 large cucumber, pealed and grated (I use my food processer)
1 small onion, grated (food processer)
1 cup mayonnaise

Remove crusts from bread. Mix cream cheese, cucumber, onion and mayonnaise. Spread onto bread to make sandwiches. Quarter sandwiches into small triangles and serve.

Since she was always cooking for a crowd, this makes a lot of sandwiches! I often leave this spread in a container in the refrigerator and use it often. I also like to make the sandwiches about an hour before serving, and cover them and put them in the refrigerator. People who turn their noses up at the words "cucumber sandwich" love these, and so do I!

If you want to get some wonderful Spring Fling recipes, please visit Designs by Gollum.

Thanks so much for visiting me! I am sending these "friendship postcards" to you from me! They are addressed simply "To Blogville", and I bet all my friends will still get them! laurie

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am participating in Hopeful Friday, sponsored by Cielo at The House in the Roses. For more hopeful posts, please go to The House in the Roses. I am also participating in Foodie Friday, sponsored by Gollum at Designs by Gollum. For wonderful recipes, please go to Designs by Gollum.

Did you receive this email? As I viewed these photographs, I couldn't help but think of the beauty, the power, the majesty, the brilliance, and especially the logic of all of God's creation. When our world overwhelms me, and I start to think that the problems I see in this world are just too big to overcome, I look at God's creation, and I know that nothing is too big for Him, and I am hopeful.

The following photographs were taken by Clark Little, who has published a book of photographs of waves.


My friend, Susie, gave me this recipe (Since I'm always mentioning Susie on my blog, ya'll probably think Susie is my only friend--you may be right!) She is one of my BFF, but she is also my friend who always has the best ideas, gives the best gifts, has a wonderful home, and has the best recipes. Those are just some of the reasons her name keeps coming up on my blog. (I do have another friend or two). I served this frozen salad for Easter dinner, and it was soooo easy and soooo delicious. The children ate theirs out of these "footed" silicone cups. (I did give most of the adults a regular silicone cup and some were served in ramekins. However, some of our adult family members preferred a cup with feet-you saw my sil on my post the other day, wearing Easter grass hair-you know he'd want a footed holder!)

EZ Frozen Banana Salad
3/4 cup sugar
3 large bananas-mashed
2/3 cups sour cream (regular or lite)
1/2 cupped chopped pecans
1 cup undrained crushed pineapple
2 Tblsp. lemon juice
1/4 cup chopped cherries(optional)
1 Cool Whip-8 oz (regular or lite)

Mix all ingredients..stir in Cool Whip last..pour into 9 by 13 pyrex pan or cupcake holders..(Susie uses heavy duty paper cupcake holders-or doubles the regular holders; puts them in a muffin pan, and freezes them; after they freeze, she removes them from the muffin pan and puts them in a Ziploc bags in the freezer). These do not have to be thawed before eating, so you can take as many as you need out of the freezer when you serve your dinner.

I know I have only participated in Foodie Friday twice, and the other time I shared my recipe for Banana Pudding. I just want to tell ya'll that we do eat food at my house that doesn't have bananas in it!

EDITED TO ADD: Some of you have asked about these photos, so I did a little searching, and found his website. Not only does he take beautiful pictures, he is a pretty beautiful hunk himself! Here is the website, which features an interview with him on Good Morning America, along with more of his photos.

Don't forget to go to The House in the Roses and Designs by Gollum to follow the tracks to some great posts today. Thank you so much for visiting me ! laurie

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am so excited to be participating in Foodie Friday, sponsored by Gollum at Designs by Gollum. Every week since this began, I have thought I would participate (Of course, I also keep thinking I'm going to have time to shave my legs!). The problem is, I don't serve pretty food at my house! Oh the shame of it! My poor husband usually does not look at his food before he eats it, so he doesn't realize how slighted he has been all of these years! All of you post pictures of food that looks like art. If my husband is home, the food doesn't even make it to the table before he starts tasting it. (I think I've done a poor job of training him) Maybe, if I'd been serving him artistic food, he would take the time to look at it before taking a bite. I certainly am getting some great ideas for making the food look pretty by visiting blogs on Foodie Friday, but I still haven't gotten any more artistic with my food than crumbling something on top of it! I promise, I'll keep trying though. Today, I am sharing the EASIEST Banana Pudding recipe ever. According to my family, it is the BESTEST Banana Pudding ever. So, without further ado, here it is:

Large box of vanilla instant pudding
1 & 1/4 cups of cold milk

8 oz of sour cream
8 oz of Cool Whip
Can Eagle Brand milk
4-6 Bananas, sliced
Vanilla wafers or graham crackers

Fold, DO NOT BEAT, the first five ingredients together.

While only tasting a few of them, layer wafers or graham crackers (I like to use these miniature wafers)

Then add a layer of sliced bananas.

Isn't this a pretty picture, with all of my banana peelings in a pile?
(Can't say I don't keep it real!)

(OPTIONAL: I always set aside a few vanilla wafers to munch while I am layering these ingredients-just my personal little tip-take it or leave it.)

Then, add a layer of the pudding mixture.

Continue layering, ending with the pudding mixture. Sprinkle crushed wafers or graham crackers on top (Remember, this is my artistic touch!)

The next step is another one that is optional. At the bottom of my recipe card, my husband has written, "SAVE SOME FOR ME". Once I start eating this, it is difficult for me to stop.

The way this becomes a contribution to Gollum's St. Patrick's potluck is to place the container of banana pudding on a table that has been set with Irish decor. (And maybe add St. Patrick's Day clipart to the posting).

Be sure to go visit
Designs by Gollum to get links to the great (and very artistic) food that others are posting today. Thank you so much for sponsoring this fun event, Gollum.

Several of my visitors have left questions on my postings in the past, and I'm afraid I always forget to answer them. I apologize for my memory (you have to remember that I'm not as young as some of you--I don't know how I expect you to remember that, since even I have trouble remembering it!) However, I DO remember my last post, when several of you asked about the darling banner that Susie made for me. Susie tells me that the felt letters for the banner came in a package on the Easter decor aisle at Hobby Lobby (I know, some of you don't have a Hobby Lobby-sorry). Susie just added her own ribbons to string it together. That's my kind of craft project, especially since it turned out SO cute!

Several of you asked where I store my few little Easter decorations. If you visited my blog at Christmas, you may have noticed that I also have a few Christmas decorations. When we remodeled this house, I added a long, narrow closet, with shelves on each side, where I store all of my holiday decor. It was the smartest thing I ever did. Most of the decor doesn't even get boxed up. I just place it on the shelves in the holiday closet. Somebody said that they wanted to see pictures of my holiday closet. Let me tell ya'll one thing -- I'll do ALMOST anything for my blog visitors, but nobody can see the inside of my holiday closet! It might cause complete breakdowns all over Blogville. The whole purpose of the closet is to HIDE my holiday decor (and also my mess) between holidays. It is not a place where anyone should dare to tread (you might get lost, and we'd never find you)! It could cause nightmares! I will not do that to you (but especially to myself)!

In my posting about my hallway, a couple of my visitors asked about the molding or pediments over the doors. That was the other great idea I had when we remodeled (I've only had two great ideas in my lifetime, and I'm revealing both of them in this posting!). When we purchased the house I grew up in, it came with a lot of "stuff" that had belonged to my parents and grandparents, and it is no secret in Blogville that I am a collector and pack rat extraordinaire. When we remodeled the house, I told the builder that I wanted to be able to put "stuff" above all of the doors and windows in the house. I took him to the lumber shed, and we worked on how to "stack" some moldings to make the shelves. They are probably more obvious in the hallway, because there isn't much else in there. However, since you really can't stand back and see anything on them in the hallway, I didn't put "stuff" on them in the hall. I just added them to the hallway, so that it would match the rest of the house (where I do have "stuff" on those little ledges).

Okay, I've gone back about as many posts as my brain will allow. If you have asked me a question, and you really want to know the answer, you may have to ask it again! But, remember, a long post like this is what happens when you ask me a question, so be careful what you ask for.

My home computer had a breakdown Tuesday night, and I have just gotten internet access back tonight, so I haven't been able to visit a lot of blogs, and I'm trying to catch up on everything I missed. Thank you for coming by my blog, and thank you for being interested enough to ask me questions. All of my visitors make me feel like they are interested in what I have to say (in spite of the fact that I always have a LOT to say!) You are the best! laurie