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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Fontanini Nativity on Christmas Mantel

Our Fontanini nativity is back on the mantel this year. If you  don't know about my incredible bargain on this set, you can read about it here.

Fontanini Holy Family on Mantel

Last year, I tried a different Holy Family on the mantel, and I liked it, but I was ready to have the Fontanini set back up there this year. 

Fontanini Angel on Creche for Cristmas Mantel

The Fontanini angel watches over Baby Jesus.

Fontanini Muscians in Nativity on Mantel

Musicians share their songs with the newborn King.

Fontanini Wise Men in Nativity on Christmas Mantel

The three wise men have almost made it to the manger.

Angel on Christmas Mantel

I turned my Santos into an angel by adding wings. If you thought that was a bow on her back, you were right. Please use your imagination to envision wings.

Fontanini Three Kings on Cchristmas Mantel

The three kings brought gifts to Baby Jesus.

Shepherd with Sheep in Nativity on Mantel

The shepherd watching over his flock.

Christmas Mantel Angel

An articulated angel watches from the other end of the mantel.

Vintage Itallian Angel for Christmas Mantel Decor

I bought the vintage, Italian angels in the sky at an estate sale.

Christmas Mantel 2016

 Last year, I used the twinkling lights to portray the night sky. If you want to see how, that post is here.

Do you think I got carried away with gold ribbon? Last year, when I put away Christmas d├ęcor, I tried to organize it a little better. That's when I realized how many spools of gold ribbon I've bought at after-Christmas sales. I was determined to make use of some of it this year. I definitely put a dent in the ribbon stash when I created this mantel. Every time I tweaked it (and that was a lot of times), I added more gold ribbon! 
Thank you for coming to see my gold ribbon mantel!
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1 comment:

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Your mantle is beautiful. Everything is perfect and I can see why you wanted to put it up.

Have a great rest of the week.