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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Witchy Tabletop
Hello, I'm Witch Matilda, and I visit Laurie's home every October.

Halloween Witch

I'm glad you joined me for dinner.

Witch with Tarrot Cards

Before dinner, I'll read your fortune with my Tarot cards.

Halloween Serving Plate

Have some of my delicious cheese ball before dinner. Oh no! Boris hasn't put out the cheese ball.

Halloween Bar Bottles

My apologies. Please help yourself to a drink while we wait.

Halloween Decor

Maybe you'd like to see the mementos from my flight around the world celebration.

Halloween Decor on World Globe

The celebration was a big deal. There's the invitation on the globe. Do I see one of my tasty spiders who escaped from the brew? I'll get you next time, you sneaky vermin.

Witch Hat on World Globe

I've retired the hat I wore on that famous around the world broom flight.

Halloween Table with Popcorn Bag

I know you must be getting hungry. BORIS! Bring that cheese ball. Why don't you fill a bag with popcorn to munch?
Halloween Treat Bags

Go ahead. Fill the big bag.

Devil Made Me Eat it Cake Plate

Eat as much as you'd like. You can blame it on the devil!

witch pmpkn black

Did you notice the drawing of me on the pumpkin? It was a gift from a secret admirer.

witch broom

I can take you on a ride, if you'd like. You can see the cost is fifty cents, but since Boris is so slow, I won't even charge you for the ride.

witch vodoo

I did decorate the table myself. Yes, I know my pumpkin-head is having a bad hair day. What? That red caped man. That's my voodoo doll. Don't worry. I wont give it your name -- yet.


I even have witchy clickers for favors, so don't get mad about your late dinner. BORIS! Get in here!

Halloween Pumpkin Head Clown
Halloween Menu Decor

Did you read the menu? You'll surely stay after you see what I'm serving.

It's about time you showed up, Boris. Oh shoot! He's brought dessert instead of the cheese ball. What is wrong with that man?

Halloween Table Decor

It looks like we'll have to give up on the cheese ball. Please get a plate, a fork, and a napkin. I made the napkin sleeves from one of my old dresses. You think I don't save ideas on Pinterest? I'm a crafty old bird.

Halloween Witch's Brew

"Hand" will dish you up some brew. Just look at those delicious ingredients.

Halloween Chandellier

No, I didn't decorate the chandelier. Critters live up there. It adds so much flavor to my brew when they fall into the pot while I'm cooking.

A Witch is Visiting our Table

  I hope you enjoyed your meal. Be sure you stop by when I return to Laurie's next October.


Sarah said...

Looks like someone has been having fun. '-)
I've yet to pull out the Halloween here. I need to get busy!

Stacey said...

This is so awesome, Laurie. I love that it's not too scary. That witch is just wonderful. Sharing on Facebook. :)

Thanks so much for your sweet comment about the Glamour Farms sweater. It's so soft and pretty...I'm loving it.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my word, this is so fun. I absolutely love it all.

Summer said...

So fun and so cute ♥

candlelightsupper said...

Love your table. Amazing and whimsical touches. I love your witch with the tarot cards and that broom holding the hat...Adorable! You have one amazing tablescape.

Shannon @ Belle Bleu Interiors said...

This looks like so much fun! How precious! You have thought of every little detail! You did a wonderful job!!!

Sandra Lee said...

Boris and the Witch are the perfect combo of scary and fun. This is a gorgeous table!

Darlene Gardner said...

Your table is "to die for!" So cute, with every little detail, but not scary at all! Little kids would love it, as would teens, and adults too! Very creative Laurie.

Lulu said...

With all of your playful things I can see that Halloween is a fun time for you!

Jacqueline said...

Cackle cackle - what a witchy party! I should have flown the globe with you - what a treat! Everything is just delightful and filled with fun. I have Boris' identical twin at my house. Sometimes he works and sometimes he doesn't - lazy thing! How fun to share in your Halloween spirit!

Pat said...

Those pumpkin plates with the smiles are so nice.