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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Halloween Table

I’m hosting a club meeting at my house tomorrow night, but I’m not sure anyone will dare eat anything. You'll soon see why.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I know that we are all praying for those who have been affected by the horrible storm on the East coast and for those who are trying to assist in the aftermath.

This is a post from my archives, originally posted in October, 2010.

I wore a witch hat; little brother wore a sheet.
I held his hand, and we slowly crossed the street.
witch hat
As I rang the door bell, he yelled "Twick or Tweet"
Don’t you think he’s just sooo sweet?
As the door slowly opened, we heard moans and creaks
And a very loud voice said...

Something about that candle lit table didn’t seem right,
And I was really glad we had our jack-o-lantern light.
She said, in a voice that shattered the night,
"You don’t need that candle to light your way;
My house is really just as bright as day!"
And then with a puff, she blew out our light!
Oh my, she said, you dropped your treat bag!
I hope you’re not frightened by this old hag!
bag Look, I’ve captured the ghosts in a cloche and a jar,
And that ghost who is loose won’t get very far.
captured ghosts Oh yes, I hadn’t noticed - another ghost is still free.
I’ll soon capture him too .. just wait and see!
ghosts in jar Now just reach in that cauldron, and get you a treat.
Those skeletons can’t get you -they don’t have any feet!
cauldron No, that’s not a swirling cauldron I’ve got.
Perhaps you don’t like that candy a lot.
cauldron swirl
My dearies, I do have more candy over here.
Yes, that sign does mean that a witch might be near.
163 Just take that scoop from the witch’s hand,
And scoop you some candy as fast as you can!
M M WITCH Oh My, you are looking a little forlorn!
Perhaps you’d like a bit of candy corn.
hand Oh, that hand on top? Don’t you worry about it.
That was left here by someone who ran away in a twit!
Okay my dearies, I see nothing will do,
Unless I turn on some lights just for you.

full tbl 
I think I’ve done everything for you
That any good hostess could do.
I’ve offered you treats, and I’ve turned on the light.
Now go fill up your bags, and I’ll just stay very quiet.
Did I scare you? Even in all of this bright light?
You  think a good hostess shouldn’t give you a fright?
I admit it--most of the time, that would be right,
But scaring guests is permitted on Halloween night!
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Thank you so much, kind friends, for putting up with my silliness. laurie

Monday, October 1, 2012


Just serving a few treats at my Halloween table tonight.

sil plates
Silhouette Plates:  Glitterville

jk o ln plates
Jack-O-Lantern plates:  cbk, Union City, TN
npkns plates
Plaid Border Plates:  Tag
Wine, chillin’ in a pumpkin
stem tray

For a centerpiece, I used a wall sticker on each pane of a lantern, and on the candle, I used the star stickers that came with the wall sticker set.

lntrn pns
cake side
Help yourself to a piece of cake.  There is one piece missing, because…
wtch shoe
I hope the witch doesn’t come back for her shoes before the cheese ball has been eaten,
or for her hat before we’re through using the salt.


The crackers, which are party favors, are filled with treats – no tricks on this table!

I’m so glad you stopped in for some treats. 
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Monday, October 24, 2011


One reason I like baseball is that I can watch a baseball game and eat at the same time.  If I get up to get a snack, while watching most sports, I inevitably miss the touchdown or the basket.  While I’m stuffing my face, I hear everyone yelling and cheering, and I know that I missed another exciting play.  But baseball gives me plenty of time to stuff my face snack and still catch most of the action.  I’m sharing our snack supper table for Saturday night’s World Series game.

ovrhd tbl w frm
sil plates

crackers in mugs
pumpkn platees
tall misc

shoe spreader
devl made me mos
ovrhd tbl
Cucumber sandwich spread; Arkansas Caviar; Baked Pimento Cheese spread; Cinnamon cake.
 I’ve had almost everything on this table too long to remember where I got most of it.  I did recently purchase those cute dessert forks from an on-line source, Zulily (which normally sells children's clothing).  The maker is Amici.  I also recently purchased the melamine silhouette Halloween plates from a Christmas store.  The maker is Glitterville   The witch shoe spreaders and the devil cake stand were gifts from a friend
Thank you so much for coming to visit me.  laurie

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


  full tbl China Pattern:  Certified International © Pamela Gladding
I served a green salad in the bowls and spaghetti with meat sauce in the deep square plates.  I don’t think Mrs. Robinson (my high school home economics teacher) ever told us about the placement of the pasta spoon, so feel free to let me know if I have placed it incorrectly.   
plc stng brkdwn
ornament mos
 For the salad course, I replaced the tree with pumpkin mugs filled with a choice of  salad dressings. salad course
 Dessert was ice cream and cookies, so the cookies became my centerpiece. dessert course
 I fell in love with these trick-or-treater ornaments at an estate sale.  As you can see on my serving table, I also liked the boxes they came in!est sl orn
Pumpkin card artist: Karen Harvey Cox of A Scrapbook of Inspiration.
misc acc
The caption on the bottom of the little cutout pumpkin-head girl is:  “Meet me at the patch Pumpkin”.
Flatware pattern:  William Rogers “Eternally Yours” @ 1847
As usual, I’ve had everything on this table too long to remember where I got most of it.
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