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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Halloween Table
I’m hosting a club meeting at my house tomorrow night, but I’m not sure anyone will dare eat anything. You'll soon see why.
Halloween Table 1
Come into my parlor, dearie.
Halloween Table 1a
Oh!  Thanks for noticing my new shoes.  I’m kind of a shoe girl.  Are you?
Halloween Table 3
Come on over here, and let me read the Tarot cards, and I’ll tell your fortune.
Halloween Table 2
Um, that’s not looking very good.  I’ll check my crystal ball.
Halloween Table 4
Things aren’t getting any better.  Why don’t you join me for a ride on my broom?
Halloween Table 6
Oh, okay, you want to see my driver’s license first.
Halloween Table 5
Surely this will suffice.  You see me right there on the end?  I was third in the class.
Halloween Table 7
Well, if you won’t go on a broom ride, maybe we can play a game of Carve.  What silly questions you ask!  Carve is nothing like that silly game of Bingo.  I’ll explain as we go along.
Halloween Table 8
Well, okay, if you won’t play carve, just go ahead and help yourself to some of my brew.
Halloween Table 9
No, no, don’t worry about that arm.  He just wants his skull to boil with him.
Halloween Table 10
Now that is very rude.  You don’t tell the hostess that you don’t like the looks of the ingredients in her brew!  You could use a few etiquette lessons.
Halloween Table 12
Have a taste of my Lizard Ball.  Oh No!  Someone has eaten all of it.  Where is that pesky butler.  BORIS!  BORIS!  Come refill the Lizard Ball plate.
Halloween Table 14
Well, gizzards!  I just can’t get good help any more.  BORIS!  You have let the snake patty plate get empty too.  Where is that man?
Halloween Table 11
Oh don’t worry your little self about that sign.  It’s only a joke.  He-he-he-he!
Halloween Table 14a
It’s about time, Boris!  And what do you have in your bowl?  Suckers!  And they are dum-dums at that!  Boris, our guests will think that they would have to be suckers and dumb to eat out of your bowl!
Halloween Table 16
Wait just a minute!  Did I hear you say that you don’t like my décor?
Halloween Table 23
Let me tell you something, little missy.  Décor is a matter of taste, and you obviously have no taste!  You’ve stretched the limits of my hospitality.  Get out of my parlor now, or I’ll turn you into a toad!  Cackle, cackle, cackle. 
Halloween Table 21
Thank you for visiting my witch parlor.  (I hope you didn’t partake of the food!).  Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. 

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Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Oh Laurie this is too cute- you really have a fun colleciton of fun stuff for Halloween! Love the story and all the details. Boris is too cool and that witch is a riot- cool shoes! I hope you club party goes off with a success- I'm sure it will although I don't think they'll be eating any of that brew! LOL.. great job! said...

hahahahahaha or maybe I should say heeheehee! What great Halloween fun Laurie!! Your witch and her butler are quite creepy and all your recipes look extra eerie! LOVE the tarot cards! Thank you!!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Laurie, you are so creative and this party was so much fun. Love all that you put into this and your decor is perfect. Your guests are going to have a blast. Love the witch and her incredible shoes. Boris is an awesome guy. I don't know how you do it all my friend. You are the master of everything and always inspire fun and adventure.
I passed on the food!!LOL LOL

Sonny G said...

I love it all.. your club is gonna be thrilled..

wish I was gonna be there, I'd be willing to do a few real Tarot readings for ya'll.

have lots of fun and tell us all about it later.

Anonymous said...

You Goulish Girl! Those shoes are really something. I might just think twice about eating anything. LOL!

Marigene said...

Laurie, what a fun table...wish I were a member of your club...I love your pet rat, is his name Ben?
That arm/hand in the bowl looks real.
Have a wonderful week.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

OMG - how fun is this???? Love it!!!
Your guests are going to be blown away with your table decorations.
Wish I was coming to your meeting - oh the fun we would have.
Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

Laurie this is to cute love the sayings you came up with they were wonderful. very talented writer you are. please tell me where I can get the witches cake stand with the spindley legs I WANT THAT for my cake plate collection.Susie

Candy S said...

My goodness Laurie, Your luncheon display is so delightfully spooky! Boris has stolen my heart away with all of his charm. You must beg the lady in black to divulge where she found her oh so fashionable shoes, they are quite the cat's meow. Your club meeting will be the talk of the town. I love your Halloween decor and your humorous writing is so much fun to read.

Ginger said...

LOL Very cute!! I love your commentary. Boris is pretty neat too.

A Perfect Setting said...

Gosh, this is just adorable! So fun, and loved the little story. So much attention to detail--love!

Elizabeth said...

Love your decorating !