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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Since I had decorated my mantel with French faience, I decided my sweetheart and I  would dine on more French Quimper in front of the fireplace.  Sometimes, I just like to pretend I’m in the French countryside.  Maybe my sweetheart will get the hint that I’d like to go to France.

place stg male

His and hers place settings.

place stg fem

glass plate

I used a clear glass dinner plate on top of a metal serving tray.


salt fem

Salt cellars at each place setting.

salt male

drsng pitchr

I used a little Quimper pitcher, on top of an unusual French faience plate, to serve salad dressing.

drsng plate


I probably should have put more flowers in this vase, but these two blooms on one stem just looked so pretty, I didn’t want to distract from the flower. 


Although I cut this flower from our garden, I have no idea what it is.  Maybe someone else can identify it for me.

vase plate 2



dessert tray

The dessert tray is ready for our hot fudge cakes.

fork hldr

tbl n mantle


The two salad plates are reproduction Quimper (made in Portugal – Jay Willfred).  The blue and white flatware was a purchase from Kohl’s a number of years ago.  The salad fork is our wedding pattern (Towle Old Master).  Other pieces are French Quimper, collected from estate sales, on line, and even in a really junky junk store one time.  The tablecloth is a Williams Sonoma that I purchased at a garage sale.

Merci beaucoup for visiting my blog.  (Still pretending!) laurie

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Sue said...

Your table is so pretty and Frenchy! Laurie, your Quimper and other pretties always make such a nice statement. Has spring made an appearance for you yet? It went from the 30's to the 70's in a day! I think Mother Nature is confused. LOL
:-) Sue

Sarah said...

Laurie, très chic! J'adore tous les détails Frenchy. Fantastique, mon ami! ~ Sarah

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Very Pretty! Is he getting the hint yet? :) Sorry, I am of no help on the flower. It is pretty - colors of a daffodil/buttercup family, but to many petals. One on steroids maybe. :-D Did it grow on a bush, or single plant? I love pretty flowers, but really don't know much about them.
The storm is starting to move in - may be unplugging the computer shortly.

Mellodee said...

Lovely! Very romantic for you and your sweetie. Whatever you plan to serve, look up how to say it in French! Then all you need is the right music....a little "April in Paris" and "I Love Paris" and anything by Edith Piaf or Maurice Chevalier. You'll be winging your way to the Francais countryside before you know it! :)

Mellodee said...

p.s. It's really nice to see you back blogging again!

ellen b. said...

All I can say about the flower is that it is a very pretty flower! :)
Love your hinting of wanting to go to France table! Very nice especially in front of the fireplace....


I love the country French look Quimper has, specially because it's the style pottery we used to manufacture in hubby's past ceramic company.(I have it posted now)Your tablecloth is gorgeous too. Loving your table setting.


Oh..and I also love the flatware, it's so pretty, matching the dishes! You're giving me such a great idea about the clear plates...I think I'll run along and get glass salad plates to place them on top of my decorated china! Enjoy your weekend.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

This is beautiful and in front of the fireplace..oh so romantic. Hope he might think 'France' and take you there! Meanwhile enjoy! The flower is gorgeous but alas I don't know what it is either!
Bonne Chance!


Marigene said...

Oh, so fun to dine in front of the fireplace on your beautiful Quimper dishes...I am so jealous.
Have a great weekend, Laurie!

Alycia Nichols said...

Oh, if hubby doesn't get the hint with this table, we're going to have to rock his head around a little to get the marbles movin'!!! This is a terrific "hint" that he should immediately pick up on!

Can't help you with the name of the flower. Sorry! :-( I think just using 2 in the vase is perfectly fine for this table, though. Symbolic for just the 2 of you, plus as you said, not distracting. Very pretty, Laurie! Have a great weekend!!!

Palomasea said...

So beautiful and HAPPY, chere Laurie!
Vive La France!!
You are wonderful...
Hugs and blessings,
- Irina

Dewena said...

Oh, it is all so beautiful! Each piece just lovely. Now, what is the difference between faience and Quimper?

Hot fudge cakes! When we were dating we'd "cruise" Shoney's and then park and order their hot fudge cake. The thought makes me so hungry.

I hope your husband reads this and books the hotel and airline!

Mitzi said...

Your flower is a type of narcissus or daffodil. Your Quimper collection is lovely-also love the tablecloth..

Kathleen said...

I just love that tablecloth and napkins! Your table looks so pretty with your quimper.
Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish!
Praying for your little one!