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Sunday, July 29, 2012


When we first moved into this house, the former dining room became a “study”.  Since my front entry hall opens into it, I kept it neat and clean most of the time.  However, I soon learned that nobody, other than sales people, ever rings my front doorbell, and the “study” slowly became my “girl cave”.  (Can you believe I still refer to myself as a “girl”?   I don’t know why I never think of myself as being an adult old lady.)  I spent some time this weekend tidying up my girl cave, (although you won’t believe that when you see these pictures, but believe me, it was even messier than this!).  1
I love my “Mark Twain” plate I picked up at an estate sale years ago.
Some day I plan to do something to these old drawers to disguise how beat up they are.  They corral some of the books I enjoy having around.
Yikes!  Yes, this junky table is where I blog!  As you can see, I kept it real.  This is the way it looks most of the time (except that my laptop is normally open). 
As you can see, I am surrounded by junk.  I love junk.  Junk inspires me.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.
This antique file cabinet was another estate sale purchase.
fl 1-horz
My grandchildren inspire me, so their pictures, along with my children’s pictures, march across the top of the piano in my girl cave.
Now I will show you the real horror of the room  (Just when you thought you’d already seen all the horrors in this room).  This is something else that I intend to paint – some day.  I also intend to straighten up the inside of it – some day.  But, today wasn’t that day, and I am revealing it in all of its horrifying glory.  It is filled with craft supplies.  I know, you didn’t know I craft.  That’s another one of those “some day” things I’m going to do, and I keep collecting supplies for when that day comes!
This is my favorite section of this case.  I have two extension rods in it, and they are filled with spools of ribbon.  Even though I don’t craft, I DO use ribbon frequently, and I love being able to see it all.
Yep! That’s my front door to the right of this messy card table.  When a sales person comes to the door, they see this dilapidated card table piled with junk.  I suspect they know immediately that this poor lady can’t buy anything from them.

Aren’t floor-length tablecloths wonderful?  When I host a party and need to use this room, a lot of the junk hides under the tables.  I have also put a decorative screen in front of my “craft cabinet”.  The card table and its contents also slide under the cloth.  This room ALMOST looks neat after I do all of that.
Thank you for coming to see the real me!  Remember, if you ever come for a real visit, don’t ring the front doorbell.  laurie


Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

Laurie, first of all I love the slipcover on your desk chair. Did you make it or buy it? Since I started blogging my Organized Clutter is sometimes disorganized. I have to put my props somewhere. If I put them all away out of sight I forget about them. If they are pretty close at hand, I remember them. I love blogging but don't know how to escape a little disorder in non-essential rooms.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love it! I wish I had a girl cave! I think it looks pretty darn organized. I love my junk also and wish I had a room just to immerse myself in it! Thanks for keeping it real! Hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

Hi Laurie,
I love your girl cave. I have all my stuff in the basement. When I'm ready to do a craft I have to go through all my boxes to find what I want to haul upstairs. But, I do make my hubby help me and he has to carry them down when I'm done.
I wish I had a room of my own just for my stuff..I love how you have everything right at your go GIRL...

Carol said...

Ooooo, I love your girl cave! What a fun space! It's so interesting & full of creative inspiration! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks normal to me! :D I was thinking the other day, how I hope no one I want to impress shows up.:-D
Another hot week ahead - stay cool.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

It looks fabulous to me Laurie. I make such a huge mess when I craft, this looks really organized. Great room and you have so many neat things. Hugs, Marty

Palomasea said...

Oh my goodness Laurie, what I see is a cozy and lovely creative space! I love those beautiful ribbons...
I laughed when I read that you love a long too!
A fun girl cave indeed...
Thanks so much for all of your sweet messages!!
Blessings and hugs,
- Irina :)

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the real you Laurie! I think this room is wonderful. I love more of a clutter look in my house too (I really am serious here) - I cannot seem to simplify as they say because lots of books,plants, etc just are the things that I think of as cozy.

bee blessed

middle child said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
middle child said...

Well I had to delete my comment. It was all messed up. I love your room. Keep it just the way it is, as long as you can find your stuff-which is all cool by the way. When you get tired of your barrister bookcase, feel free to send it my way. What really caught my eye though was the ceramic jug of the man with the hat and glasses. You had you paint brushes in it. My dad had one of those!!! He dies in 2004 and we went through his things the following year. I did not see it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! Oh, I love your girl cave and all of your furniture and seeing your creativity!! That is a gorgeous olden upright pretty.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sarah said...

Junk? I call them treasures! Thanks for sharing your room. Mine is much smaller, but just as full. ;-)
Have a great week........Sarah

April D said...

I love this room. If that's a "cave", call me a bear, because I'm pretty sure I'd be TOTALLY happy in that space! lol
I have so wanted to do something like that with our "front room" which is right off the front entry; it is currently the messy and underused "school room"(which we NEED a place to KEEP all the books, BUT...).
My "cave" is just off the kitchen, TOTALLY open to the main area of the house--not ideal but my chandelier is there. :)
I am pretty sure you and I are kindred spirits! Hugs to you!

Laura S Reading said...

I love seeing rooms that look lived in and loved. You still inspire me with your "junk" and your openness.
I am intriqued though, and had to click on the picture to try to figure it out. You have your pens collected in a glass vase or candleholder, but it looks like there is a clear bubble over the top - am I imagining that? What is the dome over the pens?
And what kind of pens are those?

Debbie said...

My favorite piece in the room is that grandfather clock with those open shelves under it. Love that. I also love the idea of using an old drawer for books.

I love junque.
I would LOVE your stash of ribbons. I used to have a lot, but I do craft so mine has dwindled to next to nothing.

It was fun getting to snoop around your girl cave and get ideas. One of my next projects is a better desk area for blogging (and the other stuff I'm supposed to be doing...)

Krystal Kats said...

I love your girl cave that is like a craft room plus. I spied on your wall a beautiful cross stitched sampler did you make that. I used to do that a lot when I was working. I am working on one from time to time slowly bus surely I will get it done. Have a great week. Big hugs

Perfectly Printed said...

What a great room!!


{Bellamere Cottage} said...


What a wonderful room.... If I had a nice dining room, I'd change it into my girl cave too. However, things are pretty darn tiny here, at the cottage, and I have NO unused rooms. Shoot... So much better to actually use it and enjoy it than to impress those darn salespeople.


Kathleen said...

Looks fine to me! Cozy, comfortable and lived in!
If every room is so neat, you know it is not real!
Happy August!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You have the best girl cave around Laurie!
And it's not junk, it's treasures!
I love your humor, you keep it real and funny too!
Hugs to you my dear,

Mrs A said...

I popped over from CDT, i love your girl cave, it looks so interesting and filled with wonderful treasures! I will now revel in my own little collections of treasures! And I nearly threw out an old table, but now i think will find a floor length tablecloth also, it looks beautiful :)

xinex said...

You are so funny, Laurie. When you do not like your junk anymore, send them to me cause I love junk too, lol. I love your little wooden file cabinet on top of the table....Christine

Sarah said...

Back for another look around. ;-) I like seeing the way you've organized things and created vignettes. Plates stacked on the shelves. I like that!