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Sunday, July 29, 2012


When we first moved into this house, the former dining room became a “study”.  Since my front entry hall opens into it, I kept it neat and clean most of the time.  However, I soon learned that nobody, other than sales people, ever rings my front doorbell, and the “study” slowly became my “girl cave”.  (Can you believe I still refer to myself as a “girl”?   I don’t know why I never think of myself as being an adult old lady.)  I spent some time this weekend tidying up my girl cave, (although you won’t believe that when you see these pictures, but believe me, it was even messier than this!).  1
I love my “Mark Twain” plate I picked up at an estate sale years ago.
Some day I plan to do something to these old drawers to disguise how beat up they are.  They corral some of the books I enjoy having around.
Yikes!  Yes, this junky table is where I blog!  As you can see, I kept it real.  This is the way it looks most of the time (except that my laptop is normally open). 
As you can see, I am surrounded by junk.  I love junk.  Junk inspires me.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.
This antique file cabinet was another estate sale purchase.
fl 1-horz
My grandchildren inspire me, so their pictures, along with my children’s pictures, march across the top of the piano in my girl cave.
Now I will show you the real horror of the room  (Just when you thought you’d already seen all the horrors in this room).  This is something else that I intend to paint – some day.  I also intend to straighten up the inside of it – some day.  But, today wasn’t that day, and I am revealing it in all of its horrifying glory.  It is filled with craft supplies.  I know, you didn’t know I craft.  That’s another one of those “some day” things I’m going to do, and I keep collecting supplies for when that day comes!
This is my favorite section of this case.  I have two extension rods in it, and they are filled with spools of ribbon.  Even though I don’t craft, I DO use ribbon frequently, and I love being able to see it all.
Yep! That’s my front door to the right of this messy card table.  When a sales person comes to the door, they see this dilapidated card table piled with junk.  I suspect they know immediately that this poor lady can’t buy anything from them.

Aren’t floor-length tablecloths wonderful?  When I host a party and need to use this room, a lot of the junk hides under the tables.  I have also put a decorative screen in front of my “craft cabinet”.  The card table and its contents also slide under the cloth.  This room ALMOST looks neat after I do all of that.
Thank you for coming to see the real me!  Remember, if you ever come for a real visit, don’t ring the front doorbell.  laurie