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Friday, December 23, 2016


Faux candy on kitchen chandelier for Christmas

If you thought I'd shared all my Christmas decor, you'd be wrong. There's more!

Range Alcove Christmas Decor

There's one in every community-that crazy Christmas décor lady. I'm sure you realize I'm the one in our community.

Kitchen Christmas Decor

I've turned the kitchen into Candy Land.

Christmas Decor in the Kitchen
Those ovens below this shelf have food in them. I'm still cooking for Christmas Eve dinner
Kitchen Candy Theme Christmas Tree
I have to finish this post before the oven timer beeps. 

Lit Candy Themed Christmas Tree in Kitchen

  So I won't be doing as much taking as usual.
Christmas in the Kitchen Hutch

Reindeer Christmas Decor

The reindeer décor is on the peninsula between the kitchen and the family room.

Lit Christmas Trees on the Penninsula

Nativity on Family Room Buffet

These Holy Family figures are on the buffet behind the sofa in the family room.

Christmas Decor on Family Room Buffet

Family Room Christmas Decor on the Buffet

Honey Bee Candles with Bling

I shared these handmade beeswax candles in a Thanksgiving post in 2014 (here). I love the way they sparkle. When I first shared them, I told you the maker didn't have an on-line store. She does now! You can find La Petite Abelle candles here.

Mantel in Bedroom Decorated for Christmas
These photos are in our bedroom.

Christmas Decor on Bedroom Mantel

Christmas Plate on Bedroom Mantel

Christmas Silhouette on Bedroom Mantel

Bed for Christmas

Christmas Nativity in Master Bedroom

Christmas Tree in Tea Cup

Nativity Set on Bathroom Mantel

There's a tiny nativity on the mantel next to our bathtub.
Chistmas Nativity Set and Star

This nativity set is in our study.

Nativity Set with Lit Star

God so loved the world that He gave his only son. John 3:16.
My oven timer is beeping. Thank you for taking time to visit me. Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Laurie, Laurie, Laurie! I have always been a thrifter, junker, yard scavenger, whatever you want to call it. More is Better is not a term my husband likes at all. He calls it! I call it loving old treasures and memories of things past. Eclectic is not only a way of decorating, it's a way of showing life what was, is and can be. I love your treasures! What actually sucked me in was that tree with the men and peppermints and candy canes. I've never been a fan of silver or white trees but you made it look so lovely with your "found treasures"! Your little sheep touched my heart too! I would love to come across some like it. Just the past two years I've been collecting Christmas treasures and socking them away for that special Christmas when everyone is at my house. This year we welcomed a new grand baby just Wednesday and will be there for the holidays, so we only put up the tree and put a wreath on the door to give it some spirit as no one will be here. The trade off for that is a huge holiday party next year and of course at my house! Hubby has even agreed to a very large gingerbread house for the yard and all the trimming I can find for the yard and house! I make a lot of my own so I am very excited to get everything started just after the new year. It will take me a good year to get it all the way I want it. Love your blog and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and New Year to come!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot to mention that I am a mother of three with now seven grandchildren!

Unknown said...


Sarah said...

Laurie, thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet message. I hope all is going positively with your treatment and that the lack of energy will soon pass. I don't know how you accomplish all you do.
I love seeing all your decorations. Your grands must think you home is magical.
Take care and know that you are in my thoughts. Merry, Merry and Happy New Year!