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Thursday, December 29, 2016



The Christmas décor has not been put away, but we will celebrate 2017 on New Year's Day.


We may not see the new year in (When did sleep become more important than a midnight kiss?), but we have to eat our good luck dinner the next day.

Silver Champagne stem used to serve salad

I'm using our silver champagne stems (a wedding gift) for fruit salad. Since I don't like polishing silver, these stay wrapped most of the year, but I bring them out to welcome a new year.

Wedgwood Vera Lace Dessert Plate

Four of the fruit salad service plates are Wedgwood, Vera Lace, one of my estate sale purchases.

Grandmother's monogramed salad plate

The other four are my grandmother's monogramed dessert plates. This table is a mix of gold and silver, which always makes me think of the children's song, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold." I think it's a good reminder for the new year.

Glass Dinner Plate over New Year's Paper Plate

I covered paper New Year's plates with glass dinner plates. I only had six of these paper plates.

Paper Plate under Glass Dinner Plate for New Years

On each end of the table, I used another style of paper plate under the glass dinner plate.

Noble Excellence Snowflake Dinner Plate

On top of the square, silver-colored, bling edged chargers (a Tuesday Morning purchase a few years ago), I've used Noble Excellence Snowflake dinner plates. This border is really kind of purple, but I couldn't get my photos to show it.

New Year's hat and horn at each place setting

In case we want to get wild, there is a party hat and blower at each place setting.

New Year's Celebration Napkin

Gold striped napkins in black sheer sleeves are secured with napkin rings with keys. When I used these rings, I was thinking of the keys to happiness in the new year. (As a friend tells me, if you have to explain it, it doesn't work.)

Stems for New Year's Table

I used our wedding water goblets, Lenox Moonspun. Six diners will use these gold tinted, frosted etched wine stems.

New Year's Table Stemware

I used to have eight of the gold wine glasses, but I broke one, so on each end of the table, I used stems with black and white swirls.

New Year's Dinner Centerpiece

My mother-in-law's clock is the centerpiece for the table. I printed a clock face to put on the back of the clock.

Clock for New Year's Centerpiece

Miniature champaign bottles and glasses for New Year's Centerpiece

Beads and miniature champagne bottles and glasses surround the clock.

Confetti in miniature chapaign glass for centerpiece

Dressed Up Penguins for New Year's Table

After I'd taken most of the photos for this post, I decided to add my penguins dressed for a new year's party.

Female pengiin dressed for new year's party

Penquin in tux for new year's tablescape

New Year's confetti in sugar scuttle

In case we decide to get really wild and crazy, instead of their intended use, two sugar scuttles serve confetti.
Pocket Watch for New Year's Table Decor

My granddaddy's pocket watch.

Vintage Pocket Watch for New Years Table

My grandmother's watch. (I don't guess ladies' watches were called pocket watches - maybe purse watches?)

Champaign Salt and Pepper

Chilled champagne serves salt and pepper.

Siler Champaign Salt and Pepper

Tablescape for New Years

 Come back tomorrow to see my New Year's mantel and trees.
Can you believe it is almost 2017? This year flew by. Thank you for spending a few minutes on one of the last days of 2016 visiting me.


Sarah said...

Laurie, I'm impressed you have your table ready. It's going to be a beautiful way to bring in the new year. Love the darling dressed penguins, and the confetti server is oh, so clever. '-)
Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

What a lovely table! I feel like such a slug. I will prepare the traditional New Year's meal but simply do not stay up to greet the new year. I am awakened by firewors and celebratory gunfire every single year.

Ginger said...

You always have the most beautiful tables. I love the clock centerpiece and pocket watches. Cute idea

Barbara said...

Wow! I've just join your newsletter and i'm speechless! Thank you very much to give us so great ideas!
Best regards and best wishes for a wonderful 2017 from Barbara-Italy!

The French Hutch said...

Your table is so beautiful for your New Year's celebration. I love all little details and time pieces are a favorite way to add a special touch. I really like your clever use of stylish paper plates covers with a glass plate for a great and very clever way to add those special touches! I must remember this for next year so I will be pinning this idea! Happy New Year Laurie..........

Sandy Park said...

Laurie, what a beautiful and fun table for bringing in the New Year. May your 2017 be full of good tidings. Thanks for sharing the quote about friends.

Joy said...

What a beautiful, elegant table! I love that you used the watches (pocket and/or purse!) and the clock centerpiece. Happy New Year to you and your family.