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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Thanksgiving Table
The first of the 2014 Thanksgiving tablescapes is done. It’s a very simple table, but it does have some bling. I normally don’t bring out the bling until the Christmas season, but I was inspired to bring it out for Thanksgiving this year.
Thanksgiving Table 2
These are the candles that inspired this table.  I couldn’t take a photo that did them justice.  These are hand wrapped beeswax candles, and there is glitter rolled into the beeswax.  They are sold in gift stores, but are produced by a company called La Petite Abeille in Vicksburg, Mississippi (I don’t think they have an on line store).  They are so pretty with their subtle sparkle, but it just doesn’t show up in a picture.
Thanksgiving Table 2B
In addition to the beeswax candles, I used some candles placed in gold rimmed old fashion glasses along with glittered faux fruit.
Thanksgiving Table 3
Thanksgiving Table 2A
Y’all know I’m a bargain hunter.  Years ago, a local gift store was going out of business.  They had one sample of several patterns in Royal Doulton dinner plates.  A bride would select her pattern, and then the store would order more to sell for gifts for her.  I bought five of the unmatched samples. My only criteria was that each pattern have a gold rim and a patterned border.
Thanksgiving Plates 2
So, the plates on this table do not match.  I bought three of the Noritake plates at an estate sale one time, and since they have a gold rim, I used them on this table.  I put the gold striped napkins on top of the plates to give a more cohesive look to a table filled with different patterns.
I’m seating 10 people at this table (yeah, we squish together to give thanks).  I still needed two more plates.  I have four of these Wedgewood plates, which I bought at an estate sale one time.  I used one of them on each end of the table.
Thanksgiving Table 4
This stemware was another estate sale purchase.  It was a set of eleven (At one time, it was probably a set of twelve).  It gave me enough to use for 10 people, and an extra one in case one of them gets broken.
Thanksgiving Coasters
The round coasters were in a set of eight at another estate sale (some of them are the same scene).  I used my Mother’s two leaf-shaped coasters at each end of the table.
Thanksgiving Table 5
My Mother’s salt and pepper shakers are on one end of the table.
Thanksgiving Table 6
On the other end of the table, there is another set of salt and pepper shakers, which I purchased from an antique store one time.
Thanksgiving Table 7
As I’ve said, we seat 30 people for Thanksgiving dinner, so I may have a few more tables to share before turkey day arrives.  Thank you for visiting. 

I’m partying at Centerpiece Wednesday at The Style Sisters and Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.


Sarah said...

Laurie, the beaded fruit and the beeswax candles are an elegant touch for your table. I often buy beeswax candles like this, but not sure I've seen them with the glitter in them. I bet that is lovely!
Great idea to pick up the "sample" plates to mix on the table. I've done that on occasion for use on a tiered tray. I like to mix things. 30 for Thanksgiving! You are a busy hostess!
Happy Thanksgiving.

Tricia said...

You are so clever, to buy those china samples and combine them into a pretty tablesetting! I still love to visit gift shops to see the patterns brides are choosing nowadays! And I am in awe of your hostessing -- THIRTY people??

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Laurie, your table is beautiful. I love the mixed matched plates used from samples. What a great idea and they look stunning together. Love the beeswax candles with the glitter. I have not seen those and it too is a special look.

Your home is going to be lovely for Thanksgiving and your guests are in for a real treat once again.
Great inspiration.


Ginger said...

Your table is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice T-table with the added bling! Glad you can get a head-start setting for 30! I'm just setting for 8 this Saturday and on Thanksgiving going to my girlfriend's who is setting for 46...yikes!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful !

Candy S said...

Your table looks lovely Laurie. The beeswax candles are a beautiful touch. I like the idea of mixing patterns for such a big group like you are having for Thanksgiving. Using the napkins to coordinate the look is so clever. I am a thrifter too, it is very difficult to find enough matching pieces to set a large table. I am going to start mixing things up so that I can use more of my china patterns where I only have a few pieces. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I love all of the bling and the way you have mixed and matched but still achieved a cohesive look. Wonderful table!

Rosie M. said...

I love the idea of bling at Thanksgiving and you've done it so well. Love your glittery cloth for your centerpiece: it ties everything together so well. A wonderful idea to mix and match LOVELY china. Wow! 30 for a seated meal. Bravo to you! I'm sure your guests will appreciate such a lovely setting for their meal. Have a great holiday! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

Grace Grits and Gardening said...

Lovely table! Love the mismatched dinner plates!

La Petite Abeille "the little bee" said...

Laurie, Thank you so much for posting a photo of our candles! Yes, your table - even though it was 2 years ago - was gorgeous! The candles shown are our 8" tapers in "14 Karat." I invite you to visit our new online boutique at for these and many, many more colors and sizes, with or sans the "bling" finish! Many happy Thanksgivings to you and yours!
Ruth Wilkerson, La Petite Abeille "the little bee"