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Monday, June 11, 2012


My granddaughter was selected to go with some of her classmates on a trip to Washington D.C.  The night before she left, I set a very quick table to celebrate her “big girl” adventure.  (I had some assistance from four grands.  They kept picking things up and moving them around, or completely removing them from the table.  I didn’t notice until I saw these photos that there is a glass missing from one of the place settings.  I also had to snap the photos very quickly, before they dismantled the table.)
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Although they traveled in a very nice chartered bus, I don’t have any bus glasses.  These are the only glasses I have that went with the “trip” theme of the night.

Thank you for stopping by.   laurie


Sarah said...

Laurie, you know I'm smiling about this patriotic table. Makes me want to stand and salute the flag. You are the best grandmother! ~ Sarah

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Congratulations to your Grand for being chosen for this opportunity! How exciting for her!
The table - Well a place setting could easily be short something even if I had no help. :-D
Hope you did not get any damage when the storms rolled thru this afternoon.

Patty said...

That is so neat! Love the table and what a nice thing to do for your grand daughter. She will remember it always.

ellen b. said...

Fabulous table Laurie!

xinex said...

Oh how exciting for your granddaughter, Laurie. Congrats to her! I love your plates! I have the yellow one but I love the black and white one with the federal buildings. Where did you ever find them?...Christine

Debbie said...

The place "maps" are brilliant! I love that idea and now want to make some. Oh heavens, I hope my pinterest button is working so I can remember to whom to give credit if I do.

I love those plates too. I would love some of those, and they would be perfect for my kitchen.

I hope she has the time of her life! I happen to be very fond of that city these days as you might know.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Laurie, what an adorable table. Bet your granddaughter felt ohsovery special! Love the map mats!! Are they fabric or paper?!? Truly a unique and fun table just perfect for her send-off!

Big TX Hugs,

Kathleen said...

What a "capitol" idea!
I love this table, and love you made gdau's trip so more more meanigful.
I remember we went to DC for our Sr. trip. We got some cigars and lit them and put them in the ashtray.
When Sister Mary Mark came for bed check she almost had a heart attack! Not really, she was good egg, and laughed when we couldn't keep a straight face about it!

Perfectly Printed said...

Oh your granddaughter will have such a great time!! And what a lovely send off your family gave her.


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

So clever Laurie! And like I've said, you are the Grandma with the mostest!
But no bus glasses? Come on Woman, get with the program! Lol!
Congrats to your grand-daughter too, I bet she had a great time!
When my son Joshua was a 5th grader he made that trip and I was a chaperone.
I have never, ever been so exhausted in my life. We had 10 buses, 400 kids, it was a county wide thing and it was a zoo keeping those kids safe.
Hugs and happy weekend too,

Anne said...

I love your map place mats. The whole setting looks grand.

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Your map place mats were a cute idea! I bet your granddaughter felt special!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Thanks for your sweet visit and kind words, Laurie! Also thanks for letting me know how you "made" the map mats!! Try saying that three times real fast! LOL

Happy PS!

Big TX Hugs,

Annesphamily said...

I came by from Stephanie's Angelic Accents. I love the table you set. What a wonderful and very thoughtful idea! Hugs Anne

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

WOW, this is FANTASTIC!!! I love all the details you pulled together. "It's PERFECT"! How clever your placemats are. LOVE THAT!
Have a fun week,
Big Hugs,