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Friday, February 4, 2011

I’M IN LOVE WITH TOM (and that’s NOT my husband’s name)!


My sweetheart (who is NOT Tom) had to attend a business meeting in Memphis last week, so I got to tag along for some junkin’ therapy.  Normally, if I drive alone in Memphis, I have to stay on one major street, where there is a little bit of shopping, because I am directionally challenged.  Although I have been going to Memphis since I was a child, I cannot find my way around (I can’t find my way around any place other than my small home town, and sometimes I even have trouble with that!) 

On this trip to Memphis, I was able to go wherever my heart desired, because of my new favorite thing!  For Christmas, my daughter and son gave me a “TomTom”.  I’m in love with Tom!


Tom knew where I was, even when I didn’t know where I was.  If I gave Tom an address, he told me when to turn and when I had arrived at my destination.  He let me know immediately if I had taken a wrong turn, and how to get from there to where I was supposed to be.  Tom didn’t even get upset if I became agitated about driving and got snappy with him (which I did several times)! I should have had Tom in my life years ago!  What freedom I feel when I’m out with Tom! I always kind of resisted any kind of navigator thingy, because I was afraid it would be hard for me to operate (I am also gadget challenged).  But Tom is so easy (don’t you love a guy who is easy?) that I am thinking Tom and I may have many wonderful adventures together in the future.

car on road

The last time I met bloggers in Memphis, I had to tell them that we would have to go to a restaurant on Poplar, because I would get lost if I got off of Poplar!  Last week, I was so excited to be meeting sweet Susan from Thoughts from Over the Rainbow, and I was so proud to tell her that I could meet her at whatever restaurant she suggested!  I had such a fun time lunching and shopping with Susan!  If you don’t know her, you need to go check out her blog.  She is an amazing floral arranger; a gourmet cook; has a beautiful home; and her commentary is always a joy to read.

Susan took me to some fun junkin’ stores, so today,  I’m sharing some of mine and Susan’s favorites we found. 

Isn’t this little child’s stove cute?

toy stove

Loved this painted pillow!


If I had any wall space left at my house, these puppies would have come home with me.


Somebody in Blogville is probably already making these cool mirrors.  These are rolled magazine pages.  It looks like a project that would require a lot of patience.

mirror mag

This one is rolled book pages.


Susan and I fell in love with these lamps.  I’m sure somebody in Blogville is, or will be, making these.  I just hope their tutorial isn’t too difficult for this “tutorially challenged” blogger!  I face a LOT of challenges in my life!


My favorite thing all day was getting to spend time with Susan.  She’s such a cute, fun person.  Doesn’t she look adorable, trying on this vintage hat?


Susan, thank you for a wonderful day.  Tom and I hope to come visit Memphis again soon! 

Just one more favorite photo:

party sign

Thank you for coming to visit this very challenged blogger.  (Is there a TomTom for blogging?)  Please go visit all of the wonderful bloggers who have linked up with Favorite Things today.  Next week’s Favorite Things linkup will be the Valentine Party.  I know you’ll be glad to not have to see any more “advertisements” for the party on my blog!  I hope you’ll join the party (anything pertaining to Valentine’s Day, hearts, or love).  The linkup will be here on Thursday night, February 10th. I can’t wait to see all of the wonderful Valentine Party posts!  laurie