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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We all know what Thursday means in Blogville (some of our husband's even know what it means -- not mine, but I've read that some do.) Of course, I'm talking about Tablescape Thursday, sponsored by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch, where you can get links to see fabulous inspiration for your table top. I have something very special on my table top today.


Thanks to Christine at Christine's Home and Travel Adventures, I have ruffle edge place mats! I admired these ruffled place mats on several blogs, including Christine's, and I had asked where she purchased them. In case you haven't noticed, Christine is the Queen of Shopping, and she found me some! Aren't they pretty? I'm just lovin' them. Thanks so much Christine.
The epergne I am using for a centerpiece was a wedding gift 40 years ago. I'm sure there is no chance that the kind person who gave us this gift is reading my blog, so I will tell you that this is only the second time in 40 years that it has graced a table in my home! (I am not ever thrilled about polishing silver). It wouldn't be on my table now, but when Lynn at The Vintage Nest recently posted one of her "finds", I told her I had an epergne just like that. I dug it out of the chest, where I keep some silver pieces wrapped in foil (which incidentally kept it in pretty good shape-I didn't even polish it before I put it on the table-although after seeing these photos, I probably should have polished it!), and found that I had not remembered it correctly.

So Lynn, it is not exactly like your "find" after all. Lynn talked about how sexy her legs were (well, she didn't talk about her legs being sexy, but the "legs" on the treasure she found were sexy-though I'm sure her's are too). My legs are not as sexy as Lynn's. (To be honest, my legs are not as sexy as anyone else's legs, but the legs on my epergne are not as sexy as Lynn's!) So Lynn, I don't know if your "find" is an epergne or not.

I had no idea 40 years ago, when we were selecting china for our wedding, that I would ever have more than two sets of china! At that time, I couldn't imagine that I would ever need the two sets that I was selecting! My mother advised me to select something neutral, so it could be used on any table setting. Apparently, she had no idea how many sets of china I would collect either! Our china selection, and the matching crystal, was Moonspun by Lenox.

I think these are little nut bowls, but, since I don't need any more nuts at my house, I am using them for salt cellars. I think I have 12 of these that I purchased at a gift store that was going out of business one time.

This table is normally our coffee table, but raises to dining height, so I frequently use it when we have an overflow of guests, or when I want a small, more intimate table. I use it at coffee table height for the grandchildren's table, and since I keep everything FOREVER, this table can grow with my grandchildren.

A visitor asked about the china I used on my Cinco De Mayo table Tuesday. I got the dinner plates at an outlet store for J.C. Penney merchandise. They are J.C. Penney Home Collection. The bowls that I used are Casa Stone by Casafina, and the pattern is Autumn Waves.

A couple of people asked about my "new" tablecloth in my tablescape posting last Thursday. It is not new, and I cannot tell you were I got it. Tablecloths are another addiction of mine. I live close enough to a Williams Sonoma outlet that when they have a sale, I try to get there, and I usually buy table linens at fantastic prices, because I heart the table linens at W.S. Most of my other tablecloths have come from estate sales, or they belonged to my mother or grandmother. (No, I don't get rid of anything!) The place mats on the grandchildren's table came from a Steinmart "going out of business" sale.


Recently, on "Sunday Favorites" hosted by Chari at Happy to Design, I re-posted two friend's rooms. I'd like to share with you the notes that they wrote in response to your comments about their spaces.

Vanna at Delusions of Grandeur wrote:

Laurie thank you so much for re-featuring my family room. I am sooo honored! And I deeply appreciate all the lovely kind comments. My heart is swelling. Love Vanna

Connie, Puddin on RMS, wrote:

Laurie, you are such a sweetheart! I know my style isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I do so appreciate everyone's kind comments! Love Ya! Connie

I just have the nicest cyber friends (including each of you). Don't forget to go by Between Naps on the Porch to find links for all of the wonderful tablescapes today. laurie