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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today, I'm linking to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch, hosted by Susan.

You have now that you have come to my blog. I've never figured out which came first. Did I always like a mismatched look, or did I always have things that didn't match, and therefore decided I'd better like it that way? Either way, since everything in my house comes from a junk store, estate sale, or garage sale, it's a good thing I'm okay with a hodge podge of things that don't match. The way I shop, I'm seldom going to find a set of ANYTHING!

Yes, I know that none of this china matches. I also know that my flatware doesn't match, and neither do my place mats. All of my napkins are the same though! The only thing these items have in common is that they are all floral. Hopefully that will be enough to make my table look okay.

I'm serving salad dressing in the little bowls (are these Sachi bowls?). The salad plates under the bowls are by Johnson Brothers, and they were a "find" when I went shopping with Lauralu and Susan at our bloggers day out (see previous post).

The dinner plates came from an estate sale some time ago. They are Mulberry by Home Co. My blue and white flatware did not come with salad forks, so I've thrown in a green salad fork (well, there is green on the salad plates!) The white metal chargers came from a recent estate sale. I had attempted to order some of these, but they were out of stock (fortunately). I paid $5.00 for a set of 8 of them at the estate sale!

The metal flower napkin rings came from an estate sale.

There are eight napkin rings, but there are only two of each kind and color of flower. Hey! Maybe there is someone else who doesn't like for things to match.

The flower vase in the center of the table also came from my shopping trip with Lauralu and Susan. It was not in the same place where I found the salad plates, and it is not the same brand, but I thought I found something that matched something else I had bought! Oh! I just bought that little stand that is holding the flower vase at an estate sale today. I can't wait to tell you all about that sale.

(Lauralu, how do you think I did with my magic marker on his hat?) There were some chipped spots on the boy's hat, but I think I took care of that with my brown magic marker. Can you tell?

I have once again raided my husband's work shop for tiles to use as coasters.

Okay, I said I don't like to match, so I think I've succeeded in my goal of non-matching items, and since almost everything on my table is unmatched floral, I am calling it a mixed bouquet tablescape.

Be sure to go to Between Naps on the Porch to see a lot of wonderful tablescapes that have matching dinnerware, etc.