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Friday, May 13, 2011


I don’t know about y’all, but when Blogger went down, I felt a little lost and disconnected! I did get a few things done around the house, but I kept feeling like there was something fun and exciting going on, and I couldn’t get connected to it! As the hours drug on, my imagination took over..what if Blogger never comes back; what did I do BB (before blogs); is this an attack by foreign powers to drive a LOT of people crazy all at once; how will I ever find out what exciting things my friends are doing? Each time I saw that “Blogger is Currently Unavailable” message, I imagined even more horrors of living without blogs. (I won’t list them all here, because if I did, you might contact someone to immediately take me to the “funny farm”!)

I’m tellin’ ya, panic was setting in. After calming myself with a chocolate candy bar, I realized that there would be anarchy in the world if Blogger disappeared. (After all, surely there were millions of bloggers who felt the same loss that I was feeling~well, maybe a few bloggers felt it!) That is when I calmed down enough to be disgusted with myself~for being so addicted to Blogville AND for eating a whole 3 Musketeer (and also, one of those “nothing but sugar” candy orange slices)! So, in my self-disgust, I rationalized that I had lived without blogs for a lot of years, and I could surely do it again.

But, thank goodness I didn’t have to find out if I could do it again! I might have had to clean house, iron clothes, and go to bed at a reasonable hour! Whew! I am soooo relieved! Now I can go see what wonderful things my friends have been doing while Blogger, so rudely, interrupted us, and I can get on with this blog post.


I love Spring! It doesn’t take much to make me smile in the Springtime.

There is something about flowers popping up where they don’t belong that brings a Open-mouthed smile to my face. I’ve always liked that old saying ~ “bloom where you are planted”, and I’m reminded of it every time I see these flowers between our bricks (which obviously need a good cleaning and leveling!)


Lately, seeing sunlight coming into my home really makes me Smile, since this Spring has brought a lot of dreary rainy days.


This little white picket fence picture, crafted by my neighbor with dried pansies, makes me Send a kiss.


All of the blooming flowers make me Laughing out loud, but especially the peonies. Each Spring, I plant a “cutting” garden. When the flowers bloom in the cutting garden, I hesitate to cut them to bring in the house, because I enjoy seeing them in the flowerbed (I know, I’m crazy). The only flower I don’t hesitate to cut is the peony, because I know that the weight of the flower will soon bring the flower to the ground, and it is more beautiful in a vase than bent over on the ground outside.


Turtles sunbathing in flooded waters bring a Send a kiss.

And so do birds watching a “walk-in” movie that we can’t see. (I took this photo from the front window of our car. In other words, we were about to run over these birds, and they were transfixed by something and didn’t move!)


Our dog, Elsie, watching the birds flit about, brings a Rolling on the floor laughing.


Every time I look at our big antique Hunter Zephair fan, it reminds me of my childhood, and I smile. This fan, along with several others like it, hung on the walls in the cafeteria of a local school . We purchased this one (which still works great) when they remodeled the cafeteria, and now I wish we had purchased all of them.


Although it holds no memories, our bright red, reproduction table top fan also makes me Smile. (Yes, we do have central air conditioning, but there is just something about a table top fan that makes me feel so laid back. I love to just relax and enjoy the breeze and the sound of a table top fan.)

red fan

A surprise gift from a favorite friend definitely brought a Open-mouthed smilesmile to my face and will continue to bring Laughing out loudSmileRolling on the floor laughingevery time I look at it. Isn’t this the sweetest garden sign you’ve ever seen? I Red heart it! Thank you so much Sweet Sarah.

bunny xng

“We’ve started restoring the posts that were temporarily removed and expect Blogger to be back to normal soon.”

Their definition of “soon” is a LOT longer than my definition of “soon”!

“Blogger is back now. We're still working on restoring some of the data.”


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