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Tuesday, March 24, 2009




(Yes, I did say something worse than this on Saturday, but I can't say that here, because I have a "G" rated blog)!
I had a post ready for the chocolate cookie outdoor party at The House in the Roses, but my internet service went down. I've become so addicted to reading your blogs, I drove everyone around me crazy while my computer was down.

At first my family laughed at my panic over not having my computer. The first day, I kind of laughed with them. By the second day without a computer, my family started talking in concerned voices about my addiction (you know how people sometimes talk about you as if you weren't right there in the room--that's what they were doing!)
I laid awake at night, worrying that people in white lab coats were coming to strap me down and take me away, because my family had decided I needed help. My family was relieved when we got our computer service back, because I was really on edge with them when I was unable to go to Blogville (I even accused them of intentionally doing something to my internet connection!). I tried to explain to them that I was on edge because of the way they were acting. They didn't buy it though. That's when I started telling them that there is a whole world of bloggers out there who would react the same way I was reacting. They started rolling their eyes at each other when I said that! Can you believe that? Can you believe they rolled their eyes at me? Can you believe they think I'm crazy? Can you believe that my family doesn't understand the importance of me being able to check your blogs? Actually, I can't believe how crazy I was without my computer!

So, now you know why there are chocolate cookies in my Outdoor Wednesday post!
I'm so glad that Susan at A Southern Daydreamer hosts Outdoor Wednesday, so I have another chance to use the pictures I took of the cookies before I ate them! After all, if I'm going to make myself wait until after I take pictures to eat chocolate cookies, those pictures are definitely going to be used on my blog!

Okay, you're right. I need to take a deep breath and just get over this computer frenzy! Let's stop and smell the flowers.


I feel a little

better now!

I've got the Easter eggs all ready for the Easter bunny. While I wait, I'm going to have some lemonade and chocolate cookies.
Won't you join me?

Can you tell that when my internet service was down, I played with Photoscape? (I just had to get my fingers on that keyboard for a little while).

We'd better hurry. It looks like the frogs are going to get the cookies before we get there! The last time I posted a picture of this frog pitcher, somebody said he looked like he was going to the bathroom. Now I laugh every time I see him, because he really does, and I'd never noticed it before! I'm serving lemonade, so I hope the pitcher doesn't spring a leak, or it will really look like he's going to the bathroom-all over my tablecloth!

Please sit down and join me for a cookie and some lemonade.

See what a good cook I am! I'm serving my favorite - Girl Scout Thin Mints! For the recipe, please contact a Girl Scout in your area. (Yes, there were more of them on the plate before the frogs got to them--ok, ok, it was me-some of you people in Blogville just won't let a girl get away with anything!)

Did you really think you were going to get away with a post that short on my blog? I just HAVE to show you what I got! You've probably seen this wonderful plate over at Ask Kari and Kijsa Blog. If you haven't you need to get over there and take a look in their Etsy Shop while you're there.

But you haven't seen it on the mantel in my black and white bedroom! When I saw these plates in their store, I knew I had to buy one. The hard part was deciding which one to buy. Since I have a daughter and a son, and the daughter is the older of the two, I decided I'd order this one. Isn't it pretty? I was so excited about getting it.

And packaged with my order were these really great note cards! Thanks girls!

Just one more thing on this post, I promise! The other disaster about my internet connection being down is that I, a LOVER of all things toile, missed the toile party!! I am SO disappointed to have missed it that I am going to refer you to my toile posting that was one of my first postings on my blog!! (Now remember, this takes a lot of nerve, because hopefully, I've grown a lot in my blogging abilities since then, but toile is THAT important to me!) So, if you want to visit my toile, please click here.

Thank you so much for joining me for chocolate cookies and lemonade. Be sure to go link to the GREAT OUTDOORS at Susan's. If the guys in the white jackets come for me, I've told my son-in-law how to leave a post on my blog to let you know I'll be gone for awhile. (If he posts that, please come rescue me, or at the very least, bring me a laptop!) laurie