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Friday, November 21, 2008


This is only my second "Share a Space Saturday". You know, I said I was going to post pictures of a friend's room every Saturday. Sadly, I have already run out of friends! I really did have a friend lined up to share her space, but she got sick, so you are stuck with one of my spaces this Saturday. I really think nobody wanted to be the next one after I posted Vanna's beautiful family room. (To be honest, neither did I--her room will make mine look like a shanty). I will have pictures of someone else's space next week (even if I have to sneak into someone else's home and take pictures while they are gone!)

My dear friend, Connie, asked if I would share my sun room, because it has never been posted on RMS. Connie, I want you to know that there is a reason it hasn't been posted, but since you are such a sweetheart, I'll do this for you. My sun room seems to be the catchall space for everything I'm not using any place else in the house. And, as with the rest of my house, it is "wall-to-wall" stuff. I promise next week, there will be a pretty room to post (someone else's!).

This is a long, narrow room, which is divided into two very small seating areas. I do keep a table in the middle of the room, which, as you've seen in my Thanksgiving decor posting, I use for dining when we are having a crowd.
One of the main reasons it is divided into two seating areas is this ladder. When we were remodeling, I noticed this space up in the ceiling, and yelled at my contractor "stop, I see storage potential". My husband looked up and said "I see my home office potential"! We had the contractor build this kind of "ship's" ladder, and I told my dh he could have the space for an office. Slowly but surely, I have slipped some storage up there, and he hasn't seemed to notice! I am pretty good at hiding things.
Below, you'll see the seating area at this end of the sun room.
The table in the corner is a tilt top. I justified buying it, when I already have too much stuff, because I thought I could just stand it against the wall most of the time, and open it only when I needed an extra table. It stood against the wall for about 30 minutes after I brought it home, and it has been opened up since then. I love the painted floral on top of the table.

Below is the seating area at the opposite end of the room.

This little rocking love seat is on it's fifth upholstering, and it needs it again. My dh and I "smooched" on this love seat when we were dating!

I had to clear some of my "stuff" off of the top of this table, because I know there are a lot of rooster lovers out there, and I thought you might enjoy seeing this. I bought this at a store that was going out of business for $5.00. You get the best deals when somebody is ready to close up their store and take whatever they can get for something.

Of course, this is supposed to be table topper for a skirted round table. Since I didn't have a round, skirted table, I just put it on top of a painted square table temporarily (four years ago).

I bought these framed bird prints at an estate sale for $12.00 (no not each.. $12 total). All I had to do was stain the light wood frames.

As you can see, this sun room also serves as our concert hall. Many concerts have been held right here under this ladder, and very indulgent grandparents have applauded and called "encore", while parents in the background were yelling "enough"!

I bought this 3 tierd metal plant stand at an auction. I was going to put it in the back yard, but somehow, things started filling it up before I ever got it out the door, so here it has stayed.

I just had to show this lamp for Lynne.

You may have noticed in postings of other rooms in my home that I asked the builder to put a little ledge above most of the doors and windows. More space for my "stuff". I know, it's enough to drive a minimalist crazy!

The door on the wall to the right is a powder room, which was supposed to be used by pool swimmers. Since the sink is a little low, my grandchildren think it is made especially for them, so it has become the children's bathroom in our home.

I was in an antique store one day when I came across this little washstand I've used as a vanity. It was in the very back of the store (you know, where they put things they are ashamed to put up front), because someone had set a hot pot on the top and burned it, and the back of the piece was gone. Of course, that was perfect for me, since I was going to cut a hole in the top for a sink and the plumbing would need to be connected in the back.

We had bought some hand made tiles in Mexico 30 years ago. In our last house, we used them on a small counter top, and in my dh's office, we've used them as a back splash in the kitchen. We had just enough left over to put on the back of the vanity. I found the sink, which matches the tiles, at an antique store when we were remodeling this house five years ago! The grandchildren's frog mirror was given to me by a friend.

When our son was a teenager, he mowed yards (our's included). One day when my sister-in-law and her husband were visiting, he came in the house and said "mom, there's way too much junk in the backyard--all we need is some pink flamingos". My sister-in-law and her husband picked up on that, and I started getting flamingos for gifts. They have all landed in this powder room.

There is even one swinging from the chandelier!

Oops! I have a lightbulb out!

I probably should not tell this, but I have already told you I come from a long line of pack rats. When I was cleaning out my mother's house, I found a dress that I had worn to a high school dance!! We're talking a lot of years ago. I made the bottom of it into a "temporary" cafe curtain for this powder room. In front of the curtain is a picture of me in the dress.

Thanks so much for coming to visit my sun room. laurie