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Monday, January 10, 2011


My laptop is on a desk in the corner of the breakfast area in our kitchen. Last week, the shelves on the wall next to my desk looked like this.
This week, they look like this. I am surrounded by costumed people – I have French folks on Quimper from France and reproduction Quimper along with an American Blue Ridge plate (that looks like Quimper, which I ordered from Linda at A La Carte), and folks from Germany, Switzerland, and Pennsylvania residing together on my shelves. As you can see, I’m all about everybody getting along with one another!
top shlf
midl shlf
bottom shlf
I just had to show you a close up of my only two Quimper egg cups. The black and white marble egg in one cup was from Viet Nam when my husband served in the Army, so I’ve brought yet another country into the mix!
egg cups
You’ve probably seen the adjacent wall on previous blog posts. I haven’t changed my arrangement of Quimper on this wall.
A mini hutch resides next to my laptop. Can you see the tiny Quimper plates in this hutch? There’s a tiny Oriental sugar bowl and American spatter ware mixed with the French Quimper (not to mention a rooster salt cellar, which I think may cover all nationalities.)
doll hutch
I guess you can tell that I like costumed folks from a lot of different countries. When I blog, I am surrounded by all of these people from different countries, co-existing happily in my corner of the world. (If there is a war in my blogging corner, there will be a lot of broken pieces of china everywhere, and my crying will be heard all over the world!)
I am linking to Table Top Tuesday at A Stroll Thru Life and Before and After at Savvy Southern Style. (Sorry Kim. I just can’t link to Boring to Better. I’m not sure anything I do ever gets any better, and I’m sure that with all of my clutter, nothing I do is ever boring!)
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