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Monday, June 21, 2010



The birds will fly the coop as soon as someone emails me their address, so I can send the ice cream party for two to them -

PRIZE MOS-horz-vert The random generator selected number 81.  Counting from the first comment on the first post about my giveaway, Glenda at Dab of This and That was the 81st commenter.  Congratulations Glenda!

Did you notice that the ice cream party that I posted was for four people?

brd plts

So…… I ran the random generator again, and the number 96 was selected.  So…… I continued counting comments, and found that Aimee at The Daily Apron was number 96, so I’m sending her an ice cream party for two also.

Congratulations Glenda and Aimee.  Please email me your mailing addresses, so these birds can fly from my coop to your coops.

I wish I could send every one of my blog visitors a gift.  Each of you who takes the time to visit me and especially those who leave a comment most definitely deserve a gift from me.  If I played the lottery, I’d tell you that when I win, I’ll buy each of you a gift.  But since I don’t play the lottery, all I can do is say thank you so much to all of my blog visitors.  You are the best!  laurie