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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I try to keep it real on my blog, so I’m going to begin this post by telling y’all that my husband refers to my purse as  the “BP” (bottomless pit).  I have the same philosophy about my purse that I have in my home…You NEVAH know what or when you might NEED something!  Of course, this has advantages and disadvantages.  When someone mentions something they need, I often shout (with some pride), “I have that”!  I don’t tell them that it may take 30 minutes to find whatever they are needing!  The bad thing about my “BP”, is that my back problems probably are a direct result of that “BP”! 
In spite of the fact that I love my BP, I also have a  thing about tiny vintage purses.  (I just can’t use those little things!)  Ladies used to carry only their necessities, i.e., lipstick, powder, and a nickel for the pay phone.  My Mother’s black bakelite purse is the perfect example of that.
black ext
On the inside of the tiny purse are a powder and a blush.  See that little tube of lipstick?  That was attached to a special string, hidden inside the tassel on the end of the purse.  When I was a child, this purse was in the attic of our home.  My sister and I played dress-up with the purse, and at some point, the little lipstick became unattached.  Behind the lipstick, you may be able to see a hole in the purse.  If you are familiar with Bakelite, you know that it should NOT be stored in an attic.
black intr
My grandmother had a mesh bag that my sister and I loved to carry around too.  Have you ever just held one of these in your hand?  I love the feel of the mesh, and I spent a lot of time in my childhood, bouncing the the mesh up and down in my hand.  I suspect that, combined with its age, is why the mesh looks so dark now.
Mother’s mesh bag was obviously not played with as much as grandmother’s, and it still looks pretty good.  (I was bouncing the mesh on this one in my hand before I took this photo-I can’t resist doing that).
mothers mesh
I am so sad to tell you that my little childhood Easter purses are probably considered vintage now.  (I know, NOBODY keeps this kind of stuff….except me!)child purses
It is even more devastating to tell you about the purse that got me started on this post.  Every year, for Valentine décor, I get out the box purse that I carried when I left my wedding to go on my honeymoon.  Sadly, these box purses have become vintage collectables now!  I’m really NOT THAT old, am I?
vtine girl
This purse is not as old as it looks.  I allowed my daughter and her friends to play with it when she was a child.  (By the way, I’m also not as old as I look!)
box purse cmbnd

The next photo is an example of girls carrying purses that are closer to the size of the “BP”!
Now, do you want to see inside THE famous BP? 
NO WAY I’m revealing THAT on my blog!  Thank you for coming to visit.  Be sure you click on the links below to find wonderful Favorite Things in Blogville.  laurie