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Friday, December 12, 2008


I just couldn't make myself ask someone else to share a space this Saturday, because I know everyone is so busy getting ready for Christmas. So, you are stuck with my family room again today. You may just want to leave now and go check out some other blogs. This posting may be a little too much Christmas clutter for some of you! It really isn't a Christmas store -- we really do live here! (I just noticed the rubber ducky that one of the grandchildren left under the chair-it isn't part of my decor--it's amazing what I see in a picture that I don't notice when I'm in the room!)

Everyone in my family is a Christmas collector! That's why we ran out of room on our Christmas tree a few years ago. So, we started putting up two trees. I know, I'm certifiably crazy!

We don't do theme trees, because that would require getting rid of all of the decorations we have been collecting for all of these years, and getting new decorations. Both trees are full of a menagerie of ornaments -- some we've collected, some we've inherited from both sides of the family, and some our children made years ago. It all goes on the trees.

An Angel tops one tree, and a Santa tops the other tree.

Under each tree is a nativity set that our grandchildren can play with.

The mantle displays a nativity that our grandchildren cannot play with.

My husband and I bought this nativity set the first year we were married -- 39 years ago.

Now we come to the really embarrassing part. If you can't stand clutter, please exit now, or forever hold your peace! We have a little Santa collection.

I never intended for it to grow this big, but once I started collecting them, people kept giving them to me -- usually birthday and Christmas gifts. Now, when people want to clean out their Christmas decor, they just bring their trash to me!! It just grew...


AND GREW! (The stockings are hung by Santa with care, because we KNOW that Santa is already here!)
Okay, I did buy one Father Christmas this year. I couldn't resist Rose's (Santa Maker's) French country Santa, with his little birdhouse, wine bottle, fur hat, fruit, and his pretty checked and paisley clothing. He is the pride of my collection. Look at that gold trim on his coat. Isn't he beautiful? He's the first one I've bought in years, and the last one I'm going to buy. I promise!

Around the world Santas

And yes Lynne, I did have a few elves who helped me, but they always disappear when it's time to put the decor away after Christmas!

Santa hangs out and flies over every thing in our family room! He's everywhere!

On the china cabinet is a tiny Scrooge scene. It was given to my mother by a dear friend of hers, and I've always loved it.

On a table by the sofa, I borrowed an idea from another blogger and used a cheese server to protect a tiny scene. I'm sorry I can't remember whose blog gave me this idea. Leave me a comment if it was yours, and I'll give you credit for this.

And yes, if you look up, you'll see another tree on the balcony. Oh, there's another Santa up there too!

And another nativity set on the coffee table.

Okay, before you leave me a comment about how insane I am, I need to let you know that I am already well aware of my insanity. I will be even more aware of it when I start taking this decor down after Christmas. Every year, I say that I am not going to do all of this again next year. I think it's kind of like having a baby...a year later, I kind of forget about the bad part (putting it all away after Christmas), and only remember how much my family and I enjoy it when the Christmas decor is EVERYWHERE! Thanks for coming by to see me. It's so kind of you to visit an insane lady! laurie