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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Cinderella dressed in “yella”  (note: I did grow up in the South)
Went upstairs to kiss her fella…
Did y’all sing that little rhyme when you were a child, while jumping rope with friends?  I can’t remember the rest of it, but because of this rhyme, I always pictured Cinderella in a yellow dress.
When I was a junior bridesmaid in a wedding, I received a figurine as a gift from the bride.  She immediately became Cinderella, because she was wearing a yellow dress.
cndrellaOf course, the figurine is a bridesmaid.  I now think that this bridesmaid looks pregnant!  I was so naive when I received her that it would not have occurred to me that Cinderella (or a bridesmaid) might be pregnant.  (To tell ya the truth, it just occurred to me when I posted this photo, and we won’t talk about how old I am now!)
One of my granddaughters turned four this week.  She loves anything having to do with princesses, including the story of Cinderella, so I decided to have a “Cinderella at the Ball” theme on her table.  She previously had a birthday party with her friends, so this was just a family dinner on her birthday.
 I used those inexpensive aluminum cookie trays for chargers. FULL TBL
 Place card holders were paper dolls, dressed in their finery for the ball.  PLACE CRDS
 Oh No! Here is the carriage to pick up Cinderella.  We better run, before the coach becomes a pumpkin.  (Maybe my Cinderella figurine swallowed her coach after it became a pumpkin!)
Since my tablescapes usually look like they are for a child anyway, I always love having an excuse to really do a child’s tablescape – especially if it is for one of my precious grandchildren.
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Thank you for coming to the birthday party.  Please show us some of your Favorite Things Saturday.  I will have the linky here Friday evening.  laurie