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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Barb at Grits and Glamour is sponsoring the Bunny on A Stick Show and Tell Party today. If you want to see some great ideas for your Bunny on a Stick, go to Grits and Glamour. Thanks Barb for hosting this fun party!

As usual, I did it all wrong! I'm always saying I want to be as good at this decorating as all of ya'll, but when I try to copy you, it comes out all wrong. When I went to get my bunnies on a stick, I got the kind that talk (HUGE MISTAKE). I haven't seen that kind on anybody else's blog. Being the bargain hunter that I am, when I saw that the talking bunnies on sticks were less expensive, that's what I grabbed. When I got them home, I found out why they cost less. They are obnoxious little bunnies! I almost decided not to put them in the blog party today, because not only are they obnoxious, but I didn't do all those cute things you other bloggers did with them. I just kind of stuck them in things, because I couldn't stand to listen to them long enough to try to do some of those creative things that other Blogvillians did with theirs.

Sorry, I think the bunnies' smart mouths are rubbing off on the frogs in my garden.

A funny thing happened last Thursday when I posted a tablescape on my sunroom table. Several visitors asked where that pool came from in my backyard. That proved to me that I am crazy. I have done tablescapes on the sunroom table in the past, but I had always done them on Monday night (when TT was on Tuesday) or on Wednesday night (when TT changed to Thursday). Last week, we had several family members in different hospitals 60 miles from our home, so we had spent a lot of time on the road, going to hospitals. I was getting pretty worn out, so I got someone to fill in for me at my office Thursday morning, and instead of resting, I did a tablescape. The sunroom windows are normally dark when I do a tablescape on that table, and that's why our pool doesn't usually show up! So, I am posting a picture of our pool (even though I have not yet cleaned it). Please ignore that dirt in the bottom of the pool. Maybe I'll post it again some time after it is warm enough for me to get out there and clean it. There is also foliage behind the pool that will hopefully turn green again to disguise the fence a little.

Don't forget to go link up to see all of the
outdoor beauty sponsored by Susan at
A Southern Daydreamer.

Answers to some of the other questions I was asked after Thursday's tablescape posting:

Where did you get that flatware? One time, when Kohl's had a 30% off sale in their dinnerware department, I bought two sets of this flatware. Normally, I don't consider 30% off to be enough of a bargain, but I absolutely loved this flatware, and since I also enjoy the color blue, I knew I'd use it often, and I wasn't wrong. It's a favorite on my table.

Where did you get the blue stemware?
I bought these at a flea market one time.

When there is an odd number, they start practically giving them away. There were 7 of these goblets, and I paid $5.00 for the set!

Where did you get the egg cups?

Another flea market purchase. There are only four of them, and I think I paid $1.00 each for them.


Susan at A Southern Daydreamer, has come up with the best award! In order to receive the award, you have to comment on her blog. Well, that's just way too easy. Going to Susan's blog and leaving a comment is something I love doing. Wow! I got an award for doing something I love doing. Can't get much better than that! Thank you so much Susan.

Debbie at There's An Angel On My Porch, has honored me with the Perfect Blend of Friendship Award. If you haven't visited Debbie's blog, be sure to go over there. She is such a sweetheart, with so much wisdom and beauty to share, you're missing something if you don't visit her. Whether you visit her or not, please say a prayer for her daughter, Amy. Thank you so much Debbie for sharing this lovely award with me.

Finally, some polite bunnies.

I agree with Mr. and Mrs. Bunny. It was great having you visit. laurie