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Monday, June 19, 2017


We're enjoying the red, white, and blue on our mantel.

I put a flag tray behind the vintage window. A couple of Uncle Sam figures were gifts from my friend, Sarah.

The fife and drummers figurine was an $8 purchase at an estate sale. The low price was probably because one of the drummer's drum sticks were broken off. Did you notice I replaced them with toothpicks?

I've had this patriotic ornament for a long time. For years, I hung it on one of our Christmas trees, but now it has moved from the Christmas shelves to the patriotic shelves in our holiday closet.

You may remember the stems with flags and pinwheels I used on a patriotic table for a reception at our church. You can see that post here.

In addition to the stems I reused, I used a plate and tiles on each end of the mantel.

I bought the plates at an estate sale years ago.

A couple of years after buying the plates, I found the tiles at another estate sale. (Yes, estate sales are quickly turning me into a hoarder!)

I threw a red, white, and blue quilt over the ottoman in front of the fireplace.

I added a little patriotic d├ęcor to my vintage ship's carriage light.

A vintage 3-D postcard decorates the lantern.

I can't believe it's almost July! This summer is going to be over before I realize it arrived!
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Sarah said...

You know I'm smiling seeing your red, white, and blue mantel. I brought out all my Uncle Sam figures, flags, etc, we are sporting a lot of red, white, and blue here too. Just love the patriotic holidays of summer. Like you, thrift stores and estate sales make it difficult to resist adding some things now and then. There is a gorgeous set of Ralph Lauren china, white with blue rims. It's a huge set and all for $60. I sent the photos to various friends here. Someone needs this bargain! I was tempted to buy it and just pack it away in the garage, but then my dad's favorite motto drifted into my mind - Don't go broke saving money! ;-)
Enjoy these red, white, and blue days of summer, Laurie!

Ginger said...

You find the neatest things at estate sales! I love the red, white, and blue

Mary Ann said...

It looks wonderful, but your vignettes always look wonderful! :-)

I am going to go find my July 4 cards and put one in my lantern!!!