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Sunday, January 1, 2017


Place Setting for children's table on New Year's Day

I posted the adult New Year's Day table here. When I have a children's table, I attempt to make it feel as much like the adult table as possible.

Plastic Stemware on Children's New Year's Table

These gold ball goblets are plastic, but the grands think they are special.

Napkin on New Year's Day Table for Children

On the adult table, I used gold striped napkins covered in sheer back sleeves. I didn't have sleeves for the gold napkins on the children's table, so I cut squares from a sheer, star fabric I have used for Christmas décor in the past. I again used the "keys to happiness in the new year" to secure the napkins.

New Year's Day Table for Kids

Each place setting begins with a throw-away silver cookie tray I used as a charger. The dinner plate is Noble Excellence Snowflake, and it's topped by a New Year's paper plate and a glass dinner plate.

Children's Table for New Year's Day

I used silver champagne stems to serve fruit salad on the adult table. These punch cups with a silver base will serve the fruit salad on the children's table.

Centerpiece for Children's Table on New Year's Day

The New Year's dog, a Taco Bell giveaway in 2000, has become a tradition on their new year's table. When you press the button, he says, "happy new year, amigo".

Confetti on Children's New Year's Day Table

Go ahead and say it. I'm crazy to put confetti on the children's table, and yes, before the day is over, it will be everywhere. But, you know grandmothers will do almost anything to put a smile on our grand's faces.

Children's New Year's Day Table

 I have to go cook my cabbage and black eyed peas. Hope you are having some good-luck food today too and I hope 2017 will be wonderful for all of us.


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your tables are always amazing. I love this one, so fun and so pretty. Happy New Year

Joy said...

How wonderful! I bet your grandchildren loved it.