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Thursday, December 29, 2016


Mantel and Trees New Year Decor

When I take the Christmas décor off our trees, I always "throw" some New Year's décor on them. This year, I left a lot of the Christmas décor on the mantel and trees. Remember, I was trying to use up some of my gold ribbon stash. It's all still there.

Children's Christmmas Pageant
You can see the Christmas mantel and trees in this photo. You can also see our annual Christmas Eve  pageant starring our six grandchildren and their cousins. For those who prayed for him, Cooper is the shepherd in blue. His baby sister, Bradleigh was baby Jesus. She's the crying little girl on the floor beside him. She didn't like sitting in the basket. (Oops! Did I just sneak in a picture of my grandchildren?)

Happy New Year Mantel

I left the starry night backdrop, but instead of angels, streamers now fill the sky.

New Year's Nutcraccker on Mantel

Behind the New Year's nutcracker is a floral spray that is supposed to look like fireworks. In my previous post, I told you about my friend who says if you have to explain it, it doesn't work. When I decorate, I have to do a lot of  'splainin'!

Miniature Dropping Ball for New Year's Decor

Like right now. I'm have to explain that this little Christmas ornament, hanging in the night sky, is symbolic of the dropping ball in New York. You figured that out, right?

New Year's Vintage Hats on Mantel

Long ago, I bought a box of vintage new year's hats and it has become tradition to use them on the mantel when we welcome a new year.

Vintage New Year's Hats on Mantel

Vintage New Year's Cards

Vintage New Year's cards decorate the edge of the mantel. See my greenery, gold ribbon, and gold ornaments? They are Christmas leftovers too.
Father Time New Year's Decor

I did add Father Time to the gold bow.
New Year Mantel Vintage Noise makers
I've collected a few vintage noise makers and new year's hats.

Hearth decorated for New Year

The gold-ribboned wreath was there for Christmas, but the sign in the middle said "O' Holy Night". I can't believe it will soon be 2017!
Tree Decorated for New Year
As you can see, I wasn't exaggerating when I said I "throw" New Year's décor on the trees.

New Year Tree Right

New Year's Trees Closeups

New Year's Trees

Happy New Year Mantel

Happy New Year!

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