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Monday, December 19, 2016


Christmas Village Decor

The Christmas village normally resides in the study, but I guess the inhabitants liked the game room better, so they moved the entire village in there. The amazing thing is that no moving trucks were used in this migration of an entire village!

Christmas Decor-Village

I'm sure you're just like me. Christmas week is crunch time.
Christmas tree and house Decor

I have soooo much left to do. I need to be under pressure to accomplish anything.

Village House and Tree Christmas Decor

I am definitely under pressure now. That's why this post will be more images and less commentary.

Christmas Village

Village Decor for Christmas

There's a pool table in the middle of this room. That makes it difficult to take photos. Although I can move an entire village, I can't budge the pool table!

Christmas Houses

Christmas Houses on Fireplace

Plaid Christmas Decor

The Plaidville residents decided to move in here too.

Plaid Thermos with Christmas Tree

Christmas Glitter House

Jiminy Cricket Christmas Decor

 Some of you may remember that we have a Jiminy Cricket collection. This Disney table cover is a tree skirt I found on ebay a few years ago.

Christmas Village in the game room

I'm so glad you came to the village today.

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Darlene Gardner said...

Please don't take this the wrong way Laurie. When I see all your pretties, I don't feel bad about having so many myself. Love your village spread out all over your game room. We don't have a really good place to put the big village, so it is broken up into 2 smaller ones. But in our son's room, there are 17 little village homes. Love going in there to see them all. Merry Christmas!

Sarah said...

Laurie, I marvel at how you get everything done. I know the decorating takes days, even weeks, not to mention gift bought and wrapped for your large family. Kudos to you! Love seeing all the decorations in your home. Merry Christmas, special friend.

Chloe Crabtree said...

You are so funny...that the village prefered one room to another!! All of your little houses are so adorable! The house ornaments on your tree look like the Hallmark ones my daughter has...she has gotten one each year since she was a baby! I am under the same pressure you are! I do love Christmas, though, and I am a little sad that it will be here and over for another year in such a short few days.