Tuesday, March 11, 2014

St Patrick’s Day Dinner

St Patrick's Dinner 1

Our St. Patrick’s dinner will be served in the study this year.

St Patrick Decor 6

In my previous post, I shared this lad and lassie, who are strolling through the park (which is on the piano in our study).

St Patrick's Dinner 2

The Irish village and park are also featured on our table.  A mixed fruit salad will be served in the green depression glass compotes.

St Patrick's Dinner 3

Green depression glass plates will hold cheese bites to nibble with our fruit salad.

St Patrick's Dinner 4

Although they are an English village, these dinner plates remind me of my idea of an Irish village.  (Ascot by Wood and Sons, England). 

St Patrick's Dinner 5

I used vintage green glass napkin ring holders (purchased at an estate sale a long time ago) on shamrock napkins.

St Patrick's Dinner 6

I recently bought these emerald green wine stems at an estate sale.  The water goblet is my set of mixed jewel toned goblets.

St Patrick's Dinner 7

I only have two of the green, so I supplemented the place settings with two gold stems.

St Patrick's Dinner 8

On the salt and pepper houses, window boxes overflow with flowers.

St Patrick's Dinner 9

An Irish village in a basket.

St Patrick's Dinner 10

Did you see who is hiding in the grass?

St Patrick's Dinner 11

You can just see the top of another little leprechaun hiding in the grass.

St Patrick's Dinner 12

Did you spot what the leprechauns are looking for?  Yes, there is a pot of gold.  (I make such sacrifices for my tablescapes.  I had to eat a few Kisses with Almonds to make the gold for this pot.)

St Patrick's Dinner 13

An Irish Blessing:

May joy and peace surround you,
contentment latch your door,
and happiness be with you now
and bless you evermore!


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