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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Last week, I did a French tablescape, hinting to my sweetheart that I’d like to go to France.  Needless to say, that didn’t work.  This week’s hint worked out much better!  On Friday night, I did a gardening tablescape.  I was hinting that we needed to do yard work on Saturday.

tablescape full

tblscp plc stg

The salad plate and dinner plate were a set I bought at an outlet store a few years ago.  The pattern is Country Lyric by Studio Nova.  See the little gardening tools around the border?  I think I sent the message loud and clear.  I ordered the orange and blue acrylic flatware through One Kings Lane.  The little “baked potato baskets” belonged to my mother.

tblscp dnr plate


I have had the napkin ring holders and napkins for a long time.  Both were purchased on sale.  I think the napkin rings were from Kohl’s and I think the napkins were from the Williams Sonoma Outlet.


I finally got some stems with the little bees on them!  I’ve admired them all over Blogville for about four years.  I was so excited to see their reduced price on Joss and Main.

tblscp meat pltr

This little unmarked vintage platter was an estate sale purchase.  It’s been too long ago for me to recall what I paid for it.

tablescape saucers

I used unmatched Blue Ridge saucers for the bread and butter plates.  I don’t have any Blue Ridge saucers that match each other. Unmatched plates make the table more interesting.  A couple of the saucers belonged to my Mother, and I purchased a couple of them at a garage sale.  These butter cloches are large enough that I can put a roll under them, along with a pat of butter.  I always eat my roll too fast for it to become stale, but other diners may eat it more politely.

tblscp cntrpc

Again, I just haven’t figured out the settings on my camera that will allow me to take pictures in our bright sunroom.  So, I had to take a profile of the centerpiece.  Otherwise, the sunlight coming through the windows made him look like a silhouette in my pictures. 

tblscp apls


Do you ever try to give your husband a subliminal message with a tablescape?  On Saturday, my sweetheart worked soooo hard in the yard.  I may have to try that French tablescape again!  Thanks for stopping in.  laurie

I’ll be going over to Cuisine Kathleen’s to link to Let’s Dish Wednesday and Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.


xinex said...

Beautiful gardeners' tablescape. Glad your hubby got the hint, lol. Good luck on the French one again. I love the plates.and love your centerpiece. I buy a lot from Joss & Main, especially for the FL home cause I can ship directly there. Don't they just have so many cute and reasonable stuff?..Christine

Marlis said...

A subtle hint? to my husband? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Now if that isn't the funniest little dittie ever.. I'd have to hit him over the head with the rake or some such garden tool for him to get the hint. Lucky you. Your garden is very pretty. I am sure you spend much time outside most of the year! The table is gorgeous. I love the Boy Blue statue, it is isn't it? The dishes are so pretty. They needed to be loved and found the perfect home. Just gorgeous. xo marlis

ellen b. said...

I'm glad the hint worked. Pretty much over here I have to state the facts out loud and clear! LOL!
Love your table...

The Tablescaper said...

Perfect way to start the gardening season. Love those little cloches!

- Alma, The Tablescaper

Alycia Nichols said...

I vote that you go for it! Try that Parisian setting again! If you introduce the subliminal thought enough times, they're bound to catch on sooner or later! :-)

I have a problem with trying to take photos pointed toward the sunny window, too, Laurie. I don't know enough about my camera and I'm a little lackadaisical about reading up on it. There are just SO MANY features and I don't understand 9/10 of the language used in the tutorial anyway. I guess it will just have to continue to be trial and error for us! If I figure it out, I'll be sure to let you know!!!

I've never heard of a baked potato basket. That's pretty cool! As for the Blue Ridge saucers, unmatched plates truly ARE more interesting as each person can choose their favorite (or fight over them!) when they sit down to the table. Fun! It's like dinner AND a show when they start bickering about who gets which one!!! :-)

Glad to know your knockout table got hubby going with the yard work! I think I'll have to do the same around here! :-)

Denise Marie said...

Lovely! Want to sit there w/u.

Marigene said...

Laurie, your table is so spring-y...I could hit my husband over the head with hints and he still wouldn't get it!
I had never heard of a little baked potato basket...great idea. ♥ the Blue Ridge saucers.
Have a great week...

Lulu said...

Gardening....France. I can assure you my hubby would take the latter as anything having to do with gardening is anathema to them. I think I will try your approach knowing he will take the place. Now I just have to decide where!

20 North Ora said...

Love the way you mixed and matched the dishes. Looks so pretty. Love the way you used the little cloches!


kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Laurie, I love seeing all your pretty dishes and accessories. Your garden statue looks so pretty and I'm sure gave your hubby the hint to go work in the garden. I vote that you try the French inspired table again.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Glad you got a lot accomplished in the garden, but sorry the "hints" did not work on a trip across the pond ! :D
Love the table setting.
Sure hope "their" weather forecast is wrong for tomorrow/tomorrow night. :(

Stacey said...

Laurie, your table is so pretty. The little gardening boy is perfect there. Love that view too!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Laurie, love your table and I am so glad that your husband took the hint.
Now you have to work on Paris.

Debbie said...

Hmmm. A subliminal message you say? And it worked?

Well, there is a diamond pattern on some of my favorite stemware. I should give this some thought.

I love the garden tool rims of your dinnerware. That's just cute and so springy to me. My favorite piece is the bee themed stemware. I've seen them and tried not to covet them too. My MIL's dishes have bees hidden in them. That stemware would look just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love! That gardening china is amazing..a wonderful table.

Unknown said...

My hubby would only want to see the food on the't live with them & can't live without them! LOL!
Love your statue..he is so awesome..the whole setting is awesome.
Enjoy your garden..

Dewena said...

Subliminal message? Never thought about that. It's worth a try. I love your table especially the little plates with the pretty wheelbarrows. I didn't know those were baked potato baskets. I have a stack of them that I painted years ago. I wonder where they could be? I love your bee stem ware! Such a lovely table!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Glad he picked up on the garden but I would give the Paris hint another try!! Love this table it is so pretty! Lots of great touches and the cute Blue Ridge saucers with covers are adorable. I have many pieces of Blue Ridge and almost NONE of them match! You have inspired me to use them now!! The little baked potato baskets are tres mignonne!


Sarah said...

Wish a tablescape would get my husband out to help with the garden. '-) Your table is darling, Laurie. Those dishes are charmers, but also like all the little details you added. I've been in my garden most days for the past three weeks. It was cold and wet today so I took some time off. Ha!
Happy Gardening! ~ Sarah

Monica @ Happily Playing with Dishes said...

I love those bee glasses. I, too, feel the need to get them after seeing them all over blogland. I have resisted so far. Very pretty table!

Palomasea said...

Love everything, dear inspire me!
Oh...those etched beautiful...
Hugs to you,
- Irina

Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Oh my! I REALLY like those plates with the gardening tools around the edge! So glad your hubby took the hint to do some work outside. Keep working on the trip!

ketz said...

You are good in mixing and matching dishes. Looks so pretty. Love the way you used the little cloches!


Kathleen said...

Beautiful table, love the mismatched saucers, they really go well together!
If I said I wanted to go to France he would make me some French Toast or French Fries. However, with a garden table he would point the way to the fertilizer for me! :)