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Friday, November 12, 2010


I’m sharing a few of what happen to be my favorite things today.  Tomorrow, these favorites may change!  There is no rhyme or reason about why they are my favorites today. As I walked around my home with a camera today, these were the things that made my heart sing.  None of them are fine or expensive things.  They are just things that make me smile.  Do you have some things that make you smile?  Please link up and share them for Favorite Things Saturday.
These little praying pilgrims belonged to my mother.
 Since I have so little bare wall space remaining in my home, my heart sang when I saw these Quimper door push plates at Brittany Byways.  I knew I could find a spot for these skinny little treasures – not on a door though – that would be way too normal for me!
quimpr psh plts
pilgrim w bskt
msrg cup
 At a recent estate sale, I felt like Linda at A La Carte when I spotted this set of 3 Pyrex bowls for $5.00!  Linda finds fabulous deals on Pyrex and everything else.
Last week, I showed you a chair I bought for $7.50 at a recent auction.  At the same auction, I bought this table for $12.50.  (Can you tell I was increasing the bid in fifty cent increments?  I bet that auctioneer wanted to kick me out of the auction!)  If I was as brave as Kim at Savvy Southern Style and had the furniture-painting talents of Kim and all of you other bloggers, I would paint this table white and try a little distressing.  I may work up my courage and give it a try some day (or maybe I’ll just take it with me to visit one of you bloggers who paint so beautifully, and you we can paint it while we visit!
Aren’t God’s Fall creations just beyond amazing?  I’m loving the beauty of God’s paintings this week!tree mos
roses - berries
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I’m having so much fun seeing blogging friends’ favorite things.  You will too if you click on the links below.  Thank you for your visit to my blog.  Have a great weekend!  laurie


shannon i olson said...

wonderful things Laurie! do you do this party every Sat (fri eve)?

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi sweet lady...

Ohhh...I'm loving your favorite things! The little pilgrim man and lady are just adorable and such a sweet treasure since they belonged to your Mom! Love that pretty orange plaid ribbon that you used on the cloche too! Wow...I have never seen door plates done in the Quimper very unique! They're gorgeous, my friend!!! I enjoyed looking at a few of your favorite treasures today...thank you for sharing them with us! And...thank you sooo much for hosting another Saturday Favorites party for us to enjoy!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend!

Love ya,

vignette design said...

Oh my, is that pilgrim lady under the glass dome carved out of wood? I love her! And the plate she sits on is wonderful. I can see why all of these things are your favorite things Laurie!

Candy @ The Little Round Table said...


I'm such a copycat .... I too love all the things you love !


Terra said...

Your Thanksgiving figures are adorable, and the pyrex bowls and autumn leaves.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Wonderful favorites Laurie! i have to admit, my MOST favorite are the praying pilgrims. They are just so adorable!!

Sarah said...

Laurie, I'm thrilled your have a set of the door plates. I have a singel one that a friend gave to me. I don't have mine on a door either. ;-)
Your pilgrims are sweet and truly special that they belonged to your mom. Thanks for hosting! I always love to see what you and others have to share. ~ sarah

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Laurie I am loving your tour of favorite things today. That Pyrex Butterprint set of bowls for $5 score! Wow! Thanks for joining Junkin Finds Friday and I will be back to join in favorite things.

lvroftiques said...

Laurie you have the best stuffs!! (Yes I added the 's' on purpose cause I liked it better *winks*) The quimper push plates are so fab! (Can I borrow them along with the chair?) And that little table is a cutie too! I had almost the same one painted gold (It came that way) I ended up selling it, and of course now that I've seen yours I wish I hadn't. And I also want to know if the little pilgrim lady is made out of wood? Sooooo cute! But my favorite of all are the those darling little pilgrims from your mom. They're so perfect displayed under the cloche. Vanna

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Laurie, love all of your pilgrims. They are so pretty. Your quimper is stunning too. Don't you know that Debbie would love those. The fall pictures are fabulous. I sure miss that living in the desert. No fall. Hope you have a super weekend. Hugs, Marty

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hello Miss Laurie,
You always find the most charming stuff!
That's what I love about your finds!
They are always so unique and charming and fun too!
And the trees are just Gorgeous!
Our's are way past turned and fallen to the ground.

Salmagundi said...

Love your little table just the way it is!

Prior said...

I love it all, but especially the little pilgrim girl under a cloche! Lezlee

Ginger said...

The colors are so pretty. I too, love the pilgrims!!

Susan said...

The little praying pilgrims are so adorable!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for sharing your treasures. I bet you could do a great redo on the table. I have a pyrex bowl with that design, but the colors are reversed. It is aqua with white design. Exposing my age, but it was a wedding gift in the 60's. :-D
Have a great weekend.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a wonderful posts! I'll try to join in next week! I love Favorite things and I'm enjoying the links! Hugs! ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! I love your favorite things too! Those little pilgrims are darling!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

bj said...

I love all your favorite things and I am searching hi and lo for a cute measuring cup like this in black and white.
Thanks for hosting..
xo bj

Lady Katherine said...

Laurie, love all your Pilgrims! My favorite is the one carved out of wood! Yes, the the table would be lovely white! Great find!

Ames said...

Hi, I've never seen quimper door pushes before. These are nice! The pyrex was a great find too!~Ames

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Laurie! Well, I'll bet you know which of your favorites is my favorite...yep, the Quimper push plates! Gorgeous! And I love that you have your mom's special! Hope you are having a great weekend!...hugs..Debbie

Christie said...

I love the little prayin' pilgrims! I think it is so hard to find nice Thanksgiving decorations! These are adorable! Your pictures of God's 'paintings' are amazing!! So good to be back! Christie

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Beautiful treasures. Love the table and the leaves are fabulous!
Have a wonderful weekend.

xinex said...

You have so many pretty items, Laurie. I love them all!..Christine

Unknown said...

What a great showcase of favorites! I am loving that table...fabulous price and those little pilgims, too cute!


Unknown said...

oh don't paint the table, treasure the wood, sand down and restain, but no paint, plz....that's my affection for wood & the grain showing. I have not ever seen those type of skinny door plates. I love those pyrex bowls! Such bargains you accumulate!

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

What fun! I especially loved all your gorgeous fall foliage - God does, indeed, do AWESOME work! Loved the Pilgrims too. I was blessed to pick up a set of three at Michael's Crafts (one of my favorite shopping store things) for 75% OFF - hooray :)

By the way, another of my family things is family memories and thanks to Salonpas and their great pain relief patches, I have a giveaway at for samples along with two really nice wireless digital photo picture frames. Just pop on over and comment to enter.

Have a blessed week. :)

Marigene said...

Those door plates are fabulous...I have yet to buy a piece of the coveted Quimper...I am sure I will break soon, though! said...

Love the praying pilgrims. I never heard of door lates, nut I like them. Thanks for hosting.

Brenda Pruitt said...

You know, I see these gorgeous painted projects in Blog Land. But me with a paint brush is a scary thing!

The Charm of Home said...

Laurie I love your cloches. Very nice!

The Tablescaper said...

What wonderful things! Love the pilgrims. No wonder they are among your favorites.

- The Tablescaper

My Cozy Corner said...

Hi Laurie,
Your favorite things are my favorite things too. I love Pilgrims. Thank you for hosting this great party every Saturday. I just love it. And, thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner.

Lynn said...

Great fall photos Laurie! Lovin' the little praying pilgrims, thanks for hosting:@)

The Tablescaper said...

Thank you for sharing your seasonal spirit with Seasonal Sundays!

- The Tablescaper

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I had to smile at your comment about not having anymore wall space. I think I've covered every square inch available and now that were selling our house I have to take it all down and find a place to store it!

Those door plates are fab! I think that table would be great painted - it's not hard.

Terry said...

Howdy Laurie
Oh my gosh blogger let me leave a comment today :)
I try to visit your blog as often as I can but I have been having a lot of problems with google,blogger etc..the past few months so sometimes comments show up and sometimes they don't !
I love your blog so many fabulous things to see
Be blessed my friend and have a wonderful Thanksgiving .
Big Texas Hugs
Until next time
Happy Trails

Ginny said...

Hi Laurie, Just checkin in to see what was new. I always am so entertained at your blog! I love the bargains you always seem to find. Your favorite things are really great! You are right, however, we seem to change our favorites as much as once a day..for me anyway!

Kathleen said...

Now why do you have to paint that table?? It looks like it is in good shape. I like it the way it is!
Love your little Pilgrims, you have so many wonderful collections!
Getting in at the last minute, but I made it. Thanks for hosting, Laurie!

Sunny Simple Life said...

I just love those pyrex bowls. They were a great buy.

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Laurie!! I love your little Quimper thingys! I could never afford these little treasures!! Your table is so sweet and the Pyrex was a great deal I saw a set of those a couple of weeks ago in an antique shop and they were around $30! You're good.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)