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Friday, November 12, 2010


I’m sharing a few of what happen to be my favorite things today.  Tomorrow, these favorites may change!  There is no rhyme or reason about why they are my favorites today. As I walked around my home with a camera today, these were the things that made my heart sing.  None of them are fine or expensive things.  They are just things that make me smile.  Do you have some things that make you smile?  Please link up and share them for Favorite Things Saturday.


These little praying pilgrims belonged to my mother.


 Since I have so little bare wall space remaining in my home, my heart sang when I saw these Quimper door push plates at Brittany Byways.  I knew I could find a spot for these skinny little treasures – not on a door though – that would be way too normal for me! 

quimpr psh plts

pilgrim w bskt

msrg cup

 At a recent estate sale, I felt like Linda at A La Carte when I spotted this set of 3 Pyrex bowls for $5.00!  Linda finds fabulous deals on Pyrex and everything else.


Last week, I showed you a chair I bought for $7.50 at a recent auction.  At the same auction, I bought this table for $12.50.  (Can you tell I was increasing the bid in fifty cent increments?  I bet that auctioneer wanted to kick me out of the auction!)  If I was as brave as Kim at Savvy Southern Style and had the furniture-painting talents of Kim and all of you other bloggers, I would paint this table white and try a little distressing.  I may work up my courage and give it a try some day (or maybe I’ll just take it with me to visit one of you bloggers who paint so beautifully, and you we can paint it while we visit!


Aren’t God’s Fall creations just beyond amazing?  I’m loving the beauty of God’s paintings this week!tree mos

roses - berries

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I’m having so much fun seeing blogging friends’ favorite things.  You will too if you click on the links below.  Thank you for your visit to my blog.  Have a great weekend!  laurie