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Friday, August 20, 2010



One reason I keep so much stuff is probably because my memory is soooo bad. I love to have various places to keep reminders of things I need to do AND reminders of things I’ve done that were fun. That’s why some of my favorite things are places to keep my reminders. At the risk of boring any visitors I might get, I am sharing my “reminder” boards today.

I painted small pieces of wood with chalkboard paint and my sweet husband adhered them to two of our kitchen cabinets. This one normally contains a grocery list, but I recently copied this little quote from a napkin I saw on a blog (sorry, I cannot remember whose blog – I told you, my memory is terrible).

my chalkbrd The other cabinet chalkboard is supposed to contain a list of “honey do’s”. I blurred that list before posting this photo (I didn’t want you to know what a slave driver I am!). Actually, I posted this chalkboard on my blog when I first started blogging and also on RMS a couple of years ago. The list hasn’t changed since then!!  I’m wondering if my husband knows that it is his list!

honey do

Occasionally I TRY to follow a recipe when I cook. I used Velcro on the backs of small metal trays on each side of my stove alcove, so that I could stick recipes on them with magnets. I also use a photograph display stand to hold recipes above my stove.

stove alcove flr tray As you can see, I really USE these magnet boards, and I didn’t even bother clearing them before I took photos. You can’t say I don’t keep it real!

ar tray

I love my new peel and stick chalkboard that I put on the side of one of the kitchen cabinets for our grandchildren, but I’ve been caught leaving reminders on it too.

stckr chlbrd I found this frame at a yard sale, and talked my husband into putting a piece of metal in it and hanging it in our kitchen, so the grandchildren could play with their magnetic toys on it. I don’t know how my recipes sometimes get stuck on this board too.

grands mag brd Again, I’m just keeping it real when I show you my tack board in my kitchen that holds some recipes, and a lot of reminders of fun times. I love walking by this board and spotting a memento of something fun I did in the past.

tack board This next chalkboard lives on the table in our RV.  It’s supposed to be a place to jot down what we need at the store. For some unknown reason, when I think of Summer, I think of trips in our RV. (I guess because we did that once!) Sadly, it is now usually just used as a redneck pool house!! (No, not everybody in Arkansas is a redneck – just us). We just don’t seem to get time to go anywhere any more, but we do talk about it a lot!  I know I’m really stretching to participate in the fun at The Tablescaper, but I’m linking this post to Summer Sundays, because I’m posting a photo of my chalkboard -that lives in the RV - that’s supposed to be used to take trips in the summer - but instead is used as a redneck pool house!   Since we are currently not going on a trip, we don’t need a grocery list in the RV.  The reminder I put on this board is something I ALWAYS forget!  Of course, since we aren’t staying in the RV for a trip, I don’t ever see my reminder!  Maybe I need to bring this chalkboard in the house!

dog chlbrd


I’m so glad you came to visit my blog. Please go visit the other Favorite Things linkups below. I promise you, other bloggers’ favorite things are NOT as boring as mine. laurie


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good Morning my Dear Laurie...well at least it's still morning here ha ha!! Girl you are just to funny...I love the area above your stove WOW!! that tile is beautiful your whole kitchen is just awesome I so remember it from our RMS days or like I call them "Hate my space" as everyone hated my spaces and the clutter cops got me all the time ha ha!! Glad I found blogging where peeps are nicer to me...Tell the Boss he did a great job on my boards..I have neve used the chalkboard paint yet...I'm so far behind the times girls ha ha!! hey I'm luck to get my finger nails painted now...Have a GREAT weekend my dear Laurie...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Bella @ Bella before and after said...

Hey Laurie, I love your message boards, and you weren't kidding they are everywhere. Yours are much cuter than mine. I like the doggy one, did you buy it like that, or you painted it yourself? Also LOVE your kitchen alcove thing. It looks beautiful, and just the way a kitchen that is cooked in a lot should look like. I am linking up my pantry makeover that I've been slaving over for the past 2 days. Hope you and your readers enjoy!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I don't have any reminder boards (no room for one), but I sure do have a lot of lists around. :-D Since working on my jewelry is one of my favorite things, I joined in.
Have a great weekend.

Blondie's Journal said...

I love your message boards; I wish I had wall space for some. And I especially love the metal tray/recipe holder by your stove area {which is awesome by the way}. Lots of neat ideas in this post, Laurie! Thanks for the inspiration!


The Charm of Home said...

These are so really good ideas. I need a few of these. Memory comes and goes! LOL
Thanks for hosting.

Helen said...

Just read my Better Homes & Gardens and learned there is such a thing as 'magnet paint!' I was blown away, have to try it somewhere in my home. Have a great weekend!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello sweet lady...

Ohhh my...I just giggled reading your post today, my friend! Reminders??? Girl, I'm not joking when I tell you that I'm sitting at my computer desk with 3...yes THREE different lists going! If I don't write it usually is forgotten about! Hehe! I can completely identify with your need of memo boards but must admit that I only have my antique garden gate (in my frenchy studio) that I use as a memo board. After seeing all of your delightful boards...I am going to think about getting some. Hmmm...writing that on my list now! Hehe! You know, I love that you added those chalkboards to your cabinet that idea! Ohhh...and I love, love, LOVE the pretty trays that you're using to hold your recipes by the stove! That's a GRAND idea! I would like to try that!!! Darlin', I sure wished that you and honey could find some time to just know...everyone needs that once in awhile! I do understand though! Well my sweet friend, thank you so much for sharing all of your great memo's kind of like looking into someone's personal life! hehe! I do kind of remember your honey do's list from RMS! That's too cute!!! Hey, you and I both know...that if you don't actually attach honey's name to that list...they just won't GET IT! Just sayin'!!! Hehe!

Thanks so much for hosting this fun filled Saturday party...I always enjoy participating, Laurie!!!

Love ya,

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Now what was I going to say?? Oh yes, see dear Laurie you are not the only one with memory problems. I love your chalkboards and metal boards for reminders. I think it's time I put a few more up around here for me!!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your memory boards are all wonderful. I just write myself notes and place them on the counter, and eventually throw them away. I always forget to read them. lol Hope you are having a super day. Hugs, Marty

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I need reminder notes all the time. The old brain is turning to mush. I love your alcove over your stove and that is a great idea to put the recipes on your trays while you cook. Great chalkboards, too.

Unknown said...

Laurie, Thank you for your kind comment on the Quimper Club blog. When I see how detailed and lovely your blog is, I realize how primitive are my efforts! Love that beautiful tile picture above your stove too. You might be a Quimper collector at heart! Best to you,

xinex said...

I love how you have so many storage areas, Laurie. You really can afford to own a lot of stuff cause you have so many places to store them. I love the one above the stove, very practical and I like all your reminders. Again, very practical. Thanks for hosting "A Few of my Favorite Things"....Christine

Sarah said...

Laurie, great idea to have these memory board about. We use post it notes. :-)
Love the idea of one for the grands and their magnets.
Have a great weekend. ~ Sarah

Vanessa said...

Hi Laurie! Its so fun to find your blog and join the party this week! I look forward to getting to know you better here in Blogland!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Laurie, I had to laugh at your post because my memory is also shot. I make list for everything...then I turn around and lose the list! Love your message boards and the idea of using velcro. Thanks for hosting.
Hugs, Sherry

Entertaining Women said...

I could use your RV to tour your's great. Redneck pool that's hysterical! I enjoyed your post. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Come back often. Cherry Kay

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh Laurie,
You have the best sense of humor! Now I want a redneck pool house!
Your kitchen area with the tile is so fabulous!
And I love all your reminders area's.
I have the memory problem and oh does it bug me. I think it's my hormones that are so out of whack!
Take Care
And I need to do a new post for this, my other one is getting old.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Hi Laurie!

I love your.....ummm...lets see...I just read the post, now what was it about again?.....Oh yet! Reminder boards! I love them all! I really like the idea of using the metal trays for magnet boards. When I saw that I did a great big mental 'DUH!" to myself! LOL

Lynn said...

Glad the doggie one said "don't forget to relax" instead of "don't forget to take me out!":@) Cute, and I'm always making notes for myself too!

Kim B said...

Hi there. I am not sure how I got here but I just read your post. I really enjoyed it. Please come visit my blog sometime if you get a chance. I am new blogger.
Smiles to you.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Those are awesome. What a great idea.

Mellodee said...

I've never been a list maker. Anything I need to remember, I pretty much do! (I think its all that learning lines for shows that kept my mind organized.) The Big Guy needs a list to go shopping (which he has taken over, to my eternal delight!) but he'll still forget things!

I might forget a couple of small things, but I'm blessed that I usually remember the big stuff.

Tho there was that one year that I forgot my daughter's birthday.... One of the more humiliating moments of my life!

Anonymous said...

I love your metal tray magnet boards--great idea!

Anonymous said...

Laurie - I'm a list maker too! I really like the idea of the metal trays to stick magnets onto.
Great ideas!

Olive said...

Laurie, your message boards are stupendous. I need one cause I forgot to take my daughter to the dr. before she went to college. I lack a certain shall we say orgazational flair since I retired. Have a great weekend. olive♥

Kathleen said...

That made me laugh! I loved the Bless her ♥! saying. I have been told you Southern gals don't really mean it the way we do when WE say it, LOL!!!
I love all your boards. I have so many magnets and nothing attracts them anymore. :)
I have to send the kids into the laundry room to play with the magnets. I am working on getting them to fold the wash while they are there!
I don't have an RV, but my car is my big school bag. Lots of goodies in there, maybe even an old tuna fish sandwich. lol
Loved your post, Laurie!

bj said...

These are such great ideas...I just love them.
I, too, have to have reminders all over the place and then I STILL miss appts. sometimes. Senior thing?

bj said...

These are such great ideas...I just love them.
I, too, have to have reminders all over the place and then I STILL miss appts. sometimes. Senior thing?

My Cozy Corner said...

Hi Laurie
Cute reminder boards. Thanks for have favorite things sat.
My Cozy Corner

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Laurie! I love all of your chalk, magnetic and reminder boards! You are so creative! I'm afraid my poor fridge serves as a lot of those in my house! I finally bought some chalkboard spray paint and I'm going to spray some stuff today! And you are NOT a redneck, Laurie! Rednecks don't have Quimper ware collections! lol Have a wonderful weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

We've had one of those weeks around here when I need a chalkboard or three, just to keep the stress level down!LOL I still don't have a chalkboard, other than my rabbit chalkboard.

I like all your chalkboards Laurie. I am inspired.

Happy weekend!

vignette design said...

Hi Laurie,
Sorry, I've been "checked out" lately and not spending as much time blogging. Catching up this morning before we head out for camping! I was enjoying all your memory boards. I really like how you used the tole tray to keep your notes to self. Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer. xoxo Delores

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Laurie,
I smile everytime I click onto your blog!
I found time to do a quick little post and join in!

Prior said...

love your memo boards...the older I get the more I need. Lezlee

Christie said...

I love your magnetic boards, especially the trays in the kitchen! What a clever idea! I have the perfect tray and think I will try this! Thanks Laurie! You are terrific!
Three Pixie Lane

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful post. I learned much from it (if I can remember later.) Got some new ideas. I think a reminder board party between Halloween and Christmas would be a cool idea. Everyone can post about their lists and ways they remember to-dos and where the presents are hidden, etc.
I enjoy your keeping it real.

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Laurie...I love much better than the back of my hand! I can't remember
50th is in a couple of you think that has anything to do with it;)?!

I love the magent board for the letters...I am going to copy that for my grandchildren...IF I EVER HAVE ANY;)!

Happy Saturday!

AntiqueChase said...

Hi !!
I just found you and also posted a link... I was trying to follow you but can't find the follow button... I must be missing it!

Lori said...

Found you by Confessions of a Plate Addict. I have those Napkins too! My daughter's and I change out the last word as needed. We laugh every time. Bless my heart, it is way too early on Sunday to be blogging!

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

The trays you use as magnet boards is such a cute idea! I need to do something like that! I love all the chalkboards too!


Kathysue said...

Laurie, You are very clever with your reminder boards.Love the story about the honey do reminder board. I think they conveniently forget sometimes.hehe,Kathysue

The Tablescaper said...


I LOVE all of your reminder boards and am soooo glad that you made them a part of Seasonal Sundays!

They are adorable and I it's great how you get real with your photos.

- The Tablescaper

Annesphamily said...

Oh My Goodness! I love your post and your blog! You have such an attractive set up here. You are so organized! I love it! I am so glad I came over and I hope you will come join me soon! Anne

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

What a great party! I will have to join in some time. :)