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Friday, August 20, 2010



One reason I keep so much stuff is probably because my memory is soooo bad. I love to have various places to keep reminders of things I need to do AND reminders of things I’ve done that were fun. That’s why some of my favorite things are places to keep my reminders. At the risk of boring any visitors I might get, I am sharing my “reminder” boards today.

I painted small pieces of wood with chalkboard paint and my sweet husband adhered them to two of our kitchen cabinets. This one normally contains a grocery list, but I recently copied this little quote from a napkin I saw on a blog (sorry, I cannot remember whose blog – I told you, my memory is terrible).

my chalkbrd The other cabinet chalkboard is supposed to contain a list of “honey do’s”. I blurred that list before posting this photo (I didn’t want you to know what a slave driver I am!). Actually, I posted this chalkboard on my blog when I first started blogging and also on RMS a couple of years ago. The list hasn’t changed since then!!  I’m wondering if my husband knows that it is his list!

honey do

Occasionally I TRY to follow a recipe when I cook. I used Velcro on the backs of small metal trays on each side of my stove alcove, so that I could stick recipes on them with magnets. I also use a photograph display stand to hold recipes above my stove.

stove alcove flr tray As you can see, I really USE these magnet boards, and I didn’t even bother clearing them before I took photos. You can’t say I don’t keep it real!

ar tray

I love my new peel and stick chalkboard that I put on the side of one of the kitchen cabinets for our grandchildren, but I’ve been caught leaving reminders on it too.

stckr chlbrd I found this frame at a yard sale, and talked my husband into putting a piece of metal in it and hanging it in our kitchen, so the grandchildren could play with their magnetic toys on it. I don’t know how my recipes sometimes get stuck on this board too.

grands mag brd Again, I’m just keeping it real when I show you my tack board in my kitchen that holds some recipes, and a lot of reminders of fun times. I love walking by this board and spotting a memento of something fun I did in the past.

tack board This next chalkboard lives on the table in our RV.  It’s supposed to be a place to jot down what we need at the store. For some unknown reason, when I think of Summer, I think of trips in our RV. (I guess because we did that once!) Sadly, it is now usually just used as a redneck pool house!! (No, not everybody in Arkansas is a redneck – just us). We just don’t seem to get time to go anywhere any more, but we do talk about it a lot!  I know I’m really stretching to participate in the fun at The Tablescaper, but I’m linking this post to Summer Sundays, because I’m posting a photo of my chalkboard -that lives in the RV - that’s supposed to be used to take trips in the summer - but instead is used as a redneck pool house!   Since we are currently not going on a trip, we don’t need a grocery list in the RV.  The reminder I put on this board is something I ALWAYS forget!  Of course, since we aren’t staying in the RV for a trip, I don’t ever see my reminder!  Maybe I need to bring this chalkboard in the house!

dog chlbrd


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