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Monday, February 16, 2009


When I began this blog, it was all about ME! ME! ME! It was a creative outlet for me. It was a way for me to record some of my thoughts (I always think that after I'm gone, my children and grandchildren might be interested to read what I wrote-they sure don't seem very interested in what I have to say now). I never even thought about other people reading my blog. I have been amazed, flattered, and shocked that other people visit this little blog! When I saw on someone else's blog recently that a blog should have a purpose, I started thinking about the purpose of my blog. I realized that, though it started out for ME and about ME, it's purpose has become keeping in touch with the wonderful friends whom I have met in Blogland. I really don't have anything to offer anyone in Blogland, other than my cyber friendship.

Having said that, I will tell you that this posting really IS about ME! So, if you're not interested, I understand, and that's okay. That's one of the things I like about blogs. When you are at a party, if I'm boring you to death talking about me, you can't be rude and just turn and walk away (Right, Miss Janice?). But, if you are reading my blog posting, and you are about to fall asleep due to boredom, you can just exit the blog, and I will never know!

Everyone has a different decorating style (some are more different than others - especially mine). There are very few types of decor that I really dislike. I may like some styles less than others, but I still appreciate and enjoy seeing a lot of different decorating styles. I love seeing a very simple, clean look (even though I am not able to accomplish this look), and I adore the pastel cottage look (another look I am unable to accomplish), and I often aspire to an elegant look (but I'm unable to "do" that look either). If you've visited my blog before, you know that I gotta have my "stuff". If a minimalist ever accidentally visits my blog, I'm sure they can't exit fast enough. I just hope they don't have a nervous breakdown before they get out of my blog.

I really like all of the living rooms pictured above, but just look at all of the different decorating styles.

I can enjoy seeing, and I appreciate the beauty of all of the kitchens pictured above. Yet, there are several different styles portrayed here.

There are so many different types of fireplaces and different ways to decorate the mantels. Aren't all of these fireplaces pretty?

Maybe that is one reason that my home is such a hodge podge. I have never settled on my favorite style. I like all of them! I'm not sure that I can even say that our home has any "style". I am not blogging to show you how to decorate, because I am not a decorator, a designer, or even someone who knows anything about those areas of expertise. I am just a homemaker who loves seeing the beauty in other people's homes. I learn so much from each of you - even (or maybe especially) from those of you who show me a different decor style. When I see your homes, they look so put together and lovely, and then I look at my hodge podge, and the allure of greener grasses calls my name. (And yes, I do realize that, being the bargain hunter I am, I am always buying what someone else is getting rid of; something nobody wants in their home anymore-yes, I know, that should tell me something about my decor!)

I often dream of purging my home of a LOT of my "stuff". I even dream of becoming a minimalist (okay, you can stop laughing now!) When I have attempted to edit my accessories, I became uncomfortable in my own home.

I have never liked the term "country", or the term "cute" when describing home decor, and yet those terms are often used to describe my decor. I've always wanted to have my home decor described as "beautiful" or "elegant", but I have finally admitted to myself that it isn't going to happen (unless I hire a great decorator to come in and redo all of it).

When I was a teenager, I always wanted to be tall, slim, and beautiful. I was much happier when I finally admitted that wasn't going to happen either (I just recently admitted this to myself!).

Of course, I have always wanted to be wealthy too, and I still haven't given up that hope!

Although the grass often LOOKS greener in someone else's home, if we are uncomfortable in that greener grass, it may be better to just stay in our brown grass.

So, you can call my decor "country" or even "cute". It won't bother me at all. I just call my home comfortable, and for me ... comfortable is good (at least most of the time!).

Is it obvious that I haven't COMPLETELY convinced myself that the grass isn't really greener at your house? After all, it has taken me approximately 45 years to convince myself I'm not going to wake up some morning and be tall, slim, and beautiful! (Yeah, I've always been a slow learner).

When I look at your blogs, your homes look so beautiful, even if the decorating style is very different from mine (after all, there aren't many out there like mine!). I admire and often want to emulate your homes, but I know that what I have in my home is right for me and my family (at least, I think I know this - Well, I am trying to know this, and sometimes I even succeed at knowing it!).


I am very tardy about doing this, and I apologize. I do want to thank Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life Blog, who was so kind to present me with the Lemonade Award. Marty has some of the most wonderful things to share. If you haven't visited her, be sure to go see her beautiful blog. Thank you so much for thinking of me with this award Marty.

Thanks so much for coming by and going through self-analysis with me. This may save me a LOT of money if I don't have to go to a professional psychiatrist when I turn green with envy seeing all of the greener grass on your blogs. laurie


BittersweetPunkin said...

Laurie...your post made me laugh!

I don't have a decorating style per se.....I like a lot of different things...mostly antique or just plain old...and I find that all my "stuff" works well together. I like to think of my decorating style as eclectic!

SmilingSally said...

Someone said once that if you think an item is beautiful, put it in your home. Your home will then reflect you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Laurie, you make me laugh! Your home is my greener grass! I still want you to do a whole post on your Family Room! Then your kitchen, then your master bedroom....get the picture? Love Ya! Connie

Cindy J. said...

Ohh Laurie those are some gorgeous rooms you are showcasing and you know what? Not one of those beautiful rooms is any more beautiful nor elegant than your wonderful home. Connie said it well, Your home is my greener grass! Thank-you so much for putting my Mom on your prayer list. I love ya, Cindy

Knittings Nice! said...

This post brought a smile to my believe me your not alone in your thoughts about your house. I think we all do the same....I did go through a minimalist phrase and I hated it...everything to me was contrived....carry on doing what makes you feel warm in your heart.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Boy Laurie, isn't that the truth, it seems we see someone's room and it looks so beautiul and we think I would like for my home to look like that, but in reality we would be really miserable. I love the look of your home and the comfortable feel that it has makes it beautiful and elegant. Hugs, Marty

Kristen said...

I so welcome your cyber friendship!

I totally agree and wish I could accomplish some of those styles. I guess where you collect stuff, I just wait to collect. I see so many things I'd love to have but I still wait. Maybe when I win the lottery and money is not the deciding factor then I too can have all the things I want to collect.

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I have always thought of myself the same way, I can like and appreciate many many decorating styles, I like what I like, but I love to live with lots of stuff around me, it is a comfy feeling to me. Wouldn't the world be a boring place if we all decorated the same, or if we were all tall, thin, and beautiful??? Your house is beautiful and so are you! Sue

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oh laurie...You know I could so easily live in your house! It's wonderful! Yes, you do have a's Laurie!! And we love Laurie! I also struggled with the decorating dilemma. I have finally decided that I'm the one who lives in my house and I'm the one I need to please! So... like you, I say miniamlists beware because it makes me feel good to have my things around me! Have a wonderful week, my friend! Hugs...Debbie

Stacey said...

Well said Laurie! I don't have a blog purpose either...definitely not to tell anyone how to decorate. I sure do like looking at what other's do and I like the input from others also. It's always so interesting to me because you say you like to have your stuff...well, I wish I had more stuff but when I bring it in it makes me claustrophobic feeling. I don't want to be that way!! I want the top to bottom look! Oh well...I have slowly learned this about myself. It means I have a cabinet full of goodies to pull in and out of.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Loved your post! I don't have any one style, either, unless it's eclectic, lol!

I do think I could make myself at home in the room with all the white shelving pictured in the first set of photos. Then again, I might just get on that comfy sofa and never stop reading again......

Have a good Tuesday ☺

xinex said...

Laurie, I LOVE your BEAUTIFUL home! It is full of love and memories and no decorator can create that. I also love all the pictures you compiled in this blog. Isn't that true that we love so many different styles but can't really fit them all in our homes? I am probably just like you. I like so many things, that is probably why I keep changing my furniture and decor around....Christine

xashee's corner said...

your home is decorated BEAUTIFULLY! i agree with Connie commenter with your home being MY greener grass! :)
Thank you for sharing your FUN post today! Have an AWESOME day!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Laurie, I hadn't read the post where our blogs are suppose to serve a purpose.. umm I thought the purpose of our blogs was an expression of ourselves.. a daily journal of sorts, a kinship to bring friendship to us. I like you , like my stuff around me. It gives me comfort, where as other's turn to food I turn within my home. It's my comfort zone. It's where I'm happy and comfortable within myself. It's unfortunate others don't understand the comfort we receive from our things. Although, they are just things, they are our things. One's we chosen to have around us to express ourselves. And you've done a lovely job of expressing who you are..I hope you niche the idea of a designer coming in and stripping out your wouldn't be your home anymore..and we wouldn't have our Laurie to come visit..So.. girlfriend..keep your beautiful home and all of your beautiful things.. they are wonderful..Your lovely bookshelves are what drew me to your post on RMS in the very beginning.. I loved them then and I love them now..Okay girlie, I'm sorry for taking up so much of your space and time here.. just had to express thanks for the visit to see the blue vignette.. have a super day my friend... ~lynne~

ellen b. said...

Well done with your therapy post Laurie! My style has always been hodgepodge. We've never gone out and totally decorated one room in a set style. Mostly I cannot bring myself to spend full price on anything. My decorating style is to work around the clearance items, great deals I find and make it work...or so I think it works. Adding lots of love and hospitality to a home makes it very appealing regardless of the "Style".

Susan @ The Good Life! said...

I like clutter and that is okay with me. My clutter is my friend! Besides, I really wouldn't to clean any of those professionally decorated rooms. I would be afraid I would break something expensive!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Your post is so touching. I love your home and I think we are very similar in our tastes and desire for budget decorating. We love your home because it is so warm and unique. Most of us, don't like the cookie cutter look that's why we were drawn to bloggers who like to decorate. Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog with all of us! Cindy

Bridget said...

Laurie, I have no purpose to my blog! Am I in trouble? lol
I like all of your living room inspirations. I see comfy/cozy as their theme.

Bo said...

Thanks for the analysis Laurie...after reading what you wrote, I now know my style is called "hodgepodge" too...LOL and I like it just that way...I'm still dreaming of being thin, beautiful & rich though... :-) Bo

squawmama said...

This was a fun read today... I love that you are my cyber friend and I think your home is wonderful... Your home reflects warmth of welcoming and comfort... Glad you got that all off your chest and now can sit back and enjoy your VERY green pasture... Love Ya


Melissa Miller said...

Hello Laurie, :)

I have completely enjoyed viewing your home since I first logged on to RMS early last summer.
I love it!

Funny, but I would have never thought of "country" or "cute" to describe it at all. To me, and I'm no expert either but classic, elegant, comfortable, eclectic amd welcoming all come to mind.

I do love many decorating styles as well.
I don't think I could ever decorate in an extreme minimalist style though.
I can appreciate the look for others just not me.
I love Traditional with a touch of Old World.

I really enjoyed this post.
Have a good one my friend!
~Melissa :)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM sweet Girl I love your home and have since I first seen it on RMS...hey thats why we became friends..I love my stuff girl and I do my house to make me happy and no one thing is I love it, I paid for it, and I'll use it, if you don't like it move on..the exit button is on the right..and girl I seen too where after a blogger meeting some where that we should have a theme and only be 40 seconds long each post etc..hey I have a theme its all about caring and sharing with wonderful people in blogland..and girl can you see me sitting with a stop watch timing my post haha!! Hey it takes me that long to upload a picture and do a text about each one..And Connie you Puddin head you know I love you more than my luggage girl!!! hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Tardevil said...

You are selling yourself short, sista! Your decorating style is perfect to me (of course we have the same problems). I think your home is elegant. My style is a trainwreck - country, traditional, tropical = eclectic? I mean, how do you even explain that? So, don't feel bad...we're all in the same boat! But one things for sure...I will never be a minimalist. Plus, w/ my bad memory, if I purge things, then I spend forever trying to find what I did with them b/c I forget that I've donated them.

Helen said...

I share this trait with you - every time I try to 'edit' I end up putting it right back where it was .. for the room somehow doesn't look right. I love, love your comfy, casual, elegant in it's own unique way home ... probably a lot like YOU.

Ginger said...

Hi Laurie:
I love your style and your home.
I too, love looking at everyone's home and think I can "do that" but it never seems to turn out right in my home. One good thing about my "stuff" none of my kids want it, so there won't be any fights when I die. lol.

Envoy-ette said...

What is evident in your home is: the owner is someone who values comfort, ease, friendliness, and doesn't waste a thing. That shows more character then any style could. Your home is the one that brings a smile because it is a reflection of you.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I wouldn't call your style "cute" nor "country" ... I would call it eclectic cottage if I had to put a name to it.

I can appreciate the beauty of a more spare look but if I picture msylef in the room, I don't feel like I would be enveloped by a sense of _____. I don't what word I'm searching for ...comfort almost works but it's not a physical comfort I am talking about, but an emotional one, you know what I mean?

Like you, I suffer from decorating schizophrenia. I like a lot of different styles & a lot of different stuff. I try (& sometimes succeed) to display it all so that when someone comes into my home they exclaim, "This is soo you!"

Ginny said...

Laurie, I feel the same way. I love looking at everyone's blogs and decorating ideas, but my house will never be "their" house.
You have to just be content with what you have and how it looks. If you love your home then that is all that is necessary.

santamaker said...

Hi Girlfriend,
Don't you see that you and your home are perfect just the way you are? No need to apologize or excuse your decorating style ! I see a BEAUTIFUL home full of love and hospitality and a wonderful,caring, sparkly-eyed friend! YOU COULDN'T GET MUCH GREENER!

santamaker said...

Hi Girlfriend,
Don't you see that you and your home are perfect just the way you are? No need to apologize or excuse your decorating style ! I see a BEAUTIFUL home full of love and hospitality and a wonderful,caring, sparkly-eyed friend! YOU COULDN'T GET MUCH GREENER!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Amen sista!!! I couldn't have said it better myself. I love your style. Even though I haven't been reading your blog that long, I can tell that you are a very warm & welcoming person & your house reflects that as well.

I also love my "stuff" & can't stand to part with it. I too take in stray furniture & stuff from other people. My favorite saying is "Are you getting rid of that? I'll take it". My sister says I have too much stuff but she always says that my house feels so warm & welcoming, comfortable. And that is exactly how I wanted my house to be. It's not a showcase by any stretch of the imagination, but it is comfortable to me & I'm sure that is how your house is to you. And that is all that matters,but we do like others to say so too, so I will say it, I love your style & your house. You go girl!!!

MiMI said...

Laurie, you are so funny girl. I wonder how many of us think the same thing about someone else's home. I wonder why mine can never seem to achieve the polished look. Well, good grief, *I* am not polished! Why would I think my house would be. (grin)

But like you, my house is a reflection of me, things I love, treasures handed down, things Mr. Dumpling and i have found together...and I wouldn't trade it.

I think your home is lovely and I'm dying over all those plates.

Four Paws and Co said...

I totally agree with you, my friend! You chose some of the most beautiful room examples too! Your home is beautiful & there are some things that you have that I'm green with envy over, so guess it's all subjective, huh? ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Great post, Laurie!!

I love your home, it's beautiful!

I just described my style, today, as sort of traditional/country. Although I don't like to be pigeon-holed in a particular style.

Your style, to me, is wonderful and ecclectic!

Anonymous said...

Great post. Your home is beautiful and your right if i don't like you I don't have to follow =)
If God made us all along it would be a boring world.

lvroftiques said...

Laurie girl I mean this in the kindest way possible...but you're full of hooey! Your home is one of the most beautiful and elegant homes I've seen! It's downright unfair how fabulous your house is!! Perspective is EVERYTHING girlfriend! *winks* And regarding your comment on my blog...I KNOW!! What's wrong with these people?!! For goodness sake at least put a ridiculously high price tag on it or somethin'!Lol! I could fill a 2000 sq ft store with my extra stuff! Lol! Vanna

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Hello Miss Laurie! Purpose?! These things are supposed to have a purpose! I thought they were all about gettin' in each other's business and checkin' out each other's homes and stuff! I mean, like, are we supposed to be deep or something?! LOL! You know when I was a teenager I always wanted to be cute & petite! Never, and I mean never, has anyone used those words to describe my 5'8", size 10 foot, big-boned body!! Our homes are reflections of ourselves and if there's not much in them then their must not be much in us! So you go girl! You know what amazes me about everybody's home is they're always clean!!!!! I keep thinking I'm gonna do that Metamorphis Monday just by cleaning my house up! BEFORE & AFTER! That would be the biggest change of all! love ya! Lauralu

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Laurie,

Your home is lovly and a reflection of who YOU are and your graciousness and warmth. It is a reflection of the loving person you are and your faith in God. You have surrounded yourself with things that you love and I do not believe that there is a right or wrong way to decorate . . simply the style that you love is Laurie's decorating style.
Home is where your heart is.

Lady Katherine said...

Oh, Laurie, The pic. of the homes were nice. Your home is so wonderful, and eclectic. I just love your home. I too get the feel that homes are in the greener pasture area. When I saw my Craftsmans Bungalow, and fell in love with it. Yes, its in the remodel zone, but some day, I know Hubby will get it finished. We were going to build a home, But having no house notes was so wonderful, after having two homes, with two notes each month. We paid cash for this one and moved it on 10 acres. I sometimes think I want another look in my home, but then I go back to just what I know I like and know that its me. Your home is special. Your cabinets in the kitchen were my dream. We had torn out the old kitchen. I had all but ordered new cabinets,I worked with the kitchen designer and the last measurements were to be taken, but then a C word came into my life and we left work. So now I just have an old fashion kitchen. I do love it, for everyone I know has a tiny kitchen and mine is large. Sometimes life just takes us on a journey, and we turn out loving what we have collected. I did do the interior decorating course, but only have helped family and friends. When it comes to my home, its so more difficult, for then its my money. lol Funny your post, is about how I feel sometimes. I do love my green grass here at home. As I know you do yours. Everyone has different taste in decor, and mine is back in the 1800. lol

bj said...

Oh, I loved this post....I often feel the very same way. I don't really have a STYLE, either. I just buy things I fall in love with. It doesn't have to match another item in my entire home...I have found out, tho, thru the years, that most of the things all come together in a pleasing MY eyes, anyway. That is what counts in the long run, I think....
xo bj

Deb said...

Hi Laurie! We all feel that way, we all love something about each others decor but we can't all have the same things or even be alike. I don't want my blog to have a purpose other than to share myself with others and get to know the very nice people that I've met, which you are one of them. Great post Laurie, and you talk about YOU all you want to, and we'll continue to stop by because that's what we want to know about! Deb

Angie said...

I also like different decorating styles. It's hard to stick with just one look. You have to decorate your home for you and your family and what is right to you. But, it is definitely fun to get ideas and copy others too! I do all the time!

Lisa (aka) French said...

Laurie...the best thing about style is that it's endless and ever changing for everyone! We all try and do different things through the years and I feel that it's all part of our growing purpose in life...but regardless of how anyone feels about our homes WE have to be comfortable there...loved this post;) French

Susan (Between Naps On The said... don't know how many times a day someone comes to YOUR blog and wishes their kitchen or family room or fireplace...looked like your home. You are the greener grass for many! Thank goodness we don't all like the exact same style...the boredom would kill us all! LOL I would need at least 10 homes to decorate in all the styles I see and like. Thank goodness I don't have 10 homes because then I'd have 30+ baths to clean! :-) Susan

Glenda said...

When I married in the mid sixties, we had very little money for non-essentials like decorating. Most everything we acquired was bought used or given to us as castoffs. I have always laughingly called my style Early Salvation Army. At the time Early American was all the rage.

Money is not quite as tight now as it was then, but I really haven't changed much. In the past, I've made the buffalo squall on a few of the older nickels from squeezing so hard. Money is not quite as tight as it once was, but I'm the old dog that doesn't want to learn a new trick. I can have most anything I want now, as long as I keep my wants in line with my budget. It's a little late to try to make a silk purse out of this sow's ear.

Nicole ~ said...

Laurie, you have a wonderful home! You also have a wonderful blog, and I enjoy it each and every time I visit. Do not change a thing, everything is great the way it is.

Kathleen Ellis said...

Hi always have such a comical way of making a point! First let me say that you DO have a beautiful home...and I would describe it as warm and inviting and elegant. But it isn't really about what I think or what anyone else thinks or's about what YOU like!
As a Decorator (yes, I am...but I'm not the stereotypical decorator)I go to great lengths to find out what my clients want to achieve as far as the feeling of their home, what "treasures" (whether they are pricey or not)they want to incorporate and what styles (yes plural because most people like more than one)they feel comfortable with.
I always tell them to forget about whatever they've seen on TV or heard about "Interior Designers" because I'm not there to throw out all their things and impose my idea of what's best for them on them...I am there to help them make their house a home that reflects THEIR own UNIQUE sense of style.And everyone has a sense of style!
When working with my clients I am always mindful of their budget and I teach them why they should invest more in certain items (like flooring and upholstery) and why it's ok to "shop around" for the rest...whether it's custom made or a thrift shop find...what matters is that they love it and it suits the purpose, if there is one!
The biggest compliment I can receive after working with a client is for their friends to say that their home looks just like them...not, who decorated your house?

For me, I have the same "problem" you do...I like a LOT of different styles and looks...and I have a lot of "stuff"...too much for some, not enough for others...I LOVE florals and color...I can't tell you how many times I read articles featuring a "Celebrity Designer" talking about how they must have beige or white in their own home because after working with clients all day they can't deal with color, pattern, etc. I can't imagine living WITHOUT it! For a brief moment I think...boy, they never approve of my "style"...but it is brief, very brief!
Our homes should be a reflection of our tastes, style, whatever and should be filled to however full we like with the people and things we love! That's not to say we can't learn and grow and update and edit...those things keep a home fresh and vibrant! I dream of the day I have 4 or 5 homes each decorated in one of the particular styles I like...til then, they're all jam packed into one!
Enjoy your home, enjoy your things, enjoy your own unique style! All the rest of us are!

LillyB said...

Your home is beautiful (it is a reflection of you and all you love!!) When I grow up I want to be like you LOL
We must remember if the grass is greener elsewhere...that grass still has to be mowed too!!
I agree that we are saving a fortune on doctors as we can vent our frustration (reference my lonely spell I went thru) on the blogs about us and noone sends us a bill !!! I think my blog is a combination of me reaching out and others reaching in. Does that make sense??
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love Lilly

Barb said...

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, too. Trying to figure out what MY style is. Like you, I think I like A LOT of styles. But it isn't practical, for me, to keep changing everything every few years. So I'm trying to find a way that I can change things up without breaking the bank. For me this is going to entail a very neutral back drop with accessories I can easily change with the seasons. At least that's what I'm hoping will happen. We shall see...