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Sunday, July 16, 2017


Flowers are blooming on our mantel. I propped a framed botanical drawing in the center of the mantel and filled my faux trough with faux flowers.

More faux flowers fill a demijohn.
Flowers bloom on plates.

There are even flowers blooming on the ribbon I tied to the lamps.

Another demijohn and more floral plates.
There's even a faux butterfly on my bundle of faux wildflowers.

I added a floral fabric banner to the front of the mantel.

It's a no-maintenance summer mantel. We can sit back and enjoy the blooms without worrying about how much sunlight or water they get.
Do you decorate with faux flowers?
Thank you for stopping in to see our simple summer mantel.


Sarah said...

Laurie, I don't often use faux flowers because I love fresh flowers. I do have some cute fabric flowers that I like to use for whimsey. They have polka dots! I found them at Michaels years ago and would love to find more in other patterns.
Nice job on the mantel. Happy Summer!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful summer look! Very sweet and classy.