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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Patriotic Party

This weekend, the children at our church presented a play entitled "Judge Julie Truly, the Case of the Holey Roof". It was hysterical. My daughter and I decorated for the reception after the play.

room lft

The balloons on the ceiling were take-home favors for the children.
Red White and Blue Scales of Justice

When my sweetheart was practicing law, we collected a few vintage scales to represent the scales of justice. We put them on the mantel at his office.
Patriotic party Scales of Justice

The collection grew over the years, and I was able to use a scale on each table. The larger flags in the scale bowls are suckers, and they were also take-home favors.
Law Books and Scales for Patriotic Party

Some of the suckers had already been eaten when I took these pictures.

Scales of Justice and Law Book Centerpiece

We used law books to elevate the centerpieces.
Patriotic Party Quilt

A patriotic bucket held patriotic kites, another favor.
Patriotic Serving Wagon

I took this photo before all the food was on the table.
Lady Justice Centerpiece

Lady Justice, a gift to my sweetheart when he was elected judge, is the star of the buffet table.
It turned out to be a successful night of laughter and fun. Thanks so much for visiting.


Ginger said...

Everything looks so patrotic and fun. You out did yourself. I bet the kids had a great time.

Sarah said...

Laurie, my patriotic loving heart is singing. Not surprised that you would plan such a creative reception for the children. In love with your quilt! Wow! Love the idea of the scales on the law books. Great idea and look. The Lady of Justice is gorgeous. Please share a close up. Is she vintage?
Hope all is good. I always enjoy seeing a post from you.

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Love all the special thought that went into these tables! The scales are so unique (what great collection!)...Cute favors, too!

rhoyost said...

Wonderfully presented. The play sounds interesting. Any chance I could read through it?