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Monday, October 17, 2016



In the family, room, I filled the printer's tray with tiny Fall and Halloween fun.

Halloween Paper Dolls Display

My small Halloween paper doll collection occupies a couple of the shelves. The scrapbook on the right isn't a Halloween decoration, but it's a neat old scrapbook given to me by a friend. In our town, people don't throw away anything without first asking if I want it! Thank you, Kerri.

Halloween Vignette Pumpkin Girl

Fruit, pumpkins, and a pumpkin-headed girl fill another shelf.

Halloween End Table Vignette

Some more Fall/Halloween decorations bring the celebrations to an end table.

Halloween Pumpkins on Desk

On the desk on the other side of the sofa, a few pumpkins add to the Fall d├ęcor.

Halloween Vignete on Gateleg Table

Halloween has taken over the drop leaf table at the end of our other sofa in the room.

Halloween Cone on Lamp Shade

I hung a black cat cone on the lamp shade. 

You've probably heard of turtles on a log, frogs on a log, and knots on a log, but you may not have heard of jack-o-lanterns on a log - only at Laurie's!

Halloween Jacck-O-Lantern in Box

Another jack-o-lantern decorates a wooden box on this table.

Halloween Trick-or-Treater Cloche

I love sunlight streaming through the windows, but it sure makes it hard to take a picture of a cloche.

Halloween Vintage Trick-or-Treaters

 Under the glass are tiny vintage (and a little spooky) articulated trick-or-treaters I bought at an estate sale.

 I love it when you stop by to see what I'm doing.


Ginger said...

I love it all. Laughing over your comment that no one in town throws anything away without asking you first.

Unknown said...

What fun.You are one of the few people I know that knows how to do it right. Those teeny treasures often get lost in the mix of the larger items. The printer's tray is the perfect way to give the eyes a place for those small objects to rest. With each one having it's own little compartment, it is almost like an apartment building for these little treasures. As always, you have outdone yourself.