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Monday, September 12, 2016


Fall touch in kitchen

This weekend, I added a touch of Fall to our kitchen.

Fall kitchen decor

I had to start by getting rid of all the junk that had accumulated in this tiered stand (expired coupons- why do I do that, old church bulletins I had made notes on-why am I keeping them if I'm not reading the notes, and even a dog collar that no longer fits either of my dogs).

Tiered stand decorated for Fall

Now you know how we roll at our house. Finally, I was able to add faux pumpkins to the stand.

Decorating for Fall

I also added a couple of Fall themed candle holders for night time ambience.

Pompkin mugs

Pumpkin mugs add a bright but useful touch.

Fall touch in kitchen

A few years ago, I bought these small, patterned pumpkins at a discount store. The package of them was $8. I couldn't make them that cheaply. The truth is, I'm not crafty enough to make them for any amount of money.

Fall in the kitchen

When I took these pictures, there were clouds outside. Instead of moving my camera around the stand, I turned the stand to take pictures, since I could only find one spot with  enough lighting for picture taking.

Kitchen in the Fall

I've had the little Autumn signs for years. I tied them back-to-back so each side of the stand would have a sign showing instead of the back of a sign.

Decor for Fall

Tiered stand in the Fall

 Is your house beginning to show signs of Fall? The temperature here dropped a little this weekend-just enough to let me know Fall was coming., and it put me in the mood to start Fall decorating.
Thank you for visiting us in Arkansas, where we are so excited about, and proud of, the new Miss America. (We're also pretty excited about a big win for the Arkansas Razorbacks this weekend. Sorry, TCU fans.)


Laura S Reading said...

You always give me something to aspire to with your wonderful decorations. I was at a huge quilt expo in Madison WI this past weekend. I saw the cutest ghost and ghoulie fabric cupcakes. You are encouraging me to get some made!

shannon i olson said...

Looks wonderful, I still have not decorated and that is way behind for me!!

Ginger said...

I love the pumpkins. I'm laughing over you saying you had to clean the junk out of the tiered tray....I do the same thing. I always have some coupon or piece of paper I wrote a note on, it all starts piling up. said...

Super cute Laurie, after seeing so many cute galvanized tiered trays, I'm on the hunt for one!

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Laurie, your tiered stand is so cute! Love your little pumpkins! You always have the cutest decorative accents!

Sarah said...

Looks great, Laurie! Love the wool pumpkin. I have my velvet pumpkins out and a bowl of needlepoint pumpkins this year. Love autumn!